Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

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Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped – Today we’ll help you find the messages that appear in the Shein tracker, and collect some of the more common questions that aren’t in the Shein FAQ (which you can access from this link).

After you pay for your order, it takes between 1 and 3 days for Shein to prepare and ship it.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

To see the tracking number, we can access our shipped orders, go to the order and click on “Tracking”.

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On the next screen we can check if the order is shown as “Shipped” and the option “Song” is shown. Clicking on it will open a new window with all the details and status.

We can check where our Shein order is going through the platform itself. This is the easiest and most convenient way, although you have to log in every time you want to see where it goes.

Fortunately, there are now mobile applications such as Parcel, Aftership, Post Ninja, Ninja Express… It allows you to receive notifications about changes in the status of your order. Just download them to your phone and add the tracking numbers from Shein and other platforms.

Sometimes it is also interesting to follow the location of the company that handles the shipment. But overall, Shein’s site is quite efficient and shows tracking statuses in an up-to-date manner.

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We need to explain the different statuses that Shein’s command goes through. To make things easier, we will list them in order of appearance.

The first tracking messages will inform us about the preparation and the steps necessary to leave the package from the country of origin.

Shein has received the order and is starting to manage the package. It may also be accompanied by the terms “International Warehouse”, which refers to the warehouse and country from which the order originates.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

The package is already packed and the process is complete, it needs to be collected from the warehouse.

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The package has already entered the shipping system in the country of origin and is on its way to the airport.

This message means that she has already left her country of origin. The company delivering your package to the destination country has received the information but has not yet received the package.

When you arrive at the destination country, we will receive several messages informing us and possibly some customs notices.

This means that the package is already on its way, arriving at the destination country or through an intermediate country to avoid customs. Sometimes it might come with the message “Be on time”.

What To Do If Your Package Is Stuck In Customs

Sometimes the package goes through other countries before it arrives in our country. Don’t worry, it’s a way to avoid customs.

It appears when the package goes through customs. If it doesn’t move, it’s best to contact Shein.

This means that the package will be checked by customs. If everything is in order, it will arrive at your home in a few days.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

This means it has arrived at the local delivery person and you will have it at home within a few days.

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There are several messages that let us know that the package is about to arrive at our home.

Your package is in the hands of the delivery person. It usually seems to be delivered the same day.

This means your order would be delivered faster, but for some reason it takes a little longer. Do not be worried.

It is usually accompanied by the message “in delivery”. This means that he arrived at the company that delivers the orders.

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In some countries, such as England and Australia, you can choose to pick up your package at a specific store. This message may be displayed if you choose this method.

If the carrier tried to deliver the package but you were not at home, this message will appear. Try contacting them to see if you need to arrange another delivery day.

As we mentioned, Shein has an FAQ page that you can access here, but there’s a lot that doesn’t show, so let’s run through it quickly.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

You probably ordered with “Economy Shipping”, a type of shipping without a tracking number.

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If it’s a standard shipment and there’s been no activity for several days, don’t worry. Many shipments take time to update tracking status.

If the delivery date has passed and you still have not received your order, we recommend that you write to Shein and request a refund. When it finally arrives and you want to keep the order, please contact us again to arrange payment again.

In case it arrives, you can also refuse the delivery from the post office. In this way, the postman will return the package to the country of origin in return mode.

All orders go through customs, don’t worry, the package usually leaves the door at no extra cost. If they stop it (doesn’t mean you have to pay) they will ask for proof of order.

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Better to send the documents to them. If they decide we have to pay, we need to talk to Shein first to see if they will refund the customs fees.

We recommend that you contact the shipping company first, sometimes carriers deliver packages to neighbors or acquaintances when you are not at home.

If they confirm that the package was not in your name, it is best to contact Shein.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

Shein’s orders are delivered by various shipping companies. The company handling the shipment is usually listed along with the tracking number. You will receive your parcels at the specified address or parcel location if you have selected this.

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As you can see, with this complete guide, you no longer need to worry about the shipping status of Shein orders. However, if in doubt, we recommend that you contact Shein customer service via chat or message.

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Shein is a Chinese fashion retailer on par with giants such as H&M and Zara.

The company receives millions of orders every year. If you have placed one of these orders and it still hasn’t arrived, you may be wondering why my Shein package has been sent?

Shein Shipping: How Long Does Shein Take To Ship?

Read on to learn the top nine reasons why this might be the case, as well as what to do if your package seems to have stalled from Shein on its journey to your door.

Shein is an international company that ships packages worldwide. Of course, when you are dealing with a range of operations, sooner or later mistakes will be made.

Your package may have been lost on the way to your door while the carrier works to get it back on track.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

The fact that your Shein package is stuck in the shipment may have nothing to do with the company itself and may have to do with customs laws in your country.

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Customs laws vary from country to country in terms of severity. If your country is a country with strict customs regulations, your package may be at the airport but not cleared by customs.

More often than not, it will happen eventually. However, this does not prevent the delivery of your package from being delayed.

Your package may not be stuck in Shipping at all. But the tracking update you see on your screen may not be accurate.

Shein sends out an astronomical number of packages per day. On the other hand, your package may be affected when your package moves to the next stage of delivery but is not yet shown on the tracking website.

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Although your package may have been shipped from Shein warehouses, it may still be in the carrier’s warehouse.

Major carriers such as FedEx and DHL do not deliver packages exclusively to Shein. They also handle packages from thousands of other companies.

Therefore, they may not have sent your package on its way yet.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

Shein is a company based in China and that may be why your package is stuck in shipping. Some countries ban shipments from China.

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In this case, there is not much you can do to get your Shein package to your country.

Once you have ordered your package

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