What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

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Amazon delivery drivers were praised after warning customers about their “unsafe” homes. You can see his musical warnings here.

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

Jessica Huseman (or known as @_jesshopehuse on TikTok) shared on her doorbell camera an Amazon delivery driver approaching her home door with a parcel.

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As she approaches the door, she looks at the camera and sings. “Hey Jennifer, have a great Monday. There’s no marker at home to tell you what time you are.”

He continued, “My friend, it’s hard to find your home, and to be honest, it’s not safe either. What if you need treatment and the paramedics don’t know the neighborhood well.

As Jessica posted the clip, “We’ve been living and it happened today… Not bad. I think I should know the house number.”

Since then, the deliveryman has been praised for his warnings, and one TikTok user wrote, “Laughs, he left behind knowledge, packages and music! I admire you.”

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Another said, “I’m a retired paramedic. That’s 100% true. Protect yourself and if you have a big number in your house and mailbox, get it. Paint the curb too.”

A few years ago, an Amazon delivery driver in Scotland went viral after learning that he had left a customer’s parcel in a bin full of empty Buckfast bottles (what he calls ‘bucky bins’).

Their friendly conversation begins with the following text: “Hi Stephen from Amazon, I tried to deliver your parcel, but there was no answer and no neighbors. I tried to call you if there is a safe place, but no answer.”

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

An hour later, the recipient replied, “Hi Stephen. I’m at work. I won’t be back until 6pm. If you ever go back to the area, please put the package in the glass recycling bin at the end.” on my path. thank you x.”

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Before Stephen adds that the package is kept in a “Bucky bin,” he tells the customer “No problem.” We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our websites, display personalized content and targeted advertising, analyze website traffic, and understand where your visitors come from. Please read our cookie policy to learn more or to opt out. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which came into effect on December 20, 2019.

Last August, Zac Plansky woke up to discover that the scope he was selling on Amazon had received 16 5-star reviews overnight. Normally it would be nice, but the reviews were weird. Fields are typically reviewed only once per day, many of which relate to other fields as if they were cut and pasted elsewhere. “We didn’t know what was going on, it was a mistake or someone was trying to ruin us,” Plansky says.

As a precaution, he reported feedback to Amazon. Most of them left the company a few days after the problem was resolved, and Plansky re-managed the six-employee multi-million dollar gun accessories business. Then, two weeks later, the trap was released. “You’re stuck in product reviews on our website,” read Amazon’s email. “This is against our policy. As a result, you will no longer be able to sell on Amazon.com and your listings may be removed from our site.”

A competitor set Plansky to buy a five-star review, a punishable criminal in the world of Amazon. The funds in his account were immediately frozen and the advertisement was closed. Retrieving her store will lead to a surreal week-long journey through Amazon’s bureaucratic tapes that begins with the press of a button at the bottom of a stop message that reads “Appeal decision.”

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When you buy something on Amazon, chances are you’re not buying anything from Amazon at all. Plansky is one of 6 million sellers on the company’s third-party platform, Amazon Marketplace. They are mostly hidden from buyers, but behind every item sold are dozens of sellers competing for a click. According to Marketplace Pulse, Marketplace sales nearly doubled Amazon this year, making the market itself the largest e-commerce business in the United States.

For sellers, Amazon is effectively a country. They rely on infrastructure such as warehouses, shipping networks, financial systems, and portals to millions of customers and pay taxes in the form of commissions. They also live in fear of frequently changing and strictly enforced rules. Confidential emails like the ones Plansky received could go bankrupt with little reliance on the seller’s company.

Amazon seller and blogger Dave Bryant says sellers are more concerned about suing Amazon than actual courts. Amazon’s judgment is faster and harder to predict. Now that Amazon controls nearly half of the U.S. online retail market, Amazon’s judgment can immediately determine the success or failure of a business, he says. “Amazon is a judge, a jury and an executioner.”

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe

Amazon isn’t the only technology company to manage, and it involves a lot of human activity. However, Amazon is the only platform whose $175 billion prize pool is enticing people to gamble, and companies are constantly forced to introduce new rules and penalties, which in turn become new tools of abuse and police demanding more rules. The evolution of his mediation system has been overloaded. Mark Zuckerberg recently thought Facebook might need a Supreme Court analogy to rule cases and hear appeals, but Amazon already has a secretive, capricious and often frightening judicial system.

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Amazon’s ruling was so harsh that its rules became the latest weapon in the ongoing marketplace war. As Plansky experienced, salespeople come up with all kinds of complex plans to shape their competitors. They deceive, copy, defraud, threaten, sabotage, and even bribe Amazon employees to obtain information about their competitors.

And what if the seller goes to Amazon court? I can count on people like Cynthia Stine, part of the consultant industry, to help sellers navigate the marketplace and the ruthless world of Byzantine rules governed by Amazon. They’re like lawyers, their only legal code is Amazon’s Terms of Service, their courts are secret and semi-automated corporate bureaucracy, and their jurisdiction is controlled by algorithms with a cunning plot to steal inventory of new socks and plastic watches. Global market. People like Stina are solvers and guides in the Amazon lands, willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Stein runs his 25-person company in a single-story building in the lush East Dallas area. Every day he sits in front of dual monitors, takes notes on his tablet, and receives calls from disgruntled sellers who receive terrifying messages from Amazon. On his wall are pictures of his family and a family of Filipino aid workers. A board with packaging tape and shipping labels, traces of a past life as an Amazon seller. And a sign that says “Until it’s time for COFFEE…WINE.”

He is open-minded, cheerful, and explores the story of a “blooded” war between two sellers of electric wheelchair batteries or when parts of the orthodox Jewish pearl trading industry were shut down due to an algorithmic change. However, when the seller lists complaints over the phone, he listens patiently. “You have to get them off the edge, and one way to do that is to listen to them,” says Stine. “Amazon won’t give you that. They will not speak to humans.’

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He calls the plan that brought Plansky a “dirty dealer” and he’s seen it before. As Amazon intensifies its battle against fake reviews, sellers have realized that their most effective strategy is to shop for their competitors, not shop for themselves. The more tricky, the better. Bad English reviews of unrelated products written by well-known Fiverr review providers can help you outperform your competitors as well as get rid of your competitors and rank higher in Amazon search results. Amazon’s amazing Whirlwind suspension system.

Stine’s team has bad news. He says the only way to get back from honesty is to “confess and repent” even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong. “Amazon doesn’t like looking at fingerprints.”

Amazon calls this an “appeal”, suggesting that the ruling is likely to be overturned. It’s actually more like a contract crossed into a business letter.

What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe