The Only Country Whose Name In English Ends In H

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New countries don’t appear every day. Although the regional structure considers itself an independent state, it is not always recognized by the entire world. The latest internationally recognized country in the world is the African country of South Sudan, which declared its independence on July 9, 2011. In the following days, he became the newest member of the United Nations.

The Only Country Whose Name In English Ends In H

The Only Country Whose Name In English Ends In H

So how can new states emerge? Although there are no independent official rules, there are generally accepted criteria based on international law. The Montevideo Convention of 1933 defined a state as a sovereign entity that meets four criteria: having a permanent population, clear territorial boundaries, having a government, and the ability to make treaties with other states. Additionally, the concept of self-determination – the process of a group of people forming their own state and choosing their own government – ​​has been explored in UN documents and declarations since the 1945 Charter. However, internationally recognized independence is not a foregone conclusion, even if it meets the above criteria. Often acting as a roadblock is the resistance of the country from which the organization wants to secede and the inability to gain widespread official recognition from the rest of the world. (See case: Kosovo.)

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South Sudan was originally the southern part of Sudan and became independent in 1956 after being ruled by Egypt and Great Britain. The population of Sudan was very diverse, and there was a significant difference between the population of the northern and southern parts of Sudan: the north was dominated by followers of Islam, many of whom spoke Arabic and were known as Arabs, while the south was more religious. To become an Arab. African ethnic groups, followers of Christianity or traditional African religions, and speakers of various African languages ​​who use English as their primary language of instruction. Pre- and post-independence administrations based in the North were difficult to accept by all political sectors of Sudan, especially those in the South, leading to the marginalization of its people. As Sudan’s expected independence approached, the South Sudanese, underrepresented in the new administration established in 1954, feared continued rule by the Northern government. Rising tensions fueled armed resistance and two long civil wars, 1955–72 and 1983–2005. A comprehensive internationally-backed peace deal designed to end the long-running conflict between the north and south in 2005 gave South Sudan semi-sovereignty and called for an independence referendum six years later. A referendum was held in January 2011, in which nearly 99 percent of voters chose to secede, and South Sudan declared independence later that year with the support of the international community. The United States is the third largest country in the world. And third largest in terms of population. Located in North America, the country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It is bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. There are 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Twice the size of the European Union, the United States has high mountains in the west and a vast central plain. The lowest point in the country is Death Valley -282 feet (-86 m) and the highest peak is Denali (Mt. McKinley) at 20,320 feet (6,198 m).

Throughout its history, the United States has been a nation of immigrants. The population is diverse, people from all over the world seek refuge and a better way of life.

The country is divided into six regions: New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Southwest, and West. European settlers came to New England seeking religious freedom. These states are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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The Mid-Atlantic region includes the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. These industrial areas attracted millions of European immigrants and gave birth to the largest cities on the East Coast: New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

The South consisted of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, all of which fought after the Civil War of 1860–1865.

The country’s agricultural base in the Middle East is known as the “breadbasket of the nation”. The region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The Only Country Whose Name In English Ends In H

The southwest is a beautiful landscape of deserts and deserts. The states of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas are in the Southwest and are home to some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Cavern.

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The American West, home of rolling plains and cowboys, symbolizes America’s pioneering spirit. From endless desert to barren desert, coral to arctic tundra, Hollywood to Yellowstone, the West is diverse. Western states include Alaska, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

The landscape varies from Florida’s tropical coastline to rocky mountain ridges, desert lands, and barren deserts in the west and dense desert areas in the northeast and northwest. The Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, the majestic Yosemite Valley and the mighty Mississippi River are connected.

The wildlife is as varied as the scenery. Mammals such as bison once roamed freely on the plains, but now live only in reserves. Black bears, grizzlies and polar bears are the largest carnivores. There are more than 20,000 species of flowers, most of which came from Europe. There are more than 400 areas protected and protected by the National Park Service, and many more parks in each state.

The eagle is the national bird and symbol of the United States and is a protected species.

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Citizens over the age of 18 vote to elect the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. The President lives in the White House in Washington.

Congress consists of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives. 100 senators, two from each of the 50 states, and serve one six-year term. 435 representatives are elected every two years.

The Supreme Court consists of nine justices selected by the President and confirmed by Congress.

The Only Country Whose Name In English Ends In H

For the first time in the country’s history, Barack Obama, an African-American, was elected as the US president in 2008. In 2012, he was re-elected for a second term.

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The achievements of the past hundred years have made America the world leader economically, militarily and technologically. America has the largest coal reserves in the world.

For centuries, people lived on the vast land that would become the United States. Beginning in the 16th century, colonists moved from Europe to the New World, establishing colonies and displacing these indigenous peoples.

Explorers arrived in St. Augustine, Florida from Spain in 1565, and the English landed in 1587 to establish a colony in present-day Roanoke, Virginia. In 1606, another British colony was founded, which would become Jamestown, Virginia. From there, the French founded Quebec in 1608, and then the Dutch in 1609 in present-day New York. Over the next two centuries, Europeans settled in ever-increasing numbers in the New World.

Although Native Americans resisted European attempts to gain land and power, they were often outnumbered and outgunned. Settlers also brought diseases that the natives had never encountered before, and these diseases sometimes had dire consequences. The plague of 1616 killed 75 percent of the Native Americans in the New England region of North America.

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During this time, battles between settlers and Native Americans were frequent, especially as more people claimed land inhabited by Native Americans. The United States government signed nearly 400 peace treaties in the mid-18th and mid-19th centuries to demonstrate the need for peace with native tribes. But the government did not honor many of these treaties and even sent military units to force Native Americans to leave their lands.

For example, in 1830, President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act and granted land west of the Mississippi River to Native American tribes who agreed to give up their lands. But he violated other treaties he signed with southeastern Native American tribes. The migration was supposed to be voluntary, but Jackson used legal and military action to remove up to 70 tribes from their homelands.