Whyd You Leave The Keys Upon The Table

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Whyd You Leave The Keys Upon The Table

Whyd You Leave The Keys Upon The Table

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The Science Behind Successful Organizational Transformations

#words #turtle #lily #co #finished #clinic #trial #drug #bamlanivimab #hospital #infected #covid #patients #federal #researchers #completed #treatment Social values ​​were incompatible with democracy and the country could not be governed at all. This article traces the decline of the state to the highly centralized political institutions established after the 2001 US invasion. Instead of giving citizens the opportunity to meaningfully control their government, Kabul-based institutions — inherited from the country’s previous dictatorship — have undermined citizens’ trust in government. The post-2001 system was corrupt. Two decades later, Afghans were unwilling to fight a distant government that did not treat them with respect.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Expires August 15, 2021. In the afternoon, President Ashraf Ghani fled the capital by helicopter to neighboring Uzbekistan. A few days ago, he said that he would die before leaving his people and swore that he would not go. After Ghani’s departure, the Taliban offensive, which has seized dozens of regional capitals in recent weeks, has eased into Kabul. The rebels were comfortably seated at Ghani’s desk within hours.

Why did the Republic of Afghanistan collapse so quickly and so completely that tens of thousands of desperate people rushed to Kabul Airport to escape the brutal rule of the Taliban and seek revenge? Conventional wisdom states that the American-backed republic collapsed because the country’s government and society were hopelessly corrupt and its values ​​incompatible with democracy. In other words, Afghanistan was ungovernable and would always remain a lost cause to the outside world, a state graveyard.

Whyd You Leave The Keys Upon The Table

Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili is an associate professor and founding director of the Center for Governance and Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute of Public and International Affairs. He is an author.

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Such views are common and even understandable, but at the same time they are completely wrong. Rather, the policy choices the United States and its allies have made in Afghanistan over the past two decades are largely to blame. The international community has made many mistakes that could have been avoided through its state-building efforts. Painting Afghan society with a broad brush only masks the misunderstandings created by those in power – Washington and Kabul. Unless there is a deep curiosity about what went wrong, the international community and the United States are likely to repeat the same mistakes elsewhere.

In April 2021, US President Joseph Biden announced that the United States would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. This ends a long withdrawal that began in December 2009 when President Barack Obama announced temporary military and civilian increases. Despite the increase, the country’s security situation has worsened and the Taliban’s activities are gaining ground in the countryside. Hoping to end the war through negotiations, Obama began informal talks with the Taliban to find a political solution to the conflict. His successor, Donald Trump, was committed to withdrawing from Afghanistan entirely, and his administration held formal talks with the Taliban to reach the Doha Peace Accords in February 2020. The Taliban have agreed to the withdrawal of all NATO forces from the country to stop the activities of al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan.

The Afghan government collapsed before the August 31, 2021 deadline. Images of Afghan troops out of the country quickly surrendering to the Taliban have led many foreign analysts to focus on the military buildup of US states and their allies. In Washington and European capitals, military experts began to worry about the “too big” army, pointing to the centralization of logistics and the lack of essential American air support. These analyzes reflected a misunderstanding of what had happened. The failure of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) was not due to technical problems; Disbanded for political reasons. No amount of technical support or better targeted logistical support could sustain this fighting force, because these soldiers believed they had nothing to fight for.

The Afghan government collapsed because it lacked legitimacy in the eyes of the people. The sources of this legitimacy crisis were multiple and interrelated. First, the 2004 constitution created a system of governance that allowed Afghan citizens to participate or exercise meaningful control over their government. As a result, the gap between the rhetoric of American intervention and the reality of citizens widens every year.

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Second, the international coalition focused on countering insurgencies and consolidating power—missions distinct from democracy-building and often conflicting. Desperate for a quick solution, international donors have poured huge amounts of resources into Afghanistan without much monitoring. Instead of reforming the broken government institutions, they undermined the legitimacy of the government by creating parallel institutions.

Third, the repressive regime of President Ashraf Ghani (2014-21) hastened the collapse of the government. Maintaining a tight and friendly circle and a narrow support base, Ghani closely controlled the economy and state and discriminated against ethnic minorities. Many expected the president, who earned a doctorate in anthropology and worked for the World Bank, to reign as a technocrat. However, his behavior was more dictatorial than democratic.

Ultimately, the Taliban was able to re-emerge as a political and military force only with the support of Pakistan. In the year After the Taliban government was overthrown by the US invasion in 2001, its leaders fled to Pakistan, where they remained for the next twenty years. But if the Afghan government was not seen as illegitimate by the people, the Taliban would not have a chance to fight in Afghanistan. In other words, without the fire of mismanagement, the fire of violence would never have ignited.

Whyd You Leave The Keys Upon The Table

Afghanistan has been mired in forty years of regional decline. At the time, five governments with similar centralized political institutions that typified the modern existence of the Afghan government fell and were replaced by successive governments. In other words, the Taliban has taken control of one of the most centralized states in the world for a second time. If the past forty years have taught us anything, it’s that without surrendering power in the capital, the current Taliban regime will be brutal and long-lived.

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Given the rapid decline of its democratic government, it is easy to believe that Afghanistan is not ready for democracy. But the country’s 2004 constitution lacked many provisions for democratic decision-making, and much of what was included was never implemented. This was a policy choice to which Afghan political leaders met little opposition from US and NATO sponsors.

The harmony of social and state laws is important for the provision of public goods and services, as well as for political stability and development.1 When the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, they found a very fragmented society in their region. Services are different. Loyalty of decades of conflicts. However, the official policy framework established after 2001 aimed to transform Afghanistan into a highly unitary system, rather than integrating and building on diversity. . Instead of giving Afghanistan a chance to build something new, one that includes self-governing norms that characterize much of the country’s identity. The post-2001 republic unwittingly recreated the ills that led to the instability of previous governments. Since the strong rule

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