The Time Has Come And So Have I

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The Time Has Come And So Have I – “When they ask me what I think about the present condition, I have to stop; it is not easy to describe a crisis so profound that it has confused and confused the most powerful nation in the world. ” These are the opening words of one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. entitled “The Testament of Hope.” As it has happened throughout my life, the words of Dr. King, although written more than 50 years ago, clearly speaks of my time.

The current problem is very acute, because the accident has accumulated terrible flights and failures for many centuries. The luxury of a relaxed, quick fix, the ease of doing step by step, has been removed by ignoring problems for too long. In the face of today’s interconnected problems, our country is forced to turn to what may once have been a series of separate problems that have merged into an almost overwhelming social crisis.

The Time Has Come And So Have I

The Time Has Come And So Have I

“A social crisis of almost shocking complexity” describes how in 2022 we will enter a political and healthcare system that fails to respond to the two-year Covid crisis. As Dr. King explains, the crisis we see immediately is based on chronic failure.

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When millions of people are deceived over the centuries, rebuilding is costly. Low education, poor housing, unemployment, inadequate healthcare – all these require billions [billions?] To repair. Long-delayed justice has piqued interest, and the cost to this society will be enormous financially and humanly.

The country starts another year by looking at the cost of previous failures. According to Dr. King said, “We are not moving forward; we wander and stumble; we are divided and confused… exposing the evil that is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our society ”.

King’s “Testament of Hope” is based on a realistic assessment of the need for political, economic and moral change. King was clear that America must embrace radical changes and that change would not come from intellectuals or the elite establishment. “Even though we are unimportant and unimportant, the poor and unimportant of the 20th century will change this era.” Today and in recent years, there has been a drive to return to normality defined as before the Covid epidemic or the presidency of Trump, but by the rules of the past and the failure to establish fundamental changes that prevent us from feeling an endless crisis. .

There is a short time when the country seems to move away from disruptive policies and practices. The country has held a national “countdown” of anti-black racism following the internationally observed assassination of George Floyd, but the George Floyd Police Justice Act and other laws have failed, others that can stop racial inequality. African American Country continues the cycle I’ve seen my whole life complaining about unfair beatings and sometimes murdering African Americans, but refuses to take a radically new path towards inclusive police, prisons, and welfare. Fifty-three years after Dr. King is still in a state where “the opposition is now telling the majority that the time has come when it will be dangerous to further relinquish social responsibility in a troubled world” and death. America has not changed because many believe it has changed. There is no need to change, but this is an illusion of the condemned. “

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Fearing a conflict or exhaustion, we cannot back down and ignore the crises that surround us, believing that the way out of the status quo is to go out. Instead, we have to learn how Dr. King to receive “the sense of empowerment that comes from the challenge of accepting the fight and facing the obstacles.” A tribute to Dr. In 2022, the King will continue to call for a radical change in the national mood full of despondency and despair.

Low-income and minority communities that were deliberately excluded from credit and investment decades ago are now suffering not only from declining wealth and increasing poverty, but also from lower life expectancy and chronic disease, which can increase the risk of negative effects COVID. -19, says a new study.

A new study by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition () with scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health and the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond compared maps from the 1930s on the “present government”. credit exemption zone. . census and public health data. As soon as I came out of my mother’s womb, Somalia clung to my body, no wonder I still dream about who I am and will not stop. At least that’s what Mas and Gongi told me he was a sickly child, with thin bones piercing through the layers of fat. Then, when I was younger, I burned pounds of food and never lost weight. Every time I had three or more bowls of rice, I would call Somalia chanting secrets known only to the dead.

The Time Has Come And So Have I

The ritual required plain rice. A drop of something has ruined the purity of the grain, scaring it away from this world. Rice is, in fact, the only food Somalia has lost following the brutal murder of her father, king of Battambang’s rice mills. The leaders of the concentration camps, a few days before Pol Pot’s fall, cut my father’s liver straight from the intestines, and then ate it for good luck. They believed it was full of the flavor of their lost treasure, but if they poured the rice down their throat, staining the reddish brown spots – the color of blood mixed with earth – they would survive the attack. They are Vietnamese. This is how Mas and Gong explained Somalia’s hatred of raw rice. Not that his father wasn’t cursed from the start, as Somalia I know he carried his soul for many years.

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Maybe that’s why I’m the only nurse in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit who doesn’t see a patient’s time off as “waiting for a dead cow”, “asking for a dead afternoon to walk” or “playing time with the rusty ones.” machines Because, unlike my friends Anna’s sisters Kelly and Jenny, I know something about mental disorders. I understand the feeling of living with a past that defies logic.

Room 39 I spit liquid out as soon as I take it to the bathroom. She screams about her deceased husband, who has been dead for more than ten years, how he has to crush a gout medicine in his testicles. – Want Mike’s leg to swell? Room 39 is crying in my arms, feces seeping through her clothes and onto my sheets. So I have diarrhea but try not to stick to it. His gout must have been really awful since he couldn’t wait any longer, even his wife didn’t jump into the toilet.

“It’s dark,” I said in my bra and underwear. My thirty-minute break is drawing to a close, and I am still cleaning up the poop by applying a Tide to Go pen over the brown stain. This is the fifth time I haven’t written in the last month. “You know, this is gonna get us out of business. I’m not trying to work at McDonald’s.

“That’s the only reason I’m not putting my patients to sleep right now,” Jenny said with a smile. We’re both young, fresh out of nursing school, and we’re the kind of idiots who agree to work in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit, with the worst patients at Saint Joseph’s Aged Care, mental disorders.

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Jenny talks about getting out of this burrow, moving to a nursery and working at Kaiser Permanente, a dream job as a nurse. Kaiser is on the nice side of town where streets are cut by the town and decorated for Christmas where you can get some food without a car.

“Wow, that smells bad,” Jenny continued. – He’s in Exelon? I swear they stink worse, you know? It’s like screaming after eating your own cup.

“The boy is clean, Serey,” he said, sniffling and pinching his nose. “It’s like mashed carrots and breast milk. What

The Time Has Come And So Have I

“The fucking X-Men are too generous,” Jenny said, repeating his words. “Our patients are, frankly, sacks of rotten meat.”

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“Go to room twenty-nine and tell me something’s not broken.” I’m going to turn twenty-nine rooms into thirty rooms a day.

“You told me it would take thirty to thirty-five rooms,” I said, remembering Jenny’s announcement of the additional change that it was my time to alert management.

Jenny sighed and crossed her arms. – Serey, this is really not fair. None of my patients have rooms with windows.

“Thank you.” I close my eyes and lean back against the dining room. I’m tired, but already

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