The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

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The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

I have a failing Synology NAS and I’m not replacing it. There are two Western Digital Red 4TB hard drives. I bought a disk reader on Amazon and installed both hard drives, but my Mac shows this error (below).

The Disk You Inserted Was Not Readable By This Computer’ When Connecting External Hard Drives

We want to recover our data because it contains family photos and many other valuable data.

When I tested both drives with the DriveDx app; They pass all tests, but still cannot be installed.

Depending on the age of the DiskStation, the HD should use the EXT3/4 file system or the Btrfs file system. No file system is supported on macOS (hence the “unread” dialog). If the HD NAS is formatted in EXT3/4 format, You can try Paragon Software’s EXT file system package for macOS (trial available).

No luck on macOS if the file system on the NAS HD is Btrfs. There is no Btrfs file system “driver” for macOS. You can then try to mount the drivers on a system that can read Btrfs (another Syno NAS/Linux box, etc.).

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We want to get our data back because we have family photos etc. and many other valuable information are recorded in it.

Synology already uses a technology called SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID) (by default), so you won’t be able to mount individual drives. So you need another Synology unit to update anything. No second Synology device; Your data will be backed up.

SHR is an automated RAID management system that makes storage capacity utilization easier than traditional RAID systems. SHR allows users to manage RAID management; It will allow users to expand the storage capacity and if they don’t understand the different levels of RAID well. SHR allows for 1-disk or 2-disk expansion – meaning that an SHR volume can lose up to two disks and still have the same amount of data. Note that a RAID drive (RAID or Classic SHR) is not redundant.

The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

Even using “Classic” RAID, individual drives still cannot be mounted. You will need to install them as a whole group (that’s it).

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It is not sufficient that RAID is not redundant. It is an anti-disaster tool. Not a disaster recovery tool.

My suggestion is to get a similar Synology unit (second hand via eBay); After rebuilding the array, save them to a USB drive.

Do you know anyone with a Synology NAS that you can insert a drive into to restore files? Synology claims you can add drives from another NAS setup and it should be able to recognize them. If the drivers are working, it’s the easiest way. Move the data to another backup system, then format the drives for macOS and use them as static or Time Machine backups.

Fair warning; A fan shield is required if you do this…drives in fanless boxes die long after being used for storage.

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By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and distribute information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. In this blog, let’s learn how to fix the computer cannot read hard disk error. Your friend wants to borrow your external hard drive for a while. However, Before handing over the drive to him, You can share your personal photos, You want to transfer all documents and other data to your Mac. But when you insert it into your Mac, It returns “This computer cannot read the disc you inserted”. This is a situation faced by many old and new Mac users, and some macOS Big Sur users have the same situation, but with a different message – the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer.

So how do you fix the “This computer cannot read the disk you have plugged in” error when your dear friend will be at your door to pick up the external hard drive? Before you say to your friend – “Sorry friend, I can’t do it” and disappoint your friend; Try the following fixes.

The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

How to fix a computer that can’t read your hard drive 1. Run an initial check on your Mac.

Top 8 Ways To Fix External Drive Not Showing Up On Mac

Before you try advanced solutions to solve “This computer cannot read the disc you inserted” here is a very simple thing you can do. Connect another external hard drive to your Mac. If you can find it in your Finder; There is a problem with the hard drive you are trying to install on your Mac.

“Is my external hard drive encrypted?” Not only you, Many users prefer safety over regret:

If for some reason the data on the disk is encrypted or the disk on it is encrypted (using encryption software), you won’t be able to access it, and you might get “This computer can’t read the disk” back. fit in. In that case connect the drive, check Encryption and see if it is encrypted. Right click on it, click Decrypt (drive name) and provide the password.

The device you are trying to insert into your Mac may be NTFS formatted. Devices include USB flash drives; external hard drives; Includes SD cards and more. If this is the case, format the device in a Mac-acceptable format such as FAT32. But before that, after formatting your device, make sure you have a backup of your current data because all data is lost.

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Mac has a function where you can repair or verify an unreadable disk. To do this, follow the steps below:

Here, First, we will look at how you can create a startup disk to fix the problem “This computer cannot read the inserted disk” on Mac. Then we will look at another good way to recover data –

Once your drive is formatted and initialized, your Mac will be able to read the disk. However, this will cause another problem – you will lose all your data. But don’t worry. Here is a way to recover lost data on Mac. You can use a data recovery tool such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

It is a professional tool to recover lost data. And it can cause all kinds of problems because you can lose data. They include random formatting; waste disposal; Including random data deletion and more.

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5. Fast or deep depending on the scan mode. You will be able to find the lost files.

7. When you have made your selection, click the Restore button. It is important that you choose the same location where your files were originally lost. This means you can choose a location other than the linked drive.

Try the methods above and let us know if you can solve the “The disc you inserted cannot be read by this computer” problem. Also, If you have or can solve the problem. We’d love to know in the comments which of the above solutions helped you. Read more for such content.

There are ways to solve the “The disc you inserted cannot be read by this computer on Mac” problem. Although we have mentioned some effective ways to solve the current problem, Solutions such as disk repair or disk formatting have been helpful. We recommend backing up your data before choosing the second solution.

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The problem of not reading the disk on Mac is due to problems such as the disk format is not suitable for Mac. In that case, you need to format the disk compatible with Mac, such as APFS or ExFAT.

Fix unreadable drive on Mac First understand the cause of the problem and check the file system; hard drive boot disk; If there is a problem with disk format etc., it is necessary to follow.

If your disc cannot be read. It is a disk failure; hardware problem; file system problem; or worse, your Mac may have malware that prevents it from reading the disk. Your Mac

The Disk You Attached Was Not Readable By This Computer

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