White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

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White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross – Alabama mayor: Big-city atheists are forcing him to remove blatantly unconstitutional Christian flag from city hall

In an effort to save him from financial trouble, the mayor of a small Alabama town has bowed to demands from the Religious Freedom Foundation (FFRF) to remove the Christian flag that has flown over city hall for more than two decades.

White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

Glencoe Mayor Charles Gilchrist told WBRC’s Dixon Hayes that former police chief B.J. Alexander was fired in the 1990s over what he called “legal issues.”

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The legal issue at hand is a lawsuit threatened by the FFRF, which states in its letter that “the Christian flag was created by Protestants in the early 20th century [and] each color of the flag represents a different aspect of Christianity” — and “[i]t is unconstitutional for state entities to fly flags with overt religious symbols and meanings.

The letter also mentions that the town of King, North Carolina, refused to remove the same side of the Christian flag that had flown in Glencoe and ended up having to settle a lawsuit for $500,000 and pay more than $50,000 for the defiance.

“It will almost destroy us,” Mayor Gilchrist said. “That’s what they do, they pick on those small towns that can’t defend themselves.” He was clearly unhappy about having to take the flag down, but “I’ve got the town’s interests to look after”.

Besides, if he really needed to be reminded of what the flag reminded him of, he could always look next door, which still flew past the First Baptist Church of Glencoe. What’s the problem? Code flags are often displayed on commercial vessels during regattas and competitions, or used as flags at shore events. However, the main use of code signs is for communication between ships.

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In addition to sound signals, merchant ships use code signs and shapes to communicate their intentions when sailing, berthing, or anchoring.

Why worry about it? Although it may seem like an ancient form of communication, it is important for mariners to understand the meaning of some common flag signals used on common waterways. Especially the “single flag” signal used in case of danger or failure.

The signals and code signs listed below are part of an internationally recognized system by which any vessel can communicate with its surroundings. Single flag signals are urgent or frequent signals that are displayed frequently, so it is important to understand their meaning when flying solo.

White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

A red and white flag and an “Alpha” or “Alpha” flag means “I have lowered a diver; drive at free speed’.

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Dive flags or diving flags are used on the surface to indicate the presence of divers below. Two logo styles are used. Internationally, the white-blue alpha/alpha code sign is used to indicate that a diver has dropped a boat and that other vessels must be clear at low speed. In European waters, vessels accompanying divers must carry the code “A” when launching divers. The North American convention is red with a white stripe from upper left to lower right. However, it should be noted that the red flag with diagonal white stripes is also an internationally recognized flag and is more commonly used for surface markings.

When you see a boat or surface marked with any of these flags, give it a wide berth and sail past at a suitable speed. Divers can reach some distance from the boat, so you should also pay attention to the water around you. Look for rising bubbles and surface markings that may indicate the diver is near the surface.

Although officially retired, the storm warning sign remains an internationally recognized code sign. Boat stations, marinas, and the Coast Guard still use flags to alert boaters to upcoming weather warnings, such as small craft warnings, as well as gale, gale, and hurricane warnings.

“Small Craft Warning”: Sustained strong winds or frequent gusts of 20-33 knots and/or seas of 7 feet or more are expected for the designated areas. Such occurrences can raise a red flag.

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“Storm Warning”: Issued for sustained winds or frequent gusts of 34-47 knots. Two red flags can be raised to warn of storms.

“Tropical Storm Warning”: Issued for sustained strong winds or frequent gusts of 34 to 63 knots associated with tropical storms. Square red flags with embedded black squares can be flown for an approaching tropical storm.

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White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

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Are There Countries With Non Rectangular Flags?

The validity of this information is not guaranteed, so you should read our legal page. But please help us improve the accuracy. If you find any inaccuracies or omissions on this page, please contact us and we will be happy to correct them. Don’t forget to help us by sharing your experience. This article is about the Christian flag adopted by the United States Federal Council of Churches. For the use of various Christian flags since ancient times, read the history of Christian flags.

The Christian flag is a universal flag created in the early 20th century to represent Christianity and much of Christianity.

It has been used by congregations of many Christian traditions since its creation in 1942. approved by the US Federal Council of Churches.

The flag has a white area and a red Latin cross on a blue state. The red color of the cross symbolizes the blood of Christ sprinkled on Golgotha, saving all who believe in it. The royal blue symbolizes Christ’s reign and baptism, as all believers become joint heirs. The white color symbolizes the purity of Christ and his desire to cleanse every sinner. The size of the flag has not been officially determined.

Confederate Battle Flag

The first Christian flag was created in 1897. September 26 Brighton Church in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Sunday School Superintendent Charles C. Overton told the impromptu students because there was no speaker scheduled. He gave a speech asking the students what a flag representing Christianity looked like.

Years later, Overton reflected on his impromptu speeches. in 1907 he and Ralph Diffdorfer, secretary of the Methodist Youth Missionary Movement, designed and began promoting the flag.

The earth is white, which means purity. In the upper corner is a blue square, the color of baptismal water, weight, a symbol of the Christian home, as well as a symbol of faith and trust. In the center of the blue color is the cross, the sign and symbol of Christianity: the cross is red and symbolizes the blood of Christ. [14]

White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

The ecumenical organization Federal Council of Churches (now jointly inherited by the National Council of Churches and the Church of Christ) adopted the flag in 1942. on January 23, 45 years after its unofficial use in 1897;

How The Confederate Battle Flag Became An Enduring Symbol Of Racism

The Federal Council of Churches represents the Baptist, Brethren, Orthodox, Anglican, Methodist, Moravian, Lutheran, Orthodox, Polish Catholic, Presbyterian, Quaker and Reformed traditions.

The Christian flag is intentionally free of any copyright or trademark rights, as the designer has freely dedicated the flag to all of Christianity.

Fanny Crosby wrote the lyrics to a hymn called “The Christian Flag” to music by R. Huntington Woodman.

California Presbyterian Church American flag and Christian flag to right of pulpit; eagle and cross crest on each flagpole.

The Swiss Flag

Mainline Protestant denominations in the US were the first to adopt the flag, and by the 1980s many institutions had policies to display it in churches.

The Federal Council of Churches recommends that the Christian flag be given a place of honor if it is used in conjunction with the flag.

During World War II, the flag flew alongside the American flag in many Lutheran churches, many of whom were of German ancestry, hoping to show their solidarity with the United States in the war against Nazi Germany.

White Flag With Blue Square And Red Cross

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Flags, Symbols & Currency Of Switzerland

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