What Does The Lord Of Flies Love To Eat

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What Does The Lord Of Flies Love To Eat – When a group of students were trapped on an island in 1965, the result was very different from William Golding’s bestseller, Rutger Bregman wrote.

For centuries, Western culture has been steeped in the idea that humans are selfish creatures. This cynical view of humanity has been expressed in films and novels, novels and scientific research. But something unusual has happened since 20 years ago. Scientists around the world have moved towards a more optimistic view of humanity. This development is so small that researchers from different disciplines do not even know each other.

What Does The Lord Of Flies Love To Eat

What Does The Lord Of Flies Love To Eat

When I started writing a book about a more optimistic generation, I knew there was a story I should cover. It happened on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. A plane has just crashed. Only a few English students were left, who could not believe their luck. Nothing but miles of beach, sea and water. And even better: no adults.

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On the first day the boys established a kind of democracy. One boy, Ralph, was appointed leader of the group. Athletic, charismatic and handsome, his game plan is simple: 1) Have fun. 2) Understood. 3) Make smoke signs for passing ships. Number one is success. other people? not much. Boys are more interested in partying and dancing than lighting fires. It didn’t take long for them to burst. Take off their clothes. And they develop a strong reaction – squeeze, kick, bite.

When a British commander landed, the island was a burning desert. Three children have died. The Boss said: “I should have thought that a bunch of Englishmen could have played a better game than this.” At this Ralph wept bitterly. “Ralph cries out for the end of ignorance,” we read, and for “the darkness of the human heart.”

This story never happened. In 1951, William Golding, an English school teacher, made up this story – his novel

It would sell tens of millions of copies, be translated into more than 30 languages ​​and be hailed as one of the classics of the 20th century. In the end, the secret to booking success is obvious. Golding had the intellectual ability to reveal the deepest depths of human nature. Of course, on its side are scholars from the 1960s, when a new generation questioned their parents about the atrocities of World War II. They want to know if Auschwitz has been an anomaly, or is there a Nazi in each of us?

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Like River I remember being disappointed afterward, but not for a moment did I doubt Golding’s vision of humanity. It was only years later that I began to delve into the life of the author. I learned what a miserable person he was: an alcoholic, prone to depression. Golding admitted that “I have always understood the Nazis, because I am by nature.” And it was “partly out of a sad self-consciousness” that he wrote

I began to wonder: Has anyone studied what real children would do if they were alone on a desert island? I wrote an article on this topic, in which I compared

Modern scientists understand and conclude that in all likelihood children will make a huge difference. Readers were skeptical. All my examples involve kids at home, at school, or at summer camp. This is how my search for real life began

What Does The Lord Of Flies Love To Eat

, After surfing the net for a while, I came across a random blog that told an interesting story: “One day, in 1977, six boys set out on a fishing trip from Tonga. ..in a big storm. Heard, the boys suffered a shipwreck. On a desert island, what are they doing, this little tribe?

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The article does not contain resources. But sometimes you all get a stroke of luck. One day, while I was looking through a newspaper archive I had opened many years ago, and that was it. The 1977 reference turned out to be a typo. In the Australian edition of The Age of 6 October 1966, a headline jumped at me: “Sunday Show for Tongan Castaways.” The story is about six boys who were found three weeks ago on a rocky island south of Tonga, an island group in the Pacific Ocean. The boys were rescued by an Australian boat after living on ‘Ata’ island for more than a year. According to the article, the captain was given a television company to film the boy’s journey.

I am getting bogged down with questions. Are the boys still alive? And will I be able to find the television footage? But more importantly, I had a clue: The captain’s name was Peter Warner. While I was looking for him, I met another stroke of luck. In a recent issue of Mackay, a small local newspaper in Australia, I came across the headline “Met’s Share 50-Year Bond”. Next to it is a small picture of two smiling men, with their arms around each other. The article begins: ‘In a banana field in Tulara, near Lismore, sit with two unlikely friends… 67 years old, a true child of nature. His name? Peter Warner and Mano Tottou. And where did they meet? on a deserted island.

My wife Martje and I rented a car in Brisbane, and we arrived at our destination about three hours later, a place in the middle where Google Maps took us by surprise. Yet he sat there, on a rough road in front of a small house: the man who saved six lost boys fifty years ago, Captain Peter Warner.

Peter is the youngest son of Arthur Warner, one of the richest and most powerful in Australia. In the 1930s, Arthur ran a vast empire called the Electronic Industry, which dominated the country’s radio market at the time. Peter was the first to follow in his father’s footsteps. Instead, when he was 17, he fled to sea in search of adventure, and spent the next few years traveling from Hong Kong to Stockholm, Shanghai to St. Petersburg. When he returned five years later, the prodigal son proudly presented his father a Swedish officer’s certificate. Warner Sr. was not impressed and demanded that his son learn a practical trade. “What’s the easiest?” asked Peter. “Maths,” lied Arthur.

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Peter went to work at his father’s side, but the sea was still rough, and whenever he could, he went to Tasmania, where he had his own fishing boat. This brought him to Tonga in the winter of 1966. On the way home he made a short detour and then he saw: a small island in the azure sea, ‘Ata. The island was first inhabited, until a dark day in 1863, when a slave ship appeared in the sky and accompanied the townspeople. Since then, ‘Ata has been abandoned – cursed and forgotten.

It did not take long for the first son to reach the boat. “My name is Stephen,” he shouted. “We’ve been here for 15 months.”

But Peter noticed something strange. He looked through his binoculars and saw burn marks on the green rocks. He told us half a century later: “In tropical countries, it is not uncommon for fires to start non-stop. Only then did he see a boy. Naked. Hair under his shoulders. This creature jumped off a cliff and fell into the water. Suddenly more boys followed.” done, shouted at the top of his lungs. It didn’t take long for the first son to get on the boat. “My name is Stephen,” he shouted in perfect English. “There are six and we feel like we’ve been here 15 months. “

What Does The Lord Of Flies Love To Eat

When they boarded the boat, the boys said they were students of a school of measure in Nuku’alofa, the Tongan capital. They are tired of having lunch at school, they decide to go on a fishing boat one day in case a storm hits them. Maybe a story, thought Peter. Using his walkie-talkie, he summoned Nuku’alofa. “I have six kids here,” she said to the operator. “Preparation”, was the answer. Twenty minutes lasted. (As Peter tells this part of the story, his face is slightly tense.) Finally, a teary-eyed operator comes on the radio and says, “You’ve seen them! Left these people to die.” Gone. The funeral happened. If you eat them, that’s wonderful!”

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In the months that followed, I tried to recreate what happened on ‘Ata’ as accurately as possible. Peter’s memory turned out to be perfect. Even at 90 years old, everything he said is in line with my first source Mano, then 15 years old and now 70 years old, who lives a few hours away from him. real ones

, Mano told us, began in June 1965. the heroes were six boys

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