When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

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When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2 – Real-time quick recaps and tweets from Game 2 of the 2022 Finals Sunday night in San Francisco.

The Celtics earned their first shot at the 2022 Finals, scoring 15 points in a spectacular fourth quarter to steal the opener and home-court advantage in San Francisco. While the Celtics looked to get greedy and blew 2-0 leads over Boston in Games 3 and 4, the Warriors needed to win early in the series to avoid a 2-0 deficit. face the game. After the hay trade in Game 1, which team will have a solid shot in Game 2?

When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

24: The Celtics start the second game strong, leading 13-5 behind Jaylen Brown’s nine points. There’s a decent contingent of Celtics fans in the arena tonight, and Brown’s three-pointer got some of the crowd cheering.

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Jaylen Brown is off to a great start in Game 2, scoring 9 of the @celtics 16 points in the 1st quarter so far! #ToastedHighligts pic.twitter.com/EdfFSfGMqV — (@) June 6, 2022

After Al Horford used his flexibility on Draymond Green in Game 1, it was Green’s turn early in Game 2 after a 3-point play.

Flex on ’em 📸: @_JordanJimenez pic.twitter.com/ul8CIakntZ — Twitter Sports Watch Finals (@TwitterSports) June 6, 2022

23: Clay is cold to start this game, missing three shots (out of 3), including an air ball on his third attempt. Finally he gets a bucket of shade in the alley above a beautiful cut of greens and pots. On Thursday night, when Clay and Stephen got stuck at two points, nothing happened because Steph was unconscious from the depths.

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22: Jordan Poole and Gary Payton II check in at 5:30 in the first game. Payton received a big cheer from the crowd for his first try after taking a bad fall and breaking his elbow in the second game against Memphis. May 3.

21: Partly because the Warriors couldn’t get open early; They missed three of them in the first quarter – one by Klay, one by Wiggins and one by Curry. All views go down the drain on the right side, but they need to be finished. This Boston defense is too good to take advantage of easy looks.

20: We have a technical foul on the green. When I come back, I’ll check where he stands in the playoff technical savings … This is Green’s fourth technical in the postseason; Seven equals an automatic suspension for one game.

When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

Grant Williams (via @NBCWarriors) pic.twitter.com/zavGt4iyoM — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 6, 2022 Draymond gets tech after joining

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Most career personal fouls # Finals since 1990: 130 – LeBron James in 55 games 127 – Derek Fisher in 43 games 119 – Draymond Green in 28 games # | #Playoffs — Basketball Ref (@bball_ref) June 6, 2022

19: Jaylen Brown gets hot and hits another 3-pointer to give Boston a 22-13 lead with 4:27 to play in the first quarter. Brown was 4-6 from the field and 3-4 from 3-point range earlier in the game.

Presented by @YouTubeTV pic.twitter.com/3mjP0pmmnr — (@) June 6, 2022 Jaylen Brown (13 points) hits third quarter on ABC🔥 # Finals

18: After 23 open threes in the loss in Game 1, the Warriors are closing in on early shots. Golden State got past Derrick White in the Open 3 and now has stranded runner after runner. Can they continue this defensive drive and rotation throughout the game?

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At the very end of the story, Stephen Curry took advantage of Al Horford’s inconsistency in perimeter defense. He drove past him, forced the defense into a scramble and found Kevon Lue for an open dunk. Great performance.

Stephen Curry draws 4 defenders and finds Kevon Lue on the rebound! Game 2 is now live on ABC pic.twitter.com/KsB2MUsnPz — (@) June 6, 2022

17: It’s a 3-point party at the Chase Center. “You get a 3! You get a 3! You get a 3!” That’s five consecutive 3-pointers in 80 seconds!

When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

16: Rushing Curry with one second to play in the first gives the Warriors a 31-30 lead after the first 12 minutes of action.

The Finals Stat

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown lead all players with 13 points. Tatum increased his performance in the first game by 12 points.

