When Do You Start Wearing Rubber Bands For Braces

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When Do You Start Wearing Rubber Bands For Braces – Can you eat with rubber bands on your braces? This is a very good question that many patients may ask when they find out that they will have to wear braces for 15 to 18 months to straighten their teeth. Braces gradually work on your teeth over a period of time. But what is the purpose of elastic bands? And should you wear them while eating? Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics of Texas has the answers you are looking for.

The elastic bands are the part of your braces that work together to straighten your teeth. These bands provide additional pressure when needed and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Your rubber band is made to fit your braces and extends over the small rings on the upper and lower arms. This tape is very safe for the mouth as it is made with medical grade latex.

When Do You Start Wearing Rubber Bands For Braces

When Do You Start Wearing Rubber Bands For Braces

Patients usually start wearing elastic bands about 4-6 months after braces treatment, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them during your treatment plan.

Can You Eat With Rubber Bands On Your Braces

Like everyone else, you probably don’t need to wear rubber bands with your braces. Some dental patients do not need additional pressure to move their teeth. It depends on how much your teeth have changed and how this change affects your bite.

Yes, rubber bands move your teeth by working with brackets and wires to gradually move your teeth.

Like the braces and wires themselves, teeth take time to move. You don’t want them moving too fast, as this can damage the roots. However, the added pressure of the elastic band usually takes five to eight months to straighten the teeth.

It is a very unusual phenomenon, but the elastics work under the gums and pull the teeth. That is why it is important to take care of your equipment and be careful when removing the elastic band. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics will show you how to put on and take off the braces.

Three‐dimensional Evaluation Of Open‐bite Patients Treated With Anterior Elastics And Curved Archwires

You can eat small things while wearing your elastic band. But if you find it difficult to eat, take it off and put it back when you’re done. Wearing them while eating also puts you at risk of damaging your braces or getting more food stuck to your appliances. Certain foods, such as acidic foods, can also cause your elastic band to break down faster, meaning you’ll wear it out sooner. Orthodontists recommend removing the elastic band before eating.

You should wear your elastic band at least 20 hours a day. This means you have to wear it while you sleep. The only time you should remove it is before eating and before brushing your teeth. Elastic bands are an important part of braces treatment because the extra pressure on your teeth helps keep them in place. Do not prolong the healing time, which means more time in braces.

Naturally, you want to know if your treatment is really working. After all, it costs thousands of dollars and you have to wear braces for several months. Never mind; no need to worry! There are signs you can feel and see that tell you that your arms are working hard to move your teeth. Your teeth and jaw may be sensitive or painful. You may also notice a difference in the way your smile looks when your teeth change. Take a photo of your smile before you get braces and try to compare it with your smile after a few months of wearing them. Your orthodontist can let you know if it’s still working at your next visit. You can also take over the counter pain medication to ease any discomfort, but we promise your braces will be effective.

When Do You Start Wearing Rubber Bands For Braces

Although the rubber band does not change the appearance of your face, your bracelets can have a slight effect on your facial features. If you have a severe overbite or underbite, your features will change as your teeth and jaw shift to correct the misalignment. This is not a bad thing. Your appearance will change a little for the better, and you will have healthy teeth and jaw.

Life During Orthodontic Treatment

If you think that if you double your gum bands, your teeth will move faster and your treatment will be faster, stop thinking. Double the rubber bands apply more pressure and move your teeth faster, but this is a bad thing. Moving the teeth too quickly can damage the root. The last thing you want to do is damage your teeth to the point of losing them. Let your braces and elastics work normally. The final result, although it takes a long time, is worth the wait.

If you break your rubber band, replace it immediately. If you lack power, see your orthodontist as soon as possible for a re-treatment. If you swallow one of your elastic bands, don’t worry. The elastics for the bracelets are made to be secure if swallowed, so they are harmless. The elastic band only passes through the digestive system. If you feel pain or discomfort, or want to make sure that it does not pose a risk to your health, contact your doctor.

Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics proudly serves Collin County and surrounding communities in Texas. For information on braces or braces treatment, call our McKinney office at 972-548-8200 or our Allen office at 214-547-0001 or schedule a consultation online today! Elastic bands with brackets; If you haven’t already, you’ve probably seen a friend or co-worker wearing this little rubber band that connects multiple teeth together. But what are they, what do they do, and why do I bring them up?

By elastic, we mean the larger colorless elastic rubber band that sits between the upper and lower jaw. It differs from the module – a small O-ring, always colored, goes around each bracket and holds the wires. Almost all of our patients need to wear elastic at some point during their treatment. In general, we start the treatment of the elastic for about 6 months once in the corresponding thread, but depending on what we want to achieve, we can start from your first appointment. But don’t worry – we’ll always tell you when, where, how and why to wear it, all of which can change over time at different stages of your treatment.

Types Of Rubber Bands For Braces

The burning question here is why? We understand that they can be annoying, annoying or painful at times, and we are not asking you to wear them just for fun, so why include these experiences in your treatment?

Basically, it does what elastics can’t. Elastics are designed to put a small, but constant force on the teeth to correct the bite. At first (like a brace) the grafted tooth may be a little soft, but (like cavtos) this disappears after a few days. As with all rubber products, they age and lose their elasticity over time, so we recommend changing the band at least once (preferably twice) every day to maintain this small but constant strength.

The most difficult problem for us is compliance – patients either do not wear elastic bands or only wear a certain percentage. It is clear that it does not wear elastic do not allow the bite to improve. Any improvement means extending the treatment period. But what about the partial dress? Unfortunately, wearing elastic half the time is like not wearing it at all. because Without going into details, let’s say that we asked for the elastic to be worn 24 hours a day, but it was only worn for 12 hours. For twelve hours it is worn, strength and more movement appear on the teeth. Great! One step ahead! But after twelve hours there is no force on the tooth and it returns to its original direction. A step back. So the net result of zero effort is frustration. And before the myth of wearing twice at half time appears, unfortunately, there is no truth to it.

When Do You Start Wearing Rubber Bands For Braces

The take-home message here is that we want your teeth to look great, but also function well. One way to improve function is occlusion. One way to improve occlusion is elasticity. I hope this has given you some valuable insight into why those pesky rubber bands that seem to find their way everywhere around the house are so valuable to us, and more importantly to you. Book an appointment Request a payment Make a special payment See our special offers Like us Like us on Facebook Read our reviews Call us Call us See the map

Super Smart Uses For Rubber Bands (that Everyone Should Know!)

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