Raging Lust As He Tears Off My Dress

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Raging Lust As He Tears Off My Dress – I am jealous for my heart, I am greedy for my heart, I want for my heart, I am proud for my heart, I am lazy for my heart, I am angry for my heart, I am angry for my heart. I wish everything for you.”

As the Shinigami captains confront Sousuke Aizen’s army in Karakura Town, Ichigo Kurosaki confronts Ulquiorra’s Cipher in Hueco Mundo. Ichigo must rely on his Hollow powers to match the mighty Ipada. But will the darkness defeat him…?

Raging Lust As He Tears Off My Dress

Raging Lust As He Tears Off My Dress

Lolly Ivirne and Menoli Malia run down the stairs, Menoli telling Lolly that she probably shouldn’t be doing this and that she wants nothing to do with Orihime Inoue. Lolly replies that this is her chance to finally strike.

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Ichigo and Ulquiorra continue to fight, Ichigo barely getting stabbed in the head. They continue arguing as Orihime watches. Ichigo assured himself that it didn’t matter as the fate was long as he struggled with his hand. He told himself to watch Ulquiorra’s movements and suddenly grabbed Ulquiorra’s sword arm and hit him right in the chest. The attack made Ulquiorra jump back, but Nick dodged it. Confident, Ichigo tells him that he can read his movements more easily than before, either because Ulquiorra has become more human or because he is more hollow.

Ulquiorra looked surprised at this statement before telling Ichigo that it must feel good to be able to follow his movements now. Ulquiorra immediately appears on top of Ichigo and cuts off his head. Ichigo quickly ran away, but at that moment Ulquiorra suddenly appeared behind Ichigo and tried to land a powerful blow to his back. But his attack was stopped by none other than Orihime’s shield. The shield disintegrated and Ichigo and Ulquiorra stopped, the Espada looking towards a certain Orihime.

Orihime Santen Keshun successfully rescues Ichigo. He and Ulquiorra continue to fight, but Orihime is soon captured by Lolly and Menoli. In the middle of this situation Yami arrived.

As Yami was eating Largo, a small hollow dog started barking and Yami angrily threw a bone at it, startling it before yawning. He got up from his seat and thought to himself that maybe it was better to go and leave the room.

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Meanwhile, Orihime Santen Keshun, who calls out to Ichigo to protect him from Ulquiorra’s blow. Ulquiorra immediately turned to Orihime and asked why he was helping him and why he wasn’t protecting Ichigo from some of his misdeeds. Orihime struggles to answer his questions and says that he didn’t know before Ulquiorra destroyed her. Before he can say more, Ichigo interrupts and tells Ulquiorra to shut up and Orihime to stay away. Ichigo tells Ulquiorra that Getsuga is very handsome before starting the Tensho. Ulquiorra tells him that he should know by now that Getsuga won’t work against him, but is shocked to see Ichigo attacked by Getsuga’s charged Zangetsu. Ichigo punches him, but Ulquiorra blocks it. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo that he won’t work because the last time they fought he couldn’t hit him with the Hollow Mask.

Suddenly, Lolly and Menoli appear behind Orihime and grab her. Lolly tells Orihime that since Aizen doesn’t need her anymore, she can do whatever she wants. Lolly ripped some of Orihime’s clothes off her shoulders.

Ichigo turned around and noticed Lolly and Menoli attacking Orihime. Getsuga charges at them, ready to leave, but Lolly threatens him not to back down or she’ll gouge out one of Orihime’s eyes. Before Ichigo can attack, Ulquiorra appears in front of Ichigo and blocks the attack. Ulquiorra tells Loli and Menoli not to get the wrong idea that he was helping them and that before Ichigo can date someone, he must first kill him. Ichigo angrily yelled at Ulquiorra to move, but before he could react, Yami appeared from the ground in front of everyone.

