Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

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The desire to kiss can make you feel loved or rejected depending on whether you are kissing or being kissed!

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

Seeing your partner or friend giving you a kiss can definitely make you feel good. Dreaming about love kissing you will put you on cloud nine. Does it share a relationship with him?

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But would you feel the same way if an ugly monster wanted to kiss you? We don’t gamble!!! However, you begin to think about the meaning of the dream.

Whether your assumption is correct or the meaning of the situation is something completely different will be revealed in the next section. So let’s hope! You may be surprised by some of the symbolism.

In general, the desire to love another person or to be loved by another person represents positivity, love, respect, admiration and contentment in your waking world. By the way, there are some dreams that revolve around kisses that predict betrayal.

In general, kissing yourself or someone else in a dream represents love, harmony, affection and satisfaction in your life.

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But depending on the type of love, the person you love and the place you love, the interpretation is different. Some may have a positive attitude, while others may be very negative.

These dreams are also related to real relationships and how you interact with others. On the other hand, some programs reflect the kind of secrets you keep about yourself or others.

In fact, we share our love with our loved ones. We never approach strangers and kiss them. Therefore, a dream about love can represent feelings of intimacy and the development of an intimate relationship between you and another person.

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

According to dream researcher Ernst Hartmann, the central image of every dream is directly related to emotions, which can be positive or negative. In this case, dreaming about kissing someone could be because you have romantic feelings for someone.

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According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, who believed that dreams represent the dreamer’s repressed desires, love in the dreamscape can hold feelings that the dreamer has hidden for others during his life.

In the Bible, acts of love are often associated with betrayal. Therefore, considering the details as well as your actual situation, the kissing scenario could symbolize betrayal by someone you trust.

In real life, love always breaks in relationships. For example, you share a fairly formal relationship with colleagues. This relationship will never be the way you kiss it.

The difference between reality and the world of dreams is obvious. Most of the time, we weigh the pros and cons before we do anything in the waking world. Despite our thoughts and desires, we refrain from acting when we think it is wrong.

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In this sense, kissing someone, especially someone’s partner, means that you secretly love or are attracted to someone. Even if you don’t let your feelings and emotions show in the real world, your dreams are reflected in the dream world, the realm of possibilities.

Some dreams related to kissing are a sign that you are alienating others. Reasons can be anything under the sun. Maybe you did something you know is morally or ethically wrong, or maybe you’re ashamed.

If you want to love yourself, it means accepting yourself as you are. You start to see the bright side of the situation and decide to accept your flaws and accept them.

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

A dream about a first kiss indicates that you are looking forward to the first kiss in your life. Other times, it means love is in the air and a romantic relationship already exists. Either way, it could be a sign of a lack of love and romance in your life.

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Sometimes you think about being kissed by someone else. If the plot does not have specific details such as where you were kissed and who kissed you, then the meaning of this dream is good.

There are two different interpretations of this scenario. The first is that there are people in your circle who try to impose their ideas and opinions on you. Does he force you to do things or follow his ideas, even if he doesn’t want you to?

On another note, this “kiss” can symbolize behavior or character traits that you have hidden from yourself. Since you are showing resistance to this plan, it means that you are not willing to take on that particular trait or behavior.

It can be dangerous. If you consider this plan, it can save you from the possibility of being dragged into a scandal or scam.

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Sometimes, you come back to reality like you’re about to kiss someone in your dream. It often means that you want to have a relationship with someone in real life.

Dreams about kissing or kissing are not necessarily related to people, relationships or romance. It can also symbolize an idea or an upcoming event.

Kissing someone in a dream can happen if you support an idea or activity.

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

For example, your brother and his fiancee want to get married, but your parents don’t. At this point, if you want to kiss your sister or your fiance or both, this show says you support the idea.

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To dream of being held at bay means that you have been stabbed to death by someone you trust too much. This person may be someone who cares about you but is acting against you for selfish reasons.

On the other hand, they may keep false friends who approach you with the intention of harming you.

If you dream of kissing your mother, it means that your career will advance. You may respect and admire others around you for your success and achievements.

Here, the script predicts good times ahead. In addition, the dream indicates that you will receive many benefits from your relationship.

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Kissing a close friend in your dream may mean that you want to be closer to him than you are in the waking world. Maybe you want to get romantically involved with someone!

Dreaming of the plot above is your subconscious encouraging you to consider reconciliation with someone you’ve distanced yourself from. Maybe the reason for the breakup was stupidity.

Think about the people in your life. You may still be in touch with everyone or you may have lost some of your childhood friends. How was your relationship before and now? do you rarely talk now?

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

If you have such a person, your subconscious will encourage you to get closer to him and not interfere with your ego.

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Here, your friend signifies your familiarity zone. This scenario suggests that you leave your comfort zone and explore more challenging aspects of life. In addition, you should try to remember how you felt in the dream.

If your feelings are unstable and you want to kiss your boyfriend, it means that you are still insecure to enter the unknown territory.

More importantly, if you haven’t experienced the feeling of dreaming, it shows that you are not worried about the obstacles and challenges you will encounter as you walk the new path.

Regardless of age or gender, a dream in which you kiss your partner or vice versa represents peace and family harmony.

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Some dream experts associate this vision with a lack of love and romance in a relationship, while others believe it symbolizes love, harmony and respect for each other.

Dream plots of this type do not represent homosexuality or same-sex relationships. On the contrary, the dream indicates that you are looking for comfort in your everyday life.

For example, you feel stressed and burned out from your day job. As a result, you can begin to find ways to live a stress-free life. B

Someone Kissed Me In My Dream And It Felt Real

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