Jayson Tatum hits 3 in a row for @celtics ☘ Finishes 1st quarter with 13 points on ABC pic.twitter.com/1bKcv5WuAz — (@) June 6, 2022

Jayson Tatum has bounced back from bad games with big plays in the playoffs many times. He did it again tonight – scored more points in the first quarter than he did in Round 1 — Tim Bontemps (@TimBontemps) June 6, 2022

15: It’s another missed layup from the Warriors – they’re up by four in the first 13 minutes of the game, this time by Wiggins. Golden State leaves a lot of points off the board against the Celtics’ strong defense. Will these boxes come back to haunt the Rangers?

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Jordan Poole is blocking the other way – Al Horford’s. Poole misses the defense early, but the Celtics recover well to block shots at the rim.

The Celtics responded with buckets by Derrick White — including a wide-open three from the front corner of the Warriors’ bench — that gave Boston a 40-35 lead with 6:57 to play and Golden State forced a timeout. .

13: In Game 1, when Boston won the game in the fourth quarter, the Warriors used two layups to maintain momentum and dominate possession. They messed up every time. Not this time. The Warriors went on a 10-0 run out of that break, including 2 Curry layups, 3 Curry assists, a Payton layup and a Wiggins triple. Celtic period.

When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

Presented by @YouTubeTV pic.twitter.com/3nfukz53DA Andrew Wiggins makes it 10-0 @Warriors after 3! # Final – (@) June 6, 2022

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The Warriors got 4 points (and 2 turnovers) on 11 possessions in the 2nd quarter. — John Schuhmann (@johnschuhmann) June 6, 2022

12: We had a great first half as Tatum and White gave the Celtics a three-point lead on the Warriors. In addition to the main schedule, the Chase Center has additional screens that offer live snap charts and other statistics. It is easier than tracking the result of the box and finding it. Interesting shooting night for Boston, 10-17 (59%) on 3s so far, but just 30% on 2s.

Stepback Triples x Jason Tatum #PhantomCam JT ABC ☘ pic.twitter.com/8QSjhswZ5K — (@) June 6, 2022 Scored 21 and a half points in the second game

11: Some notes on the standout teams and duels so far. With Peyton covering Brown and Green on Tatum, I really like the Warriors’ lineup with Green and Peyton on the court.

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We have Steph and others again. Curry is on the verge of winning this time, Horford, Wiggins is put on a break as Stephen’s defense collapses.

There was a potentially big call here, as Green fouled Brown on a 3-pointer before the two tangled on the court. Referees will check whether technical fouls should be awarded. Green already has one, so it will be destroyed by the other. After review, it was deemed not a technical and Brown was denied the free kick. Draymond is very important to the Rangers today and is not a risk to be fired.

Draymond Green and Jaylen Brown had to be separated after that noise. pic.twitter.com/pyEdSepMjV — ESPN (@espn) June 6, 2022

When Did The Nba Finals Switch To 2-3-2

10: As the first quarter ends, Andrew Wiggins gives the Warriors the last bucket of the half after a rebound – his second attempt, showing great determination to finish the game – and give Golden State a 52-50 halftime lead.

Nba Finals 2022

ABC 🏆 @ Celtics 50 | 2-point play up the middle by @warriors 52 on ABC via @YouTubeTV pic.twitter.com/cdnfU7brgw pic.twitter.com/cdnfU7brgw — (@) June 6, 2022

Crazy shooting numbers from the Celtics still struggling with the 2 but catching fire with the 3.

Celtics 10-19 on 3 (53%) 7-24 on 2 (28%) shots in 1st half — Kirk Goldsberry (@kirkgoldsberry) June 6, 2022

Tatum leads all shooters with 21 points (7-16 FGS, 5-7 3PM), while Brown has 15 points but has cooled off considerably. After shooting 4-of-6 from the field and 3-of-4 from 3-point range through the first seven minutes, Brown shot just 0-for-6 from the field and missed all three 3s. half

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Ray Allen: Jayson Tatum became the first Celtics player to score 20-plus points in any half of a Finals game after 27 points.