Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death

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Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death – A Matter of Life and Death is a side quest in Novigrad. This quest revolves around Tris and her fate in the game. If you want a romantic Tris, this is where the foundation is laid. You can start this quest after “A Poet Under Pressure”.

Triss receives a text from Lady Ingrid Wigglebud; You may recognize this from the “Carnal Sins” side quest. Tris meets a man at the fish market. Approach him while he waits nearby. Hide and go to the fish market. Ask Trout and discuss top secret matters. When you cross the bridge Three will attack you and the messenger. All three were killed and kept after reporting.

Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death

Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death

Tris came out of hiding. You both told them that Albert Weigelbud needed to get out of town to get them interested in Alemia. The idea was to disguise him as the famous impersonator of Wigglebud. Tris is happy to go along, and you need to pick yourself up a mask and a fancy double.

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Leave Tris and prepare yourself and go to Alihal’s shop. It has everything you need for a party. Buy Tris the Fox Mask and choose yourself. Purchasing a Doublet is completely optional. shirt Buy pants and boots.

Note: If you want to save money, you can get the doublet for free by completing The Play’s The Thing quest. Irina’s house has the clothes you are looking for.

Tris is dressed and happy to change her place, an important step in bonding with her. Put on the costume (without the mask) before returning to Tris. When you arrive, Tris reacts to your outfit (or lack thereof) and the two of you leave the party.

Give your gun to the man at the door to enter. You don’t need them anyway. Walk straight to the next staircase. On the way, Tris is stopped by a colleague who thinks she’s a security guard. You can fight him or ask Tris to leave to avoid being attacked. Climb the stairs to the next floor of the party. You can move. On the right is a Gwent tournament where you get cool cards if you win. While you’re searching, go to the left of the well to find Lady Weddlebug.

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Lady Wedelbug believes the best time to sneak Albert out of the building is during the fireworks. One of his brother’s warriors wears a tiger head mask. Go to the right of the stairs and follow the bushes to find guests entertaining Albert. Talk about the plan and arrange to meet when the fireworks start. to pass the time Why not sit on the nearby bench with Tris?

Sit with Tris and talk all night. He drank a little wine. He can take this opportunity to show that he is talented enough to help him win. Then Tris suddenly enters the garden maze. Follow him and catch him at the waterfall. If Tris wants romance, they have to kiss at the fireworks. After a while with Tris, Albert appeared and the two of you switched masks.

Tris and Albert run to cover him. After a few minutes of putting on the tiger head mask, Geralt left. You are surrounded by three enemies. Use the ss key to drop your fists. Aard is great for crowd control when you’re off. Once all three of them were down, they exited the maze and ran towards the stables. Catch Triss and Albert before they ride off. After talking for a while, the adventure ended.

Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death

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First you need to go to Tris and find out where she needs help. Tris meets a man at the fish market. You have to sneak out and go to the market. Ask Trout and go tell him the top secret.

Then you must cross the bridge where three enemies will attack. You have to kill these three people and save the angel. The mission will be updated and Albert Weigelbud must be taken out of town. It is scheduled to be done during Weigelbud’s famous impersonation.

Tris asks you to get the mask. It is also necessary to get a great double. You can do this by leaving Tris alone and going to Elihal’s shop. Buy the Tris fox mask and get yourself one too! A doublet is optional, but a shirt; Pants and boots must be purchased.

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Dressed up and glad Tris did it for him. This is an important step if you want her to be romantic. Don’t wear a mask when talking to Triss, she will react to your clothes. After the conversation, go to the party and hand over the gun to the man at the gate.

Don’t worry, you don’t need your weapons to enter. A man Trisi thinks is her bodyguard is standing in the street. You can either avoid the fight by attacking or ask Tris to leave. Go up the stairs to the next floor of the party. On the right is a Gwent tournament. Here you can get good cards. After researching, Go to the left of the well and you will find Lady Wedelbug.

Lady Weddlebug suggests to Albert that the best time to move is to set off the fireworks. Albert wears a tiger head mask. You need to go to the right of the stairs and follow the bushes. Now we have to talk about the plans to meet him at the fireworks. You can spend time with Tris on a nearby bench.

Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death

I talked to her.

The Witcher 3 A Matter Of Life And Death Side Quest Guide

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