The Best Things In Life Are Free I Want Money

November 23, 2022 0 Comments

The Best Things In Life Are Free I Want Money – Almost everything in this world costs something. It’s free to run and walk in the park, but considering the parking and bus fees to get there, it’s not. Otherwise trees, greenery and fresh air are free. But think again. Thanks to taxpayers, the trees are there. And the fresh air, oh, thanks to when Indonesia isn’t busy burning palm oil.

Kindness, friendship, family and most of all love. A smile, a hug, a listen, a warm word of encouragement is not worth the price. These gestures are not only free, they can also be expensive. Think of the many lonely and dying people Mother Teresa once held as she gave hope to her downtrodden soul. The deed may be priceless, but the reward is rich.

The Best Things In Life Are Free I Want Money

The Best Things In Life Are Free I Want Money

It’s one thing about kindness and love. Like mercy, kindness and love are, to quote Shakespeare, “a double blessing / Bless the giver and the taker”. So when I say something kind and thoughtful to help my friend, this warm and fuzzy feeling is born in my heart.

Lil’ Bella Says: The Best Things In Life Are Free!

I enjoy writing letters to my friends a few days before exams and writing letters on the morning of exams. I write like this: “Good luck, don’t worry!” Women’s accessories such as Rilakkuma decoration paper and gold ink are discounted, and the act itself is free. A joy for Olivia, Gladys, Hana and myself.

When my mother is doing her motherly things, it is filled with endless happiness. Unfortunately, we kids are the last to admit it. Sure, mom always has a wallet, cash, credit and her cards. He is there to give us whatever we want or need. But my mother represents millions of other things—things that can be described as “good.”

Can you put a price on listening ears? What about her intuition, is she always in tune with your desires, sorrows and joys? In a world where we pay for advice and special skills, We are not paying my mother. It’s a refund, not a payment.

And how we do it – today, tomorrow, every other day that fills our lives – whether it’s cake, cards, a trip around the world, it may not be free But it’s a precious motive, something called love Always nothing compared to her.

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