Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

November 4, 2022 0 Comments

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Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

The high street in Denmark is busy and although there are websites selling products, postage costs are often high (especially compared to the normal free postage in the UK).

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Around the world, Covid19 has forced many retailers to improve their online presence. Shopify has grown faster than expected, Amazon hires thousands of people around the world every day, and new mail services are popping up everywhere.

People’s desire to have things does not seem to end. In fact, it is becoming easier, and the ability to communicate and connect with many things in 2020 has not helped to stop the decline of global happiness.

A study by NORC at the University of Chicago tracking the response to COVID found that only 14 percent of American adults say they are very happy. 31% said the same in 2018.

It seems that the Covid-19 pandemic may be the main reason for the decrease in happiness in this study, but here in Denmark, unhappiness is not spreading quickly, it is happiness, as usual in the land of the happy.

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Trust in the government remains high and Danes are happy to play their part in fighting the spread of the virus and the government and its recommendations and policies. Most are satisfied. Denmark proposes EU referendum on government response to coronavirus – The Post (

Today’s long tradition of putting society above self and society as stronger than the individual is admirable and a possible reason for the unhappiness of the majority.

The anti-corruption non-governmental organization Transparency International has published a ranking of the least corrupt countries in the world. This year they released the results which showed Denmark to be on top, tied with New Zealand.

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

It’s not just about confidence, there’s something else I see every day that I think defines happiness. The stickiness of the Danes is different from what I have seen elsewhere.

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Although you can technically shop through Amazon Denmark (Amazon Germany is the easiest way), I noticed a lack of “stuff” attachments. Many Danes have cars, many nice clothes, many nice houses. However, this is not what they have to be happy. These are things that work (and why not have good things that work). Danish happiness seems to (mostly) come from nowhere. It is an unconscious feeling on the part of the collective society. The community will pick them up and help them along the way if they fall.

We cannot find happiness until we forget to seek it. Attachment is the state of clinging to something or someone that you believe is necessary for your happiness. So, the attachment makes you think. empty], I can’t be happier.” – Tony DeMello

Tony explains in his book The Way of Love that true happiness is not caused by a person, thing or event (it is a feeling of excitement, not happiness). True happiness has no reason, you are happy without a reason, happiness cannot live.

Could it be that unhappy people weren’t always happy because of the Covid-19 lockdown? Could happiness be unconscious? When we begin to notice our unhappiness, is the result real happiness?

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Covid19 and the massive change in life as we know it has begun to challenge the traditional way of thinking about communication. I am learning that the mere act of seeking happiness ultimately leads to unhappiness (anxiety and dissatisfaction with life if it doesn’t come).

It’s interesting that the Danes I know don’t want happiness. They like good quality, they like luxury, but they don’t want these things to be happy. Happiness is found in the way of life, a collective life that is not focused on the individual. Is this the secret to happiness? Is giving up the desire for things and things the right way?

Denmark is far from perfect, it has many of the same problems as other countries we know and love, which does not seem to have the usual happiness, even with Covid19. There’s a secret sauce in here somewhere and I’m determined to find it, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not. What do you think?

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

I hope your happiness comes from within, not the gifts you get or the things you miss out on this Christmas season.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of Notes from a Small World. I would like to answer directly or in the comments. What was your favorite part? What would you like to see more or less of? Other suggestions: Call me!

If you subscribe to this article, every time a new one appears, you will receive an email notification. Toxic relationships are toxic and drain all of your energy, joy, confidence, purpose, and faith in God. Toxic people are empty vessels that want to be filled with love. Unfortunately, he is a self-serving source. They need your love, encouragement, happiness and strength to be whole and alive.

These toxic relationship quotes show the toxicity of coercion, victim mentality, lies, gaslighting, and manipulation. The truth is that many toxic relationships fail because there are unhealthy qualities that go unnoticed or ignored.

3. “Poisonous people stick to your ankles like iron stones, and invite you to swim in their poisoned waters.” – John Mark Green

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We have to fight for our relationship, but if fighting means tearing you apart and conquering all his demons, you have to go.’

5. “Trust is the key to any relationship, which means be very careful who you trust. Trust is earned by doing what they say they’re going to do, keeping their word, and keeping their back.” – Tracy Malone

Get rid of people who treat you as if your time doesn’t matter, as if your feelings don’t matter, or as if your soul can be changed.”

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

8. “You’re holding a cactus plant in your hand.” You bleed and curse the cactus, but you don’t stop it. Aloe vera does not harm you. Your attachment to the cactus is causing you pain.” – Shunja

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9. “Bad company is like being in an environment full of germs.” You never know what you will catch. – Frank Sonnenberg

10. “Consistency perfects you to be a good match for those you’re in a relationship with, while distancing yourself from people whose actions become too toxic.” -Dexter A. Daniels

11. “Why am I driving myself crazy trying to understand why you keep hurting me? I am not a “narcissist gossip”. If you want to poison your life, fine… But I’m done letting mine be poisoned.” – Steve Maraboli

12. “Situation” is not a relationship. Excuses about limitations and obstacles are lack of courage and commitment. Those who really want to be together find a way to make it happen. ” – Anton St. Maarten

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13. “Those who don’t want to be treated the way they are treated will never understand why others treat them the way they treat others.” – David J Martinez

15. “Narcissists retaliate when they believe the other has gotten their way, expressed their insecurities, or refused to be under their control.” – Lorraine Nilo.

16. “Sometimes when you’re in a toxic relationship in life, you may have to step outside, see yourself, to find yourself and love yourself again.” – Angel Moreira

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

17. “The worst lie I ever told myself was the one I was told by others.” – Alice Little

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

18. “The only person who deserves a special place in your life is the one who never made you feel like you were an option in his life.” – Shannon L. Alder

20. “Toxic relationships can change our perspective. You may spend many years thinking that you are worthless. But you have nothing. You are not underestimated.” – Steve Maraboli

22. “A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay as long as you want, but it will go nowhere.” – Unknown

23. “A relationship should make you feel good. Relationships shouldn’t make you feel bad.” -Laura Bowers

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Whether you have been abused emotionally or physically, it hurts like hell. Use these emotional and physical abuse quotes to see the damage done and remember to never let it take the light off your face or the world.

1. “If you change the way you behave because you are afraid of what your partner will do, you are being abused.” – Sandra Horley

2. “If it dims your light, it’s annoying.” You are a beautiful star created to illuminate the darkness of the world.’ – Christina J. Daniels

Thank God I Found The Good In Goodbye

4. “Tolerating a violent person is like sitting with a pig in a pig pen and pretending you don’t care about the smell.” – Michael Bessie Johnson, Book of Maxims, Poems and Anecdotes.

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7. “The hardest part about being in an emotionally abusive relationship is actually admitting that you’re in one.” – Anna Akana

Getting out of a toxic relationship can be emotionally taxing, but it has to be done. Use this to break free from toxic relationships