Romans 1:18-32- No Sin Is Greater Than The Other.

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Romans 1:18-32- No Sin Is Greater Than The Other. – Most people in the world do not experience eternal happiness in their lives. Our mission is to change that. All of our resources can guide you to eternal joy in Jesus Christ.

Today, we take a major turn in Paul’s letters to the Romans. Romans 1:16-17 is the subject of this letter: the gospel is the power of God to save believers from the wrath to come. And the gospel—the gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection—has the power to save believers from the wrath of God, because in the gospel, day after day, week after week, and year after year, God Righteousness manifested as a gift ..accepted by faith and faith, then those who receive righteousness from God (not themselves) will not perish and gain eternal life.

Romans 1:18-32- No Sin Is Greater Than The Other.

Romans 1:18-32- No Sin Is Greater Than The Other.

Now that the greatness of his subject has been described, he will return and unravel it in wonderful and profound ways in later chapters, where Paul begins his description of human sin and God’s wrath in Romans 1:18-3:19 . In Romans 1:18-32, Paul speaks of the state of the Gentile world outside of the gospel and the salvation of grace.

The Lausanne Covenant

Then, in Romans 2:1-3:8, Paul deals more or less directly with the Jewish situation. Then in Romans 3:9-10 he draws his concluding conclusion: “So what? Are we [the Jews] better than them? Impossible; for we have claimed that both the Jews and the Greeks were guilty In. As it is written: not a righteous man, not even a man. Paul then piles up sentence by sentence in Romans 3:10-19 to support his pervasive sin, guilt, and rebellion against God in every human heart .

He ends the section with a summary of Romans 3:19: “Now we know that what the law (the Word of God in the Old Testament) said was to those who were under the law (the Jews). The mouths [all nations, all nations] can be closed and the whole world can be attributed to God.

Later in this series, we will discuss why God chose to silence the world by dealing with the Jews. But it’s the truth. What Paul seems to mean is that if the Jews are not righteous before God, but only sinners and sinners (Romans 3:9), then the Gentiles cannot open their mouths to protest. They are righteous before God.

Then Paul explains in verse 20: God’s law, though considered beneficial, when misused, as many Israelites misused it, it exacerbates the problem of sin. He said: “[The Jews and the whole world were silent about their iniquity] because no human being will be justified before his eyes by the works of the law. For the knowledge of sin comes through the law. Whether it is Jewish law or Gentile idolatry reconciles anyone to God.

God’s Justification Of Sinners

Then in Romans 3:21 Paul returns to the theme of Romans 1:17: “Now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law.” See how similar this is to Romans 1:17: In the gospel, the righteousness of God is revealed from one faith to another. From here Paul shows the greatness of God’s righteous gospel.

So, in Romans 1:18-3:20, we testify to sin and guilt in the heart and life of everyone, Jew and Gentile alike. This section begins with what we will discuss this morning in Romans 1:18.

Now, someone says, “Oh no! We spent months wading through guilt and guilt. “This is really stressful”? There are three things I want to say to this person.

Romans 1:18-32- No Sin Is Greater Than The Other.

First, superficial diagnosis leads to wrong treatment and no cure. If you want to find a true cure for a disease and bring a permanent cure to a patient, you need more than a superficial grasp of the disease. Those most concerned with curing AIDS or cancer spend almost all of their time researching the disease.

Pdf) Homosexuality As “against Nature”: An Interpretation Of Romans 1:26–27

Second, a deeper understanding of sin and anger will make you wiser about human nature—your own and that of others. If you become more aware of the nature of the human spirit, you will be able to fight your own sin more successfully, and you will be able to bless others more deeply with your insight and advice.

In recent months, I have argued with the women and men of this community that the saints we need to nurture and nurture in Bethlehem in the coming decades—men and women who grew up these years. Among the very wise: wise, wise, insightful, deeply loving, well aware of the nature of man and of God, able to see deeply the sinful and holy attachments that confuse the saints and threaten to destroy us. When you run away from the teachings of sinful humanity – when you say I don’t want to think about sin – you are running away from yourself, you are running away from wisdom, and worst of all, you are running away. deepest love.

Third, and probably the most important thing I have to say, and the thing that is most firmly rooted in Romans 1:18, is knowing the true state of your heart and the nature of sin and the greatness and justice of God’s wrath that leads to you. Learn about the powerful gospel, love it, cherish it, eat it, and share it like never before. This is important because this is how the gospel saves believers. If you don’t understand the gospel, if you don’t appreciate it, if you don’t look up to it, and eat it every day, it won’t save you (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-3; Colossians 1:23). Because sin and anger will help you do that.

This brings us to the beginning of Romans 1:18. See the connection between verses 17 and 18 (The New Testament breathes unforgivably), i.e. “for” or “because.” Verse 17: “[In the Gospel] God’s righteousness is revealed from faith to faith. As it is written, ‘Only the righteous shall live by faith.

No One Can Do Good?

The wrath of God is manifested from heaven over all the wickedness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth with their unrighteousness. Why does Paul introduce the word “for” or “for” in verse 18?

He did this to show that everything he said about sin was in support of the gospel in verse 17. He doesn’t mention the gospel about sin. He deals with sin for the sake of the gospel. The knowledge of sin is a valuable foundation for affirming the gospel, not the other way around. His main purpose is not to lead us from the gospel to sin, but to lead us from sin to the gospel. If you are arrested for a crime and are on trial, I say to you, “I have received a letter from the Hennepin County Court stating that the charges against you have been dismissed because you have been found guilty and should be severely punished. ” . What is the story? The purpose of a guilty plea is to help you understand and appreciate the good news that the accusation has been dismissed. This is the meaning of “for” at the beginning of verse 18.

So I hope the way to deal with all the sin in Romans 1:18-3:20 is to point it back to the preciousness, the glory, the need, the freedom and the joy of the gospel. God’s gift of justice. My prayer is that we break free from superficial diagnoses, gain a deeper understanding of fallen humanity (with which we all struggle), and return time and time again to the necessity, beauty, and freedom of the gospel. Justification by faith alone. If these three things can happen, I don’t think our time in these chapters will be depressing, but the gospel will be uplifting and hopeful as we learn more about ourselves, our God, and our gospel and love. more. deep

Romans 1:18-32- No Sin Is Greater Than The Other.

Now, how does Paul begin this part of verse 18? He starts by giving reasons for needing the gospel and God’s righteous gifts. This is necessary because “the wrath of God is manifested from heaven against all wickedness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth with unrighteousness.” We need the gospel of Romans 1:16-17, we need the righteousness of God gift, because the wrath of God is now poured out on the wickedness and injustice of the whole world. Note the double use of the word “unlawful” in Section 18. God’s wrath against “unrighteousness” and truth is revealed.

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