Raging Lust As He Tears Off My Dress

Yammy attacks both Lolly and Menoli before trying to go with Orihime. Before he can do anything else, Yuriu appears and stops him from using an Arrancar explosive specially designed by Mayuri.

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Coming out of the rubble on the ground, Yami greets Ulquiorra and tells him that he is here to help. He looked at Ichigo and Ulquiorra asked if he could take care of Ichigo, who had grown stronger since the last time they saw each other. Ulquiorra tells Yami to go to Karakura Town and deal with the captains. Yami suddenly looks at Loli, Orihime Inoue and Menoli and slams Menoli against the wall. Ulquiorra then asked what they were doing there and Ulquiorra just wondered. Yami reached out to Lolly with the intention of killing him. Before she could reach him, Lolly pulled out a hidden Zanpakuto and cut off her defensive hand.

Seeing Orihime open up to her, Ichigo tries to go to her, but Ulquiorra stops him again, reminding him that he must take care of her first.

Lolly releases her Zanpakutō saying that she didn’t come here for Yami to kill him. She starts to attack, saying that she is going to kill him and Ulquiorra. Before she could hurt Yami, he struck. He then he picks her up with one hand, pushes her into the tower of pillars, knocks her down for a big drop. Seeing that Yami is now dead, she returns from the pillar and asks Ulquiorra if she can kill Orihime now.

Before he could say anything else, Yuriu Ishida suddenly appeared from the hole he had made in the pillar wall and shot an arrow into her shoulder, leaving him in the arm. Yami asks where Uryuu came from and turns to him. Uryū comments that Yami must be strong since the arrow didn’t go through him. Yami stepped forward and immediately exploded with a powerful explosion. According to Yuriu, they were explosives created by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi specifically for use against the Arrancar.

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The explosion caused by Uryu’s landmine causes Yami to fall to the bottom of the pillar. Ichigo entrusts Orihime to Uryuu’s care and leaves to fight Ulquiorra atop the dome of Las Noches. Ulquiorra begins to unleash the Zanpakutō on him.

Uryuu’s explosion created a hole in the ground and Yami barely held on to the edge, avoiding falling. Yuriu Sizayelaporro says that it is Yami that Granz said. He says it’s a shame he showed up, or else Yami would be fighting for so long. With that, Uryu says “Bad luck”, which means “bad luck” in Spanish. The crest Yami was holding gave way and he fell into the well. Uryuu says that he broke the pillars of each floor along the way, so Yami is likely to fall.

Uryuu and Ichigo then talk as Uryuu explains to Ichigo how it took him so long to get here and that he hid the explosives in the ceiling below them. Ichigo turns around and asks Uryu to take care of Orihime and protect Orihime with her body if she can’t defend herself with Shun Shun Rika. Uryu tells him that he would have done it even if he hadn’t asked.

Raging Lust As He Tears Off My Dress

Ichigo turned to Ulquiorra and told him that he would show him the holoification he wanted to see, pulling the mask over his face. He immediately attacked Ulquiorra, breaking his Zanpakutō. Ulquiorra eliminated one of Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshō and their battle took place outside the column. Ulquiorra charges at a Cero and attacks Ichigo, but Zangetsu blocks him. Ulquiorra suddenly appeared behind him and started walking towards the fake Las Noches sky. Ichigo follows him, trying to figure out where he is going. Ulquiorra and Ichigo make their way to the roof of Las Noches and are now at the top of the dome. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo that Cutro’s Espada above are forbidden to release their powers from him. He then used his Zanpakutō to “Attach!” The words begin to flow.

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Rukia continued her fight with Rudborn. Meanwhile, atop the dome of Las Noches, Ulquiorra unleashes the Zanpakutō on him and attacks Ichigo.

Rukia Kuchiki continues her fight against Rudborn, destroying one of the Skulls. Rudborn asked her if she was afraid of her Zanpakutō, Arbol’s divine power, and the power to generate an unlimited number of loyal skulls at her command. Several skulls came out of the branches and immediately attacked Rukia. So he