The Worst Person In The World Ending Explained

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This, of course, is a question that can be asked in a normal, thoughtful way. Julie (Renate Reinve), a 30-year-old living in Oslo, can ignore the moral values ​​and feelings of others. Directed by Joachim Trier from a script we wrote and Eskil Vogt working regularly, it’s not for nothing that the film is called Bad Man in the World, a film that seems designed to ask us or reject us. (When the title phrase is shouted at the screen, by the way, he’s not referring to Julie at all, but someone who is undeniably beautiful.)

The Worst Person In The World Ending Explained

The Worst Person In The World Ending Explained

Well, the question of who Julie thinks she is needs to be asked seriously: she describes the problem she and the filmmakers are trying to solve. This fast-paced, irreverent comedy takes its characters seriously, sometimes more than they do.

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What do you want Julie to be? At first, this is more of a practical than a philosophical question. Before his story begins properly—before the first of the 12 numbered and titled chapters that make up the plot—we learn a few things about him. He dropped out of medical school to study psychology, then dropped out to become a photographer. Eventually he gets a job in a bookstore. Hair color changes from blonde to pink. She rejects her beloved boyfriend, flirts with a handsome professor and goes after a hairless model. All of this is shown in short cutscenes and explained in the third person by an old invisible woman (voiced by Ine Jansen), who reads dryly from the facts to seem respectable even if you don’t understand. Norwegian

Renate Reinswe and Anders Danielsen star in the film “The Worst Man in the World”, directed by Joachim Trier. Credit… Neon

Much of The Worst Man in the World follows Julie through the joys and frustrations of two important relationships: with Axel (Anders Danielsen Lye), a novelist in the 40s; and Eivind (Herbert Nordum), a barista close to his own age. As the story of a young woman choosing between partners, it offers a romantic comedy that subverts the Trier genre and is satisfying. Julie’s sharp, sometimes cruel sense of humor is another source of laughter. Trier’s other satirical look at parenting, resilience, morality and the failings of today’s middle class facing climate change.

It’s confident enough to wear its influences on its sleeves without descending into empty platitudes or piety. The strong voice, love triangle and soulful uncertainty of his style may remind you of Francois Truffaut’s Jules and Jim. The jazz clarinet that forms the bridge from verse to chapter one (a setting of Billie Holiday’s version of “The Way You Look Today”) evokes Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

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Trier’s passion for Oslo is the same, making The Worst Man in the World a free trilogy with his previous film Reprise and Oslo on August 31. (Lying, likability, and vivid screen presence are essential in all three films.) The cliche of the city being the main character seems to be absent. The Norwegian capital is what gives the film character and defines its characters. It is a clean and well lit city with a broken heart. For all its cinematic eclecticism and excitement, Trier belongs to a culture that includes Ibsen, Strindberg, Munch and Knausgaard – not the most interesting company. A dark spirit falls into happiness like fair winter light. Human tears are always on the horizon and death is everywhere.

Julie’s improvisational, sometimes reckless approach to work and love—an independence that intoxicates and surprises her—reflects the time and place, as well as her unusual spirit. On her 30th birthday, she reflects on previous generations of women in her family, their old pictures flashing on the screen. They are his age, he thinks, these parents are married and sometimes divorced, they have children, and on the other hand, they are already dead. Julie knows her luck, even if she takes it for granted. He can go on with his life as he pleases. The trick is to define what these terms are.

For a while, it seems to involve choosing the right person. His father Julie (Vidar Sandem) is a careless narcissist who is lucky that both Axel and Eivind are generally very nice guys. This is partly a sign of generational progress – 21st century Norway, as Julie learns, is not exactly what women want.

The Worst Person In The World Ending Explained

Shortly after their first relationship, Axel tries to break up with Julie due to their age difference, worried that their different expectations will cause problems between them. “Then he fell in love with her,” says the narrator, before Julie proves him right.

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Her Gen X friends, struggling with parenthood and midlife considerations, seem unappealing and unchanging to her millennial eyes. He has established himself in his career and is very famous for his underground comics, where Julie discovers “obscure sex”. (Later, a radio critic denounced him as an unrepentant sexist.) (In this, their relationship resembles that of Tim Roth and Vicki Cripps’ characters in Mia Hansen-Bergman’s Love Island.)

One night, Julie leaves Axel and ends her marriage, where she meets Eivind. He’s also in a relationship, and they spend the night testing the line between flirting and cheating. Technically, they stay on the right side of that line, even if their purity is hotter than some of the actual sex scenes in the film.

Nobody is perfect. He is incredulous and inspired when Axel praises Julie’s essay. When Eyvind praises her writing, she becomes angry. Axel is very smart; Eivind is not smart enough. “Do you plan to serve coffee until you’re 50?” you’re teasing him. Currently, he still works in a bookstore.

So he is not the best person in the world. Another thing you may notice is that he has no female friends. Is this due to his shortcomings or does it reflect a blind spot on the part of Trier and Vogt? Reinsve’s work is energetic, innovative and determined – fully deserving of the acting prize she won at Cannes last year – but somehow Julie remains a middle-aged man’s idea of ​​a young woman. If that sounds like I’m blaspheming, I’ll add that it’s also true of many of the characters in Anna Karenina, Hedda Gabler, and Henry James. Also, as a middle man, I’m not sure of my relationship with the character at all.

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Who Thinks You Are This Movie? This is a different question than the one I started with, but it’s interesting in its own right, and one Trier is honest enough to leave open. If The Worst Person in the World is about Julie’s indecision, it’s also about Trier’s skepticism. Part of the suspense in the film comes from wondering what he’s going to do to her and how he’s going to get rid of her, no matter how much he loves her.

Rated Rs. Sex, drugs and Art Garfunkel’s cover of Tom Jobim’s March Waters. In Norwegian with subtitles. Driving time: 2 hours and 7 minutes. In the movies. Cast: Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lee, Herbert Nordum Release: October 13, 2021 Director: Joachim Trier Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance Genre: Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark Time Value: Good for your money:

, based on the film of the same name, is a young woman named Julie (Renate Reinsve) who lives in Oslo. We spend several years with her, 20 to 30 years, and in those years we learn two important things: first, we learn that Julie is not the worst person in the world, and then, this is not too surprising, we learn. quickly. After that, Julie herself learns that she is not the worst person in the world, and it takes a lot of time, those years and most of the 128 minutes of the film (they go irregularly – the film is divided into two parts). 14 different pieces, which definitely helps). And of course his joke is that the title is a breathing hostage, but it’s a breathing hostage that has already freed us from the film’s form before it begins. Because this topic shows the way of people who have not yet reached adulthood

The Worst Person In The World Ending Explained