What's The Difference Between A Ranch And A Farm

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What's The Difference Between A Ranch And A Farm – This is a frequently asked question. The terms dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are often used interchangeably in the medical community and in written articles, so it’s understandable that people think they’re the same thing. But they are not the same. Knowing what dementia is can be a helpful step in understanding the condition.

Dementia is an umbrella term, an umbrella term that includes many different diagnoses. In fact, there are more than 75 types of dementia. The term dementia refers to a group of symptoms that affect functioning in daily life. Symptoms can include memory loss, impaired judgment, difficulties with language and attention, and personality changes.

What's The Difference Between A Ranch And A Farm

What's The Difference Between A Ranch And A Farm

A thorough neurological assessment can often determine the type of dementia. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia, accounting for about 60% of cases. Other types of dementia include dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia, Parkinson’s disease dementia, and vascular (or stroke-related) dementia. Some types of dementia may be reversible, such as metabolic imbalances or drug-related side effects.

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It is helpful to know the type of dementia, as different types can have different symptoms and treatments. For example, patients with dementia with Lewy bodies often experience visual hallucinations. Patients with frontotemporal dementia are often younger than those with Alzheimer’s disease and often have significant changes in personality and behavior. However, there are often common symptoms that are seen in many types of dementia, although the way each person is affected will be unique.

You can tell others that a loved one or friend has dementia, but to raise awareness of the differences, go further and tell the person what type of dementia they have. Knowledge is power, so knowing the meaning and use of the term dementia can be helpful for your own understanding and when talking to others.

Thanks for sharing this information. My twin brother who is only 52 and retired from the army has been diagnosed with dementia. He is also a 20 year veteran with many other diagnoses.

Monica, I can’t tell you how many times a client will say “my mom has dementia” when I ask about the causes of dementia, they just don’t know. The doctor diagnosed dementia and wrote a prescription. I shake my head, how can dementia be properly treated without further tests to find the cause of the dementia? And, Lori Staples, as a veteran, your brother may be eligible for financial benefits through the Veterans Administration, benefits that will help pay for some of his medical expenses and dementia care. He (or you) should contact the Veterans Services Officer at your local VA office. His DD214, also known as a discharge document, is available for the VS officer to review.

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Thanks to Lori and Wendy for the comments. Yes Wendy, I am in the same situation. I have also encountered patients treated in occupational therapy who have dementia listed as a diagnosis in the chart, but the family is unaware of it. I guess therapists are afraid to talk. I have learned to tread lightly when talking to patients’ family members and see what level of knowledge they are reaching before I speak.

Roxanne, I’m glad you found our US-based company! A wonderful dementia care specialist OT in the UK who can give you more local resources is Jackie Poole. There is a Dementia Pals program for carers. Visit their site at http://www.dementia-pal.com/about/about-dementia-pal/ to learn more.

Regardless of the cause, or what you call it, or what type it is, dementia is actually a series of symptoms and a variety of deficits and behavioral disorders. I hate labeling. These are problems in everyday life for victims and even more so for those who care for them. First we need to learn as much as we can about what we can and cannot do for the victim. For example, don’t try to change his mind, don’t argue, accept him as he is now. The paradox is “I am the same person, but I am different”. A helpful approach to this disorder is problem solving. Identify the problem, describe how it is a problem, review previous attempts to solve it, and repeat what didn’t work. Learn to be creative. Join a support group and learn from others. Don’t try to do it yourself! I am a caregiver for a couple.

What's The Difference Between A Ranch And A Farm

I have a mother who has dementia (sorry, couldn’t resist :D) but I really (think) know what it’s like. It started after hip surgery and anesthesia. So is this “drug” related dementia and can I do anything about it? Thanks in advance!

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I really appreciate it when I see efforts to educate caregivers, family and friends of people with dementia (one of many/hundreds of types). More families and caregivers need to be reached. More educational seminars, events, speakers. There is still a big gap in the field of education that has not been filled. Perhaps “grants” should apply to fund educational products. Workshop/stick hands-on role play is much more than reading brochures, books or pamphlets. More needs to be done to better reach people in this complex disease concept and needs better dissemination. Subsidies, perhaps one of the answers for faster financial development. Dementia is like an epidemic!! is moving at a very fast pace then what can education accommodate!!! Please consider federal financial aid through grants, if yes, more grants. Education is lagging “far behind”!!! .L o.

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