Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

November 4, 2022 0 Comments

Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact – Alas, Kevin Philip narrowly escaped death after his paraglider’s lines were compromised, as seen in a YouTube video on Monday. The adrenaline junkie can be seen flying through the air before performing a “paraglider acrobatic trick” (an acrobatic feat in mid-flight), which he described as a “loud noise”, flying his lines . He pulled and he came down.

We cannot feel the fear he felt as he fell helplessly from a height of thousands of feet in the air!

Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

In the intense footage, you’ll see Kevin go out and try an old-fashioned flick, but it’s not clear, he’s stuck in it, and the lines are wrapped around his helmet and always crushed. In the description of the video posted on his personal account, he explained:

Paraglider Father Of Three Plunged To His Death After His Glider Ran Into High Winds, Inquest Hears

“Acro paraglider trick gone wrong in heavy turbulence. Break line stuck. Fell in lines and threw parachute wing too fast. Fall speed increased by wing twist.”

Kevin was definitely not kidding when he said “the fall speed really picked up” because in the video he goes from a mild fall to a full fall in seconds and the scariest thing is what you see. This country ranks second in wildlife photography! In an attempt to save himself, Kevin tries to launch his rescue vehicle, which won’t open!!! This is the sad day for him! Imagine how afraid you are to fail, but you think it’s okay because of your extra savings, and then it doesn’t work out… No thanks!

However, the sports lover is not a stranger and decides at the last second to open RIP to open the escape well, which allows him to let go and save his life. He wrote:

“The last chance is to open the recovery kit manually. The time is about 1 second. This is not the day to die!”

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By one second he meant how far he could fall before hitting the ground. However, it only took a few seconds for the shed to land in the dirt right next to a small tree. You can hear Kevin exclaim, “Oh my God!” As he knew he would. Watch the disturbing video (below):

“In acro-paragliding there is a lot of trial and error in learning tricks. With 2-3 parachutes and enough height we can practice this sport safely. This event is both lucky and rare. Just remember. Fly, safe country.”

Well… leave it to the professionals. By the way, Perezcious readers, what do you think about crazy records and near-death experiences?

Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

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Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

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Paraglider With Tangled Parachute Saves Himself With One Second To Spare

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Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

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Paraglider Falls To The Ground After His Lines Get Tangled

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Paraglider On Video Saves Himself With 1 Second Before Impact

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