Want You To Live Like The World’s On Fire

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Want You To Live Like The World’s On Fire – We’ve asked more than 4,500 people around the world where they like to travel abroad – and why they want to travel.

The idea of ​​starting a new life abroad has once become a dream for most people, even more real for people everywhere.

Want You To Live Like The World’s On Fire

Want You To Live Like The World's On Fire

After all, we’re traveling more than ever – more than half (52%) of people say they’ve gone abroad, and more than half (27% overall) leave their country regularly.

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So, in a world increasingly connected to cheaper transportation options and advances in communication, we asked bees around the world what they think about moving to new countries.

What we found: They are completely open to it. More than 4 in 5 (82%) say they would consider leaving their country to live abroad for 6 months or more.

In Africa, that number is even higher: 92% of people in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria say they would consider it. Even in the regions on our list with the least incentives to immigrate – China and India – more than 3 in 4 (77%) were willing to try living abroad.

English-speaking countries predate most of our bees – reflecting the relative prevalence of English.

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However, there are some notable exceptions due to proximity. In the Philippines, the second choice (after Canada) is actually Japan (41%), while 18% of our Filipino bees would also consider giving South Korea a chance – far more than the 2% globally who said they would move there.

Meanwhile, our Chinese bee also had a different attitude. Almost half (48%) said they would consider living in Australia, while 4 in 5 (79%) said experiencing a different culture would be the main reason for their desire to live abroad.

On the contrary – and a stereotype! In the UK, the weather is a big problem. In fact, the rainy UK is the only country on our list where better weather is one of the top three reasons to migrate (almost a third said they would move to Spain). However, most Britons (58%) said that a better quality of life would be their top priority.

Want You To Live Like The World's On Fire

In Africa, our bees have different aspirations. In Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, the main reason for wanting to migrate (63%) was excellent job opportunities. Canada (39%), USA (37%) and Great Britain (35%) were the most attractive destinations, respectively.

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When asked about their first choice of country to move to, the women chose Canada. men? United States of America.

Our male bees are also more focused on employment opportunities when considering moving abroad. 48% of men said work is the main reason for wanting to live abroad – before better quality of life, new life experiences and better weather, and behind simply experiencing another culture.

Obviously, risk comes with opportunity. When we asked our female bees about their biggest problems when moving to a new location, more than a third (36%) of them said distance from home was a concern, followed by the high cost of living (32%). . (26%) and the inability to make friends (19%). Less than 1 in 5 women said they wouldn’t worry about anything.

In contrast, not caring at all was the most common response for our male bees – with nearly 3 in 10 (29%) believing that nothing would be a major problem for them. Then, there were the same three issues as their female counterparts – cost of living (27%), language barrier (19%) and loneliness (15%).

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With more than 80% of our bees looking to live abroad for the long term, it seems likely that the world of travel will become even more crowded.

People are better equipped than ever to seek out new opportunities around the world that suit their needs – whether it’s an improved quality of life and sunshine for the British, exposure to new cultures for the Chinese, or more opportunities to build a career for us. African bee.

As demographics shrink and change in the coming years, it will be very important for brands of all kinds to stay on top of who they sell to – more diverse consumers mean more different occasions and needs, so companies need to make sure who knows where they are selling. As we found out, different people like different things.

Want You To Live Like The World's On Fire

Keeping up with this isn’t easy, but with the challenge comes a reward: matching the right product with the right customer. This is how successful brands will weather change – by embracing it.

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A quick word about our methodology: The numbers in the article come from global members of the Streetbees community, conducted June 2018. All data is collected using mobile and web surveys and is accurate to within 3 percentage points 19 times out of 20.

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Want You To Live Like The World's On Fire

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Want You To Live Like The World's On Fire

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