Phased Plasma Rifle In The 40 Watt Range

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Phased Plasma Rifle In The 40 Watt Range – For the Author Writing SF is difficult for many reasons. It’s not trivial to expect that some “science” should be involved, especially for “hard SF” work. There are often long and boring presentations explaining the technologies, policies and related issues. This is not so bad; after all, that’s why most people read this kind of SF. The main problem is that the author adds a random number, which is not always appropriate, to make the reader/listener think that this is a “scientific method”. However, in many cases, the number is not chosen according to the method. Most SF fans don’t mind, but for some of us nerds it’s really boring.

Case in point with Terminator, one of my favorite SF movies. The Terminator is buying a gun and asks the customer if it is a “plasma gun that is fixed in the forty watt range”. This time it will be fine. One line confirms that the terminator is a killer robot from the future.

Phased Plasma Rifle In The 40 Watt Range

Phased Plasma Rifle In The 40 Watt Range

But I thought, is 40W a good number? The biggest challenge for serious SF writers who want to put power-weapons into their ‘verse is how much power to give; so that the side arms are strong, for example, the production of a sweaty head is a no-no. So I created the following table, to “switch” the output of new kinetic weapons to “Power”. It’s not a fair comparison, as guided power weapons have different methods of dealing damage to the game than KEW, but the ball does damage.

Sf Worldbuilding: Random Numbers: How ‘powerful’ Is A 40 Watt Phased Plasma Rifle?

Apparently the finisher’s weapon is the same as a .22 magnum rifle that fires one round every 15 seconds. It’s not that scary. If it’s 40 kilowatts, it’s a different story. Although this is not a problem that reduces the quality of SF work as finding information like this is at the heart of complex SF, so hopefully this table will help with this information. It also shows how many bullets are lethal, even if they shoot at a small target. For those trying to do the math, here are the following;

It turned out in the comments that he used the equation incorrectly. I fixed this and updated the table again. If I’m wrong, please point it out

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