Why Does The President Put Vegetables In His Blender

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Why Does The President Put Vegetables In His Blender

Why Does The President Put Vegetables In His Blender

American: “Throw that vegetable away now.” These posts come with a different image each time. This morning, the confession appeared at the bottom of an article accompanied by a photo of a hand slicing what appeared to be a green apple. Other times they are posted with a photo of a petri dish containing worms. Other times, the electricity is provided by gut bacteria. Inside the lotus root. A picture of a worm.

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The gastroenterologist’s pessimism comes up again and again on sites like CNN and the Atlantic (and, as I said, this one), the so-called “chomboxes.” These are the boxes at the bottom of the page that contain several “contents” or “suggested reading” sections. This spawned a variety of companies, but the two biggest are Taboola ($160 million in funding) and Outbrain ($194 million in funding), both of which were founded in central Israel.

Chumbox is a type of general fishing reference, a chum is a small fish that fishermen use as bait to catch large fish. Before the word entered the dictionary, Casey Newton explained the purpose of these boxes to The Verge in 2014:

Out of the blue, Taboola and its partners have a simple proposition for the sites they work with: add our modules to your site for free with a few lines of code and start getting paid right away from the traffic you refer to paid partners. giving “All of our print offerings are flawless,” says LaCour. Adam Singolda, Taboola’s founder and CEO, says top journalists earn more than $10 million a year by adding segments to their sites, a huge revenue stream in an industry still struggling to get online.

The change came after publishers realized they weren’t making enough money from banner ads (which have a terrible click-through rate of about a tenth of a percent) and before they started doing deals with tech giants like Facebook. and Google to serve. for them. promote your content to a wider audience and try to monetize it

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In 2015, John Mahoney coined the term and wrote a widely cited “taxonomy” of Aleno’s chumbok content. Identified content types:

A gastroenterologist falls into several categories depending on the image it is paired with. It’s always something of a panacea, and it’s often spine-chilling, too. Sometimes it’s a deep psychological body thing or seeping food.

Co-founder Alex Goldman visited Taboola’s offices in New York in June 2018, where he met with CEO and founder Adam Singold. Singold said he’s never heard the word “chumbox” and doesn’t like the word “advertisement,” but Tabool serves about 20 billion “recommendations” every day.

Why Does The President Put Vegetables In His Blender

Earlier this month, content strategist Ranjan Roy published a more technical analysis of these links. He identifies five types of chumbox affiliates based on the strategy they use to generate income:

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Colon Doctor falls into the fifth category, hidden content: These ads take you to an unexpected site unrelated in any obvious way to the one you originally clicked on, and take you to a wild clip between flexible sites. related but also spilled. advertisements. .

Clicking on a friend’s link – even on one of the ‘Peer friends’ affiliate sites like Nymag.com is a guaranteed way to get you, friends, more profit. The boxes are licked in chains and increasingly passionate coarse cloth; Soon the open ocean becomes a friendly sewer.

So here it is. Chumboxes are tasteless, but not subtle. What a mystery is the colon doctor: what is it? And what does he want? You know, especially compared to some no-name vegetables that need to be erased forever.

The answer to this question is not clear if it is not the fact that it has plagued many people for a long time. “Someone Please Tell Me I Can’t Take It Anymore: What Vegetables Is America’s Top Doctor Asking Americans To Throw Out?” Fox Sports radio host Jason Smith asks on Twitter. “God help me, but I often wonder what vegetable this gastroenterologist is asking Americans to throw away!” A man named Jonah made a bold confession.

This Gut Doctor Begs Every American To Throw Out This Vegetable Now

Author Paula Pella tweeted, “Intestinal Doctors Warn: Throw This Food Away Immediately” above a photo of President Trump. In January, an anonymous Twitter user asked for the vegetable’s name in all 280 characters: “Don’t throw it away! Don’t listen to his lies. It’s just a vegetable after all; what harm can a vegetable do – yes, really

My colon doctor says I have a problem with eating too much spaghetti, but it’s my favorite vegetable! pic.twitter.com/Ct51Pnvu2z — Pazuzu (@ThatPazuzu) May 7, 2019

Earlier this week, content editor Reihan Harmanci tweeted a photo of a colon surgeon’s warning at the bottom of the journalist’s personal website and asked if the chumps were getting stronger. The picture attached to this case “looked very much like a worm from one of my favorite movies,

Why Does The President Put Vegetables In His Blender

Colonologist is urgent for me. I’ve updated every site to see it dozens of times and it won’t be right for me. Fortunately, however, all of these screenshots link to the United Naturals website. Here I was greeted by a smiling Dr. Vincent Pedre, whose bio describes him as a “Certified Physician, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and United Naturals Chief Health Officer.” Apparently he went to my alma mater and got his BA. (Go Big Red! Also: Oh no!) He then attended the University of Miami’s medical school before founding Pedre Integrative Health, “where he takes a holistic approach to medicine.”

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United Naturals aims to provide “long-lasting relief from inflammation and other uncomfortable digestive issues” in the form of probiotic capsules called Synbiotic 365 ($45 per box or $229 for six boxes). United Naturals also sells a collagen powder supplement called ActivMotion for $45 a bag and offers customer testimonials that it has cured depression. There is no news about vegetables here.

Fortunately, however, this is not the only place where Dr. Pedre. Unfortunately, the Pedre Integrative Health website has a lot of information about weight loss and bowel movements, but nothing specific about dead vegetables. Another site, HappyGutLife.com, doesn’t specifically address this issue either, although it does sell a 28-day gut cleanse kit for $399 (down from $499).

In January 2016, the New York Times contacted Dr. Pedri to discuss what makes for a “happy gut,” how you can avoid some common triggers for digestive issues, and why fermented foods like kombucha and kimchi should be part of your diet. He emphasizes the value of vegetables in general, and kimchi in particular, but he does not say that there is one vegetable that is literally poisonous and should be removed from the face of the earth.

In July 2018, Dr. Pedre told the lifestyle section of Microsoft’s news platform the four foods he’ll “never eat again,” but we’re no closer to an answer. The four meals were actually five foods, none of which were vegetables: cereal, milk, coffee, sandwiches, and pasta. Butter breads! (They make him “sleep a lot.”)

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The Facebook group Happy Gut Cleansing Enthusiasm, which I had to lie a little bit to join (the link is good as usual; I’m blessed!) offers direct Dr. Pedre than I was allowed when I contacted his company. , who said he was not available to answer email questions.

Inside, he conducts a poll asking his followers if they would buy a one-page bowel advice sheet for $7 to $9 a page, and what advice they would specifically like. He also shares links on why children in the Mediterranean region have “the highest rates of severe childhood obesity” and “Bacteria You’ve Never Heard Of That Promote Weight Loss.” Group members often post their questions using Facebook’s word art feature, promoting large text backgrounds with gradients or funny emoticons. Last week, Dr. Pedre answered a woman who wanted a colonoscopy (ha) about some of the things she likes to put in her salad. Long story short: I can’t eat cranberries now. Do they produce yeast?

“YES!” On the menu was, as I’m sure you can guess, kimchi. It also included plants,

Why Does The President Put Vegetables In His Blender

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