Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

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Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst – Chante Burkett, a lifestyle blogger based in New Jersey, opened up after having a 13-pound ovarian cyst removed from her body in June. Her story went viral after she shared some shocking photos on Instagram, along with asking women to take care of their health.

Burkett, 33, told Health that she started experiencing symptoms in December 2020. She initially had pelvic pain and some abdominal stiffness. At first, the symptoms went away easily, and when she went for a routine checkup in January, the primary care doctor didn’t seem concerned.

Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

“They took it out, because they saw that my weight had increased and that might be the reason,” Burkett said.

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In the spring, Burkett became more concerned: He exercised more and lost weight according to the scale, but his stomach remained round. Burkett went back to her doctor, who again said it could be diet related or something as simple as gas or bloating. In June, she finally went to the emergency room after experiencing “extreme pain” that left her “unable to move.”

In an emergency, she underwent a CT scan, which revealed a large ovarian cyst, “the size of a watermelon,” according to her Instagram post.

Dr. Jeannine Villella, chief of gynecology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, explained that ovarian cysts are usually “abnormal growths” that can be benign or malignant. Some may go away on their own, while others may require surgery or close monitoring. Villella, who was not involved in Burkett’s treatment, also shared what symptoms women should be aware of.

“Any type of swelling, pressure, changes in urine, bowel symptoms or initial fullness that is present after two weeks should be evaluated,” Villella said. “Any pain, sharp flank associated with nausea or vomiting may be a sign of torsion (when the mother’s blood flow is turned around by the cyst) and may be an emergency.

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“It was very scary,” Burkett said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen… Going in there knowing I might have to have a hysterectomy or something might go wrong.”

The operation was successful and the cyst was not cancerous. Burkett said on Instagram that he is now in “good health.” She had one ovary removed during the operation.

Burkett said that after she woke up from anesthesia, she showed him a picture of the cyst. Although I knew the size of the 30cm mass, it was “shocking” to see what it actually looked like.

Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

“I was like, ‘Wow, is this big?’ I didn’t really see how big (my stomach) was until I got to the ER. I just knew the dimensions, and that was it, but we knew it was big and took up my whole stomach,” Burkett said. “The doctors, I think, were amazed. They were like, “Oh my god, it didn’t mess up your liver, your kidneys, it just pushed everything.” They were on the phone saying, ‘We can take your picture.’

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“You can tell they’re in awe when they do this, because they take so many pictures and they take great pictures!” Burkett continued.

Villella said it’s unusual for a cyst to be as large as Burkett’s, but some cysts will continue to grow if left untreated.

“Some of them stop at a certain point, but if they continue to grow, of course they can become very large,” said Villella.

Burkett said she hopes her story will inspire others, especially women, to stand up for themselves when seeking medical help. She said it wasn’t the first time she felt her weight concerns were ignored.

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“Be an advocate for yourself, talk to your family about your primary health condition (so) you can jump in and really advocate for them,” she said. “Ask for the right tests, and when the doctor says no, put it in your chart and get a second opinion. It needs to be taken care of.”

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Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, I don’t need to tell you what it is. But if you haven’t and have a friend/relative who has (or another personal trainer), it would be helpful to know.

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According to WebMD, a hysterectomy is a procedure that involves removing the uterus. It often also involves removing nearby anatomical structures, such as the cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. When everything (the uterus, as well as surrounding structures) is removed, it is often called a “total hysterectomy”.

And there is more than one way to do a hysterectomy. The surgeon may choose to remove only the uterus and preserve the ovaries, cervix, and other structures. Or the surgeon may also decide to remove the ovary, which is called an “ophorectomy”.

So you’ve had your uterus and (maybe) ovaries removed. what now? Well, the problem that bothered you, which required a hysterectomy, seems to be gone, but unfortunately there are some side effects of the procedure such as:

And understand that because a hysterectomy causes menopause, women will often experience side effects:

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As for this article in particular, what we are going to talk about is weight gain. But not all women gain weight after a hysterectomy. Remember, don’t worry if this is you! There are many success stories of weight loss after hysterectomy.

Since you landed on this article, I think you will gain weight after yours. So the answer is yes, you will gain weight after a hysterectomy. But according to at least one study, that’s not much—just 3 pounds. However, according to the same study, about 23% of women gain more than 10 pounds.

Fortunately, not all women gain weight after a hysterectomy. If you had a healthy lifestyle (sleep well, exercise, eat well and manage stress properly) before your hysterectomy, you probably won’t gain weight afterwards (although there are no guarantees).

Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

Weight loss without deliberate effort after a hysterectomy is very unusual. Just as weight loss without deliberate effort is unusual at any other time. So if you’re losing weight after a hysterectomy and you’re not eating less, exercising more, or doing anything specific to lose weight, that could be a cause for concern.

Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst?

A very small minority of women experience diarrhea and vomiting after a hysterectomy (mostly if they get it for cancer reasons), in which case they lose a lot of fluid and may lose weight. But it is liquid and not greasy. Definitely not wanted.

In another small minority of cases, women feel better, so they exercise more. It may not be intentional exercise, but they do something more active like gardening, hiking, or just walking, so they lose weight that way.

But apart from these two situations, it is quite unusual to lose weight after a hysterectomy without doing anything special.

Basically, if your ovaries are removed, regardless of age, you will go through early menopause. Even if you are 25 years old, you are currently going through menopause. So you will also have the hormonal profile of a menopausal person. And no, it’s not as simple as “low estrogen.” It’s more complicated than that. I explain this in my article, Discover Your Menopause. Or if you prefer, I recommend the book in its entirety,

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However, if only the uterus is removed and the ovaries are left intact, you will not enter menopause until the natural age at which it would have occurred anyway.

In a study that directly compared weight gain after natural menopause and after hysterectomy, both groups had the same weight. But the speed at which they achieve it varies. The hysterectomy group gained almost three times the weight compared to the natural menopause.

The same study also found a significant difference in weight gain between women who had a hysterectomy where the ovaries were removed (a hysterectomy) and those who had the ovaries preserved. Those who have their ovaries removed gain weight faster than those who keep their ovaries.

Will I Lose Weight When They Remove Ovarian Cyst

Although I don’t know of any research on this, I will also add my experience: Even if you can gain weight overall, there is a significant increase in stomach weight after a hysterectomy.

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So we know what happened

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