Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

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Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022 – Last month was the windiest April in 24 years; You may have noticed that the situation has reached May.

Stuart Katz watches his neighbors’ cars in the 100 block of West Durham Street in Mount Airy. On April 30, a strong wind blew down a tree and damaged several cars. Read More STEVEN M. FALK / Staff Photographer

Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

As if recovering from a winter of self-isolation, Arctic air has roared across the region for the past few weeks. That’s one of the main reasons the winds here are unusual, said Jonathan O’Brien, a forecaster at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly.

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In fact, for sustained winds, last month was the strongest in 24 years, with an average wind speed of 11.6 mph, with gusts of 25 mph or more on 20 different days.

This trend continued in May, with precipitation exceeding 40 km/h on six of the first nine days. A gust of 37 mph was officially recorded at Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday.

Arctic storms are caused by strong storms and their strongest pressure areas or heavy air moving behind low pressure or clear air. Highs and lows work together, heavier air flows into lighter air.

A popular example illustrates the effect of air pressure differences escaping from a tire. The air in a tire can be about 35 pounds per square inch; outside air is about 14.8 lbs. It’s been like living on trillions of rubber bands around here lately.

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“We’ve been busy in these strange times,” said Jason K. Parker, owner of Davey Tree Expert Co. in Horsham, Montgomery County. area manager. These sudden gusts are “usually more damaging” to plants than the sustained winds associated with long storms, he said.

On average, April is one of the windiest months of the year, as summer tries to penetrate the north, into landscapes that winter often refuses to give way to.

Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

Those who live in the middle latitudes often suffer from damage in the form of strong storms and destructive winds.

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Winds are expected to taper off Sunday night, but gusts near 25 mph are expected to return Monday and Tuesday.

In general, the winds usually fall in May, on average 13.5% weaker than in April, but this is not the year to expect such a regular occurrence. There will be big changes in the air and oceans in 2022 to create some weather patterns in the second half of the year, especially in the cold weather at the end of the year. Changes will begin gradually, but the main change will begin to happen in the summer of 2022.

But what exactly has changed this year, and what are the weather conditions for such changes in the past?

We’ll take a technology tour starting with the weather forecast for late winter and early spring in 2022. From there we enter the air and sea to observe what has changed and what will happen. You will learn how and why these changes are happening in the world and what will be different in 2022 compared to recent years.

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We start with current climate conditions from the winter of 2021. Winter continues and is intensified by the cold ENSO phase.

ENSO is short for “El Niño Southern Oscillation”. This is a large part of the ocean in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which constantly fluctuates between warm and cold. Heat has a great influence on the convection (storm) pattern, the pressure system and therefore the interaction between the sea and the environment.

We can observe large pressure changes in the tropics where ENSO alternates between warm and cold. With a slight delay, these changes directly affect the global circulation.

Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

The chart below shows ENSO regions in the tropical Pacific. The main analysis (and forecast) is done for the combination of regions 3 and 4 seen in Nino region image 3.4. Region 3 covers the eastern tropical Pacific, and region 4 covers the middle and large parts of the western tropical Pacific.

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Each phase of ENSO has different effects on pressure and climate in the tropics. Over time, this becomes a worldwide cycle, which affects the global climate differently. A special phase (cold/warm) usually occurs between late summer and autumn and usually lasts until the following spring. Some strong items can last up to two years.

The cold phase of ENSO is called La Nina and the warm phase is called El Niño. Their names literally translate to “girl” (La Nina) and “boy” (El Nino), which shows a strong contrast between the two groups.

But in addition to the temperature of the sea, one of the most important differences is in the pressure pattern. During El Niño, the pressure in the Pacific Ocean drops, more rain and storms and westerly winds.

But during La Nina, there is high pressure and stable conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean and less rain. This translates directly into the Earth’s rotation and affects the jet stream in both directions over time.

Wind In Perspective

The image below from NOAA Climate shows typical weather during the ENSO cold spell we are currently experiencing. Western Pacific Ocean.

In this way, ENSO greatly affects tropical rainfall and pressure patterns and affects the ocean information system. We often observe a global change in forcing during the onset of the ENSO phase, but it is usually most affected during height and decay.

Below is the NOAA Global Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly. We can clearly see the strength of the cold in the Pacific Ocean. This is the current phase of La Nina. The strongest cold anomalies will be 3°C colder than the long-term average. Overall, the current event is designated as a strong La Nina.

Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

The following high definition video animation shows the change in ocean temperature from summer to late fall. Starting in July, you can see further cooling as cold “folds” form in the equatorial Pacific. It is formed by the flow of water to the west, which brings cold water to the surface.

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Below is a picture showing the average winter weight of different La Nina plants. The main component is a strong high pressure system in the North Pacific Ocean and a low pressure system in Canada. This is a typical sign of the cold phase of ENSO. In the North Atlantic and Europe, the pattern is not as strong as ENSO, which is reduced by the use of this system.

Now we know what La Nina is and how often it affects the weather. Therefore, we will see its impact on the weather in the first part of 2022, from winter to spring, when this cold ocean starts to disappear.

The January pressure chart below shows a strong signature from La Nina. A high pressure system in the North Pacific Ocean and a low pressure area over Canada and the northern United States.

Looking at NOAA’s temperature forecast for January, we see cooler weather in the northern United States. Cold air is expected to spread from the Northwest and Midwest to the center and east of the country.

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Precipitation follows cooler air due to more moisture. Cold and wet means snow, especially for the northern and eastern parts of the US.

In the future, we will explore the latest information for the winter-spring transition period. The report was published by EMCWF earlier this month and covers the February-March-April (FMA) period.

As we can see in the pressure chart below, there is still strong high pressure in the North Pacific. This is the finger of La Nina and it looks like it will last until early spring. Note the low pressure over Canada and Greenland, blowing the jet stream over the northwestern United States and the North Atlantic.

Why Has It Been So Windy Lately 2022

Low pressure over Greenland helps the ship move north and allows some of the pressure to spread over much of Europe.

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This is reflected in global warming when we see a strong cold pool in western Canada. This was done last month and is expected to continue until early spring. You can expect warmer temperatures across much of Europe, indicating a shift to a westerly flow in early 2022.

Focusing on Europe, surface temperatures are above normal in the north and northeast. However, there is a weak heat wave in the west.