When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction

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When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction – Proper brushing and flossing while wearing braces is an important factor for a successful and beautiful result. Your brushing and oral hygiene will make your treatment a big smile or a disaster.

In general, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, wearing braces makes brushing a must, especially after every meal.

When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction

When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction

During orthodontic treatment, various parts can act as food traps, especially bracket wings and hooks. Food can get stuck around the stand and bacteria like to feed on the food waste in hidden places and start to grow.

My Top 5 Brushing Tips

Children have weaker enamel than adults and this weaker enamel is more prone to tooth decay. As a result, cavities will develop more quickly, and children with poor oral hygiene will experience more extensive damage than adults.

A few hours after eating, plaque may build up around your teeth and braces. Harmful bacteria can grow inside. Bacterial plaque in the mouth produces acid from food on the teeth. This acid will slowly begin to erode your tooth enamel, taking weeks or even months to completely form a cavity around the braces.

Contrary to popular belief, pain is not the first sign of tooth decay. A cavity will start as a white area that you cannot remove, called a white spot. Leukoplakia enamel can begin to erode or decalcify when attacked by acids produced by the bacteria. In the early stages of decalcification, we can reverse this process by using a specific type of toothpaste, such as MI paste. This toothpaste has the unique ability to return calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface.

Whether you’re using a manual or electric toothbrush in the color of your choice, you’ll want to pay attention around the stand and under the wire to thoroughly remove food. To brush properly, tilt the brush head up and down at a 45-degree angle to thoroughly clean the area. Flossing with braces is not easy unless you use a flosser.

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So if a toothbrush isn’t enough, you should use an interdental brush to clean under the wires. It is also recommended to use a magnifying light so that you can clearly see your teeth while brushing to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Since it is difficult for traditional flat toothbrushes to reach all areas around braces, many companies have invented non-flat toothbrushes to better clean the area around braces.

Acidic beverages: Research shows that any beverage with a pH < 4.0 can damage teeth even in the absence of bacteria. Common drinks with a pH below 4.0 include lemon juice, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, and more.

When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction

Sugary foods: Caramel sugar candies and candies around braces are difficult to clean because they are so hard. These include Twix, Caramel, Milky Way and more.

Tips To Look After Your Teeth

Absolutely But your teeth may hurt for the first few days, so brushing with a soft toothbrush is recommended. Make sure that only the soft bristles touch the surface of the tooth, not the hard plastic handle, as this can cause more pain to a sore tooth.

Although many people believe that maintaining Invisalign requires less oral hygiene, this is not the case. Invisalign trays can be used as a cooking container for sugary food scraps, especially between the back teeth with heavy decay. Invisalign trays will prevent the mechanical action of the tongue and saliva from cleaning between the teeth, ideal for brushing after each meal and before returning the tray to the mouth.

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When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction

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When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction

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When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction