The Sum Is Greater Than The Whole Of Its Parts

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The Sum Is Greater Than The Whole Of Its Parts – Most of us are probably familiar with Aristotle’s idea that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” If I asked you what would be an example of this thought, how would you answer? With that in mind, I think about two things – a group of musicians and a blossoming relationship.

I love blues and jazz, and it’s fun to watch and listen to a group of musicians who are different and different from each other. If I could listen to each of them play as soloists, I would enjoy it too – but not as much as hearing them play together. Everything becomes something more than the sum of the music’s parts.

The Sum Is Greater Than The Whole Of Its Parts

The Sum Is Greater Than The Whole Of Its Parts

The relationship is the same. When two or more people compliment and promote each other’s best points, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This applies to all types of relationships, including marriage, friendship, family, neighbors, community, and groups of people working together.

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts Fotos Und Bildmaterial In Hoher Auflösung

This week I was intrigued by NASA’s newest Mars lander. This prompted me to do some research to find out both the focus and history of this quest. I found a photo on NASA’s website of a team working together to land a special lander on Mars, about 293 million miles from Earth. Pictured are I believe more than a thousand people who have combined their individual skills and talents to achieve this incredible achievement – a modern example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Collaborate well with others in music, space exploration, or science. Daily life requires commitment, communication, dedication and perseverance. It’s no coincidence that the probe that landed on Mars this week is called Perseverance.

After the rover landed on Mars, it was announced on Twitter with the caption, “Patience will take you where you are.” He will be alone. So it works with others because we contribute to investing and building long-term relationships in our lives where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Holly Hughes Stoner, LMFT, and Scott Stoner, LMFT, both licensed marriage and family therapists, are partners in life and work. They are co-directors of the Samaritan Family Health Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin. The main focus of the platform is to create protective devices for adults, families and teenagers. They reside in Madison, Wisconsin and are blessed with three children as well as two grandchildren. The phrase greater than the sum of its parts was first coined by the philosopher Aristotle. Most people understand the meaning of this phrase, so if you take the parts of a car, they are worthless if they don’t fit together to form a car. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Buildings are similar because we understand that certain combinations of products need to be purchased together to create a structure or service, and lighting is a prime example of an important element. In building construction. A single lamp will illuminate the space, but connect it to a controller and it can do some very interesting things.

First, we have to look at these parts, and the best way to specify them in order to achieve the best performance in terms of safety and performance. We need a communication process that deals with classification based on certain standards so that the lighting will conform to a set of published guidelines. We should be able to speak the same languages.

The Sum Is Greater Than The Whole Of Its Parts

This may seem like an obvious process, but it is dangerous. Such dangers often lie in the process of separating beauty from performance. Generally, luminaire manufacturers will have two main goals when designing a project, and these will be its beauty, shape and of course, lighting, how it can illuminate the space.

Misquoting Aristotle: The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

This is an important part of the design, but what should not be overlooked is the difference that driver selection can make in lamp performance. This may be its electrical indicator; It may not be as efficient as other drivers or may lack some features.

Also, as a side note, when doing a custom conversion, the choice of drivers and inverters will have a big impact on both output and electrical noise. Low-cost carriers are cheaper for a reason.

Cost drives everything and we accept that all the options offered can provide us with a cheaper solution that offers the same level of quality and practicality. However, this is not always the case and examining these various factors is a complex task.

Electricity can be problematic in practice, but if we consider the controller as an important part of the entire lighting control system, the lamp manufacturer’s decision can have a significant impact on the entire lighting system. Lighting control system.

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

This scale depends on the smart building and IoT world, and if we want to achieve it fully, the selection of the “pieces of the puzzle” is crucial. Historically controls have had to make do with what they’ve got, and they’re usually confused by products offered by some major manufacturers that are optimized. It was released to make it cheaper, so it doesn’t offer all the features.

Again, components are compromised to save money, but may limit functionality that will ultimately affect system users when integrating a control system. The biggest concern is the potential impact wireless devices can have on installations if they don’t meet certain standards. All wireless devices are not created equal and the challenge is how do you determine what’s good, what’s good, and in some cases, bad enough.

Some OEMs use multiple suppliers with different capabilities so you can be sure that what is delivered is delivered. Relying only on general terms such as DALI or Bluetooth is not an adequate explanation, it is too loose and makes the interpretation of what is accepted suspect. The DALI standard is IEC 62386 part 102 for drivers and defines what constitutes a certified device and with DALI-2 this is never in doubt as all certified products are third party certified. If the device has a logo, there is no error and you know it works with the DALI-2 control system.

The Sum Is Greater Than The Whole Of Its Parts

Therefore, if we clearly define the “parts” and compare them to certain standards, combining these parts to create a system becomes a much simpler exercise.

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts: Great Apes And Forest Elephants In Central Africa

There’s always a caveat, which is where car comparisons come in handy. When we decide which car to buy, we consider the car’s performance, how it fits into our lifestyle, beauty, shape, color, etc. We don’t care how well the brake discs are used or how well the parts are built. chassis and engine! Manufacturers will do this and try all available solutions to come up with the best match for their vehicle.

This is not unreasonable, because after delivery of finished products, all of them often have a high price.

Building is similar because we define it as “the composition of its parts”, but we have taken the time and resources to look at the various system components that work together. How.

If we are trying to create a truly connected building, then we must agree on how each system communicates with the others and how these functions are integrated.

God Is Greater Than The Sum Of All Our Fears

This is a complex problem that can be solved, but requires an open framework for specifying, managing and integrating technology. We need to look at the entire system, so connect at the device level or subnet; The protocol used must be transparent and truly interoperable to communicate with different devices.

Specifications are important, and the vision of a connected building is something that the end user or developer must agree on before design begins. Cost will be a factor, but if we have to work on an open protocol with technology that can come from multiple vendors,

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