Perks Of Being A Wallflower Song In Tunnel

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Perks Of Being A Wallflower Song In Tunnel – I am not a film critic, or a great director, or even an editor. I’m just a kid who loves movies and is impressed by good movies. So I won’t give any professional feedback here. Instead, I will share with you some of my thoughts on the film.

This movie is by far my favorite winter movie of all time, I think the whole atmosphere is created by the amazing cinematography and the great choice of background music that pulls you into the movie and makes you secure a seat in the car speeding through the tunnel. does Or maybe you want to stay, like I prefer to work.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower Song In Tunnel

Perks Of Being A Wallflower Song In Tunnel

First, for all of you who have read the book, I know that Stephen Chbosky’s novel is great in its own right, and I always say that the book is better than the movie. But I don’t think that law applies here for several reasons that I will explain in the article. So without further ado, here is my list of things I love about this movie:

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Of course, as funny as it sounds, I believe that this movie would not be as good if Emma is not part of it, her face, her style, her accent, the way she talks and more about her. everything It made the movie what it is. Her impersonation was so good that I forgot she was once Hermione Granger. Can’t be a better sim than her.

I don’t think anyone has seen this movie without reaching for their cell phone and firing up the Shazam app. You can even search and download the entire soundtrack, and be sure to listen to it for a long time. My two favorite songs so far are The Smiths – Islip and of course the amazing tunnel song, David Bowie – Hero.

The film has an interesting collection of deep and moving quotes, which perfectly match the script. I know they come from the book, but the actors really said them so well, so some of them will stick with you for a long time.

When a wallflower becomes a snow angel. The scene was really great, going outside from all the chaos inside the house to the quiet white garage, which I know a lot of people do when they don’t feel comfortable. Strangely, though, no one noticed that he was gone, and none of his friends saw him while he was in the hospital.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Trailer: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower: Come On Eileen

The tunnel is a symbol for them, an escape from critical people at school. This is their place for the mentally ill to come together.

This movie is full of different scenes, it won’t make sense as a screenshot, but it will be better when you watch it. such as

This film works like an ice cream cone in winter. The first drop makes you cold and chilly, and then slowly warms up. It just invades your soul and shakes it with constant cold and hot sensations that refresh your frozen heart and pump blood into your frozen eyes. When you finish this movie, you will have a warm feeling of comfort and a sweet taste that will linger on your tongue.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower Song In Tunnel

** This is my first time writing a movie review, so I’d love to hear your thoughts. I really liked this unit. It gave me the opportunity to learn something I was passionate about and enjoy! I think that learning this way is very valuable – I was able to focus on how I want to explore film studies and how I will present my work. I liked that we had a lot of freedom, and I really liked the scene that I analyzed. If I could start over, I would have made my class time more efficient. I usually worked a lot on myself, but because I was on my own, sometimes I got distracted! At first I wanted to create a slideshow to showcase my work, but it was too difficult to manage. So I used WordPress instead, which was still a good learning experience since I had never blogged before. I think this was a very clear and convincing way to present it. If I were to teach another aspect of my work to another 10th grader, I would explain how film techniques work, what they are, and how they can affect an audience. Then I would let them watch the scene and see if they could identify the different production values ​​that the director used in the film for a deliberate reason.

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In this scene, the clothes are simply used to represent the characters’ normal everyday wear. However, they reveal elements of their personality to the audience. Sam’s outfit is a light blue dress and white cardigan – a symbol of her fun-loving nature and her efforts to change her reputation. Patrick wore black trousers and a bright ‘retro’ shirt, somewhat reflecting his sass and charm. Charlie is wearing jeans in a simple t-shirt and sweatshirt. Being such a complex character, the clothes vary with the struggles he faces. However, this is indicative of your sometimes shy and quiet personality.

The lighting in this scene is bright and golden, creating a happy mood and causing joy for the audience. The tunnel the friends walk through is brightly lit – symbolizing their growth as characters throughout the film, their journey finally coming to an end. Charlie, Sam and Patrick’s faces all light up, allowing the audience to relate to the joy they feel and how their thoughts have changed. This light creates a picture of hope and reflects the importance of your friendship. It emphasizes the idea of ​​moving towards the light at the end of the original and figurative tunnel.

Director Stephen Chabosky said Emma Watson was “perfect” for the role of Sam. A character who is trying to get over her reputation as someone who has been sexually exploited, Emma Watson is the passion who cast her. Although Watson can’t relate her “superfied” experience to the character, she can relate to her beyond her own life. Watson portrays Sam as outgoing, fun and sometimes angry, but also reveals her deeper, more serious side. He can easily express his deep feelings and emotions to the audience through his acting. In this scene, Watson expresses the joy that Sam feels driving through the tunnel and manages to show how he has changed throughout the film through his new friendship.

Chabosky said that Ezra Miller played the role of Patrick “perfectly”. As a person, the director found Miller warm and funny, with just the right confidence to pull off the role. Throughout the film, Miller describes Patrick’s charismatic and noble personality. The character is gay, but Miller doesn’t allow him to be a victim for a second – he captures the character in all his passion and plays it ruthlessly and powerfully. In this scene, Miller can depict Patrick’s journey and his overwhelming joy as he walks through the tunnel with his friends.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower: Tunnel Scene Re Narrativized On Vimeo

Logan Lerman had the tough task of capturing the screen and centering the film while playing the quiet and reserved role of Charlie. However, his remarkable performance was spot on – he portrayed Charlie not as a completely depressed character, but as someone who finds strength in the people around him when he finds his own. found the place Lerman easily conveyed Charlie’s inner thoughts to the audience and encouraged them to sympathize with the character. In this scene, Lerman manages to show Charlie’s pure joy in driving through the tunnel and his journey from the beginning of the film. He has the ability to give hope and inspiration to the audience through his acting and portrayal of how he deals with his experiences.

The camera angle used in the tunnel sequence focuses heavily on the faces of the characters, including several medium close-ups. It gives the audience an insight into what the characters are feeling and highlights their confusion about the tunnel and how much it means to their friendship. As the friends walk through the tunnel, the camera pans to reveal a long shot of the tunnel. It symbolizes the characters’ journeys throughout the film and hints at their bright future now that they have each other. This image creates a sense of hope and inspiration in the audience. This scene is the perfect ending to the movie, showing the friends finally to the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Charlie narrates the scene, like many other scenes throughout the film, as he writes a letter to the audience. This narrative is beautifully written and allows for an element

Perks Of Being A Wallflower Song In Tunnel

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