Sysco Las Vegas – Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies

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Sysco Las Vegas – Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies – Sysco has deep roots in the region. Our history here goes back more than 40 years and we have become a unique company that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers. Based in Pocatello, Idaho, Sterling-Keeley serves southeastern and western Idaho and parts of Montana. The company and its employees were purchased by Sysco Foods in 1973 and moved to Salt Lake City. In the year It was renamed Cisco in 1981 and moved to its current location in 2000. We are proud to be longtime members of the communities we serve in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada.

Sysco strives to be its customers’ most valuable and reliable business partner. Delivering the best products and fulfilling our marketing mission while providing exceptional service is at the heart of what we do. Cisco has built a reputation for providing quality products, unmatched service, strong relationships, superior operations and strategies, and sound financial performance.

Sysco Las Vegas – Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies

Sysco Las Vegas - Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies

Firebird Chile Co., Ltd. Authentic flame roasted green chilies bring breath to our products. From brunch cocktails to ready-to-serve chili peppers, we offer profiles that showcase deep and exciting flavors.

Lamonica’s Pizza Dough

The Solid Gardens (SVG) facility uses state-of-the-art water treatment technology, LED lighting and a nutrient injection system. Small vegetables are grown hydroponically (no soil) to produce water and key nutrients to provide high-quality food. Ozone water treatment kills bacteria and viruses ensuring a healthy product. The result of this process is oxygen, which enriches the taste, longevity and appearance of the plant. The product is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and is non-GMO.

Newport Meats operates a state-of-the-art USDA inspected processing and distribution facility in the heart of Las Vegas. We specialize in processed meats including wet and dry beef, lamb, beef and pork.

The lower family has been involved in meat processing for four generations. To provide the highest quality, all ingredients and all products are free of allergens, gluten, MSG and all ingredients are low or low salt. And most open grill and palm smoked products are 95-99% fat-free. All smoked meats are smoked naturally without the addition of steam.

Bag Heritage has operated six craft stores for 43 years, including one in Ogden, Utah’s backyard. Complete product list to meet your market needs.

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Sysco offers a wide range of services to help our customers succeed. In addition to our product line, we have the tools and resources you need to grow and expand your business, streamline operations, and create successful menus. We can always consult with you on how to improve and improve your products.

Create and review Sysco commands from anywhere on your mobile device. You can easily search for nutritional information, order history and more. Today, our client mix ranges from independent white label restaurants and large chains to large hospitality and healthcare facilities in the Las Vegas area. With a fleet of over 100 trucks, 419,000 square feet of warehouse space, and an inventory of over 9,000 items, we help our valued customers increase sales and reduce costs.

We are committed to our customers and the communities in which we live and work. Sysco Las Vegas’ 275 local associates bring a wealth of experience and unique skills. We live, work, play and eat in our communities. This allows us to be personally involved with your business and professionally invested in your success.

Sysco Las Vegas - Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies

From local restaurants to popular chains prepared by celebrity chefs and served in fancy restaurants, it’s no secret that Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world. Here are our business partners. Our unparalleled in-house knowledge is backed by our expertise in everything from specialty foods to food safety and sustainable development practices.

National Restaurant Assoc. Educational Foundation — Celebrating National Native American Heritage

Sysco has several specialty companies focused on meat, seafood, produce and fine dining to support day-to-day business operations. Whether you need food, supplies, equipment or services, we deliver quality and consistency.

With more than 200 languages ​​spoken in nearly 100 countries, Nevada is a melting pot of colorful and fun nightlife like the Strip. Sysco provides culturally diverse resources with high-quality ingredients, products and culturally appropriate equipment that enable customers in all industries to deliver global flavors.

Business Review is a great opportunity to meet Cisco’s team of industry experts and talk about your business from the ground up. Get advice on menus, kitchens, restaurants and training programs to help you increase sales, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Menu Planning A great menu is the cornerstone of good catering. And chefs often return to Cisco to keep it fresh. Menu consulting services include menu review, profit analysis, recipe consulting and innovation, taste testing, menu design, distribution recommendations and more.

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There is always something new in our lab. Our CEO, Brian Littlejohn, is constantly developing new recipes, developing new products, and finding new applications for existing products. This means we are on the cutting edge of food trends and can provide you with ideas that bring innovation and profit to your menu. A global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of food and non-food products for restaurants, healthcare and educational institutions and residential environments. and other customers around the world.

Family is a global foodservice leader. Our strong global network supports customers in 90 countries worldwide. Today it consists of four business units:

Our largest business segment, profitable OpCos, distributes a full food line and a variety of food products to independent and chain restaurant customers and other “out-of-home” businesses such as healthcare and utilities. Locally focused and competitive, OpCos can provide true customer service that sets us apart.

Sysco Las Vegas - Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies

As one, we ensure that all our customers have access to a wide range of food and specialty products from anywhere. With 5 special groups, we meet the needs of customers who are looking for special and unique products.

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The world’s leading food service provider. Our strong global network supports customers in 90 countries worldwide. Outside of the United States and Canada, international operations are available in the Bahamas, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Luxembourg, Panama, and Belgium.

International Food Group (IFG) is the exclusive export division of over 30 American restaurant chains that rely on IFG to deliver brands and exceptional customer experiences to countries around the world. 90. IFG also exports branded products to many countries. International distributors.

We didn’t expect such a big company to treat us like a family.

Its reputation is based on high business ethics and fair dealings. We are called every day to reflect the vision and values ​​of what we do. If you see or suspect illegal and/or unethical behavior, there are many resources to raise this issue/issue, and the Ethics Hotline is one of them.

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The Ethics Line is a toll-free number operated by an independent third party and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with an interpreter. You can also use online tools. Cisco, which serves restaurants, chefs and other industry professionals, plans to launch and open the service to the public next week. Andre Stanescu/Getty Images

Cisco, which works with restaurateurs, chefs and other industry professionals, plans to launch and publicize street services next week.

The company said in a post on its Instagram page on Wednesday that customers can start ordering online from May 15.

Sysco Las Vegas - Wholesale Restaurant Food Supplies

“Cisco is focused on adapting our capabilities to the changing needs of our customers and communities,” Cisco said in a statement. “One way we do that is to create inventory that benefits all consumers.”

You Can Now Order Essential Goods From This Restaurant Distributor

The company is in the process of adding more locations across the country, and so far the closest distribution locations are in Fremont or Place Grove near San Francisco.

Items listed online include essentials such as toilet paper rolls, eggs and dairy products. Production boxes sell for $15 to $30. Some boxes can feed a family of four for a week.

After the order is placed, the customer can pick up the item on May 15 at 12 noon. It is closed from 4 am to 3 pm. Additional items will be added to the website, such as: