What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick

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What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick – 30 April 2021 30 April 2021 Jo Patterson 4470 views #GDOnePrickAtATime Anna-Maria Nabire Diagnosing Diabetes Dr Claire Wilson GD Film Diagnosis Jess Mabel Jones King’s College London Motherhood New Life Real Life Stories

Mothers with gestational diabetes join filmmakers to release ‘GD One Prick At A Time’, a film that shares the experience of living with gestational diabetes.

What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick

What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick

Last year Dr. Claire Wilson, who I have worked with before, contacted me again for an exciting research project to create a wonderful comic and information booklet for mothers newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes!

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This MRC funded project was to use art to describe the lived experiences of women with gestational diabetes.

This wonderful opportunity means that moms like me who have been pregnant with gestational diabetes have the opportunity to gain insight into the condition that many are unaware of and to share their honest thoughts and feelings about dealing with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The latest creation “GD One Prick At A Time!”

We were invited to create a piece of art to promote the voice of women with direct experience of gestational diabetes.

Under normal circumstances, we would have held a wonderful, healthy workshop in a real-life room with plenty of gestational diabetes snacks…but then came COVID-19, so we had to come up with a safer idea!

Stages Of A Bubble

We decided to make a film, interviewing women from the UK via Zoom, who were diagnosed with gestational diabetes and spoke candidly about their experiences.

In late October 2020, we reached out to women in a social media release in both English and British Sign Language text, on the Gestational Diabetes UK website and by contacting commissioners and support partners. We were blown away by the enthusiasm of the GD community, with over 150 responses. It was clear that the women had a lot to say and were eager to help each other and the newly diagnosed!

Healthcare professionals were also invited to participate in the study via a call and we interviewed a perinatal mental health midwife, a specialist diabetes midwife, a dietician and a diabetes nurse consultant.

What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick

Gestational Diabetes: One at a Time was commissioned by King’s College London researcher and NHS psychiatrist Dr Claire Wilson, on an MRC-funded grant, with support from King’s College London’s Judith Parsons and Gestational Diabetes UK researchers Jo Patterson. The project is also supported by King’s Culture and Psychic Elf.

Watch One Piece

Based on the first-hand experiences and testimonies of women and NHS healthcare professionals, this short film puts women with and living with gestational diabetes at the forefront. Amplifying their voices, experiences and questions to promote radical conversation and action around gestational diabetes support and care.

We’re not moms and we don’t experience GD, but we’re crazy artists who care passionately about women’s bodies and health. And the thing is ready to shake!

Jess is a multi-disciplinary artist who strives to make fun work that looks good and inspire change. Anna-Maria is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the stories of women of color in the African diaspora and the representation of those who are not found in the mainstream, with uplifting voices and often a hint of happiness.

Best friends in love, Jess and Anna-Maria ab, create a program to dismantle the patriarchy

Tools & Equipment

, a creative partnership here to break traditional ideas of “motherhood”! They are the founders of Motherhood Zine. Follow us on Instagram to stay connected [ @motherhoodyproject ]

For more information on Dr Claire Wilson’s work visit https://www.kcl.ac.uk/people/claire-wilson or contact her on twitter @drclairewilson.

If you’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and want more help and information, check out the following:

What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick

Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes – A post for newly diagnosed women, written as a mum who has had 3 pregnancies with gestational diabetes and based on frequently asked questions from my Gestational Diabetes UK Facebook Support Group. This post links gestational diabetes to a variety of topics on the site that include pregnancy, childbirth, and more.

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Gestational Diabetes Information and Support for Partners, Family and Friends – A shareable post to help people with their diagnosis and how to support a mother with gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes UK Instagram – An Instagram account helping to support and motivate those diagnosed with gestational diabetes with daily posts and infographics as the founder of Gestational Diabetes UK.

Information about gestational diabetes in the UK. For Clinics – Posters and brochures for use and display in diabetes and antenatal clinics.

Gestational Diabetes Shopping List After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it is best to change your diet immediately and therefore first.

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What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick

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What Did One Prick Say To The Other Prick