One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned

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One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned – There are plenty of great places to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Photo: Vicky Letha/

If there’s one reward for making it through another long winter, it’s a sunny day at work or a warm weekend spent rocking rocks.

One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned

One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned

Of course, your range may vary depending on a number of factors, including local cannabis laws. After all, we don’t want anyone to do anything illegal. If you live in or have been in one of the 10 states (or Washington state) where cannabis is fully decriminalized.

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Whether you’re looking for a bright spot to relax and daydream, or a cool, dark corner to escape the heat, there are a number of outdoor spaces worth checking out. Find a designated driver and don’t overdo it, especially if you’re driving outdoors. No one should get sunburned when they throw rocks.

Aquariums are cool, dark and magically light – the halls are tinted blue thanks to large tanks filled with fish, sharks and other aquatic animals. They are usually quiet even in summer. Or at least they’re more connected to schools during field trips than during the school year.

Recommended: The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a stunning outdoor marine exhibit with a 90-foot-wide window, like a giant IMAX screen at sea.

This may sound boring to some people, but hear me out. As a huge baseball fan, one of my favorite things about games is being able to enjoy the warm weather with a beer and watch the game unfold. Add in jumbotron glasses, occasional fireworks, cheap hot dogs and funny mascots, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun time.

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Featured: Near Coors Field, the MLB home of the Colorado Rockies in Denver, there are at least three dispensaries with dinosaur mascots and gloves at least a mile high.

? Seriously, the quiet, cool atmosphere of a local art museum is a great place to reflect, enjoy great works of art, and find all your deep thoughts. It’s also a great place to hang out without an agenda.

Recommended: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has a major Andy Warhol exhibit that’s worth spending a few hours before heading to one of the city’s green spaces.

One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned

No matter what kind of concert you choose—free bands playing at a local park, an outdoor orchestra show, or even a rock show at a large amphitheater—getting outside and listening to rock music is one of life’s great pleasures. . If you’re lucky, your surroundings (like the famous Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado) make the experience that much better.

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Recommended: Too many to name, but a few big ones that might be of interest are Kacey Musgrave at Red Rock, the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s outdoor summer series, or the Grateful Dead’s three-day performance at Dead & Company in the Canyon. A beautiful music venue in Washington State.

Do I really need to explain this? The beach is the perfect place to spend a summer day, by the sea or lake, with a combination of sun, sand and a nice cool breeze.

Recommended: Which beach is closest to you! The entire Pacific coast consists of states where marijuana is legal. In the Midwest, Michigan touches four Great Lakes, giving you plenty of beaches. And to the northeast, Massachusetts and Maine are a legal weed bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Sure, it’s sometimes sensory overload, but an amusement park is a must-see experience, full of junk food, rides, and more. Whether the height of the giant roller coaster will work for you varies from person to person, but it would definitely be a fun experience. In addition, many parks are open late into the night, so there are always interesting light shows.

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Recommended: California has tons of theme parks, from Knott’s Berry Farm to Six Flags Magic Mountain and, yes, Disneyland. It’s probably all in good fun – and more patient when the stones are thrown. Watch an excerpt from the original animation below

If relaxation is your goal, it’s hard to beat the flavors of local herbs, massages, and steam treatments. The only question is, can you stay awake all the time?

A hot summer day is better spent eating in a darkened movie theater with air conditioning. Like the beach, it’s self-explanatory. If you can get the timing right, you can even turn it into a binary function.

One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned

Recommended: Literally every movie. Even horror is good with weed and porn. But let’s say this for humor

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Sometimes marijuana can create really original thoughts or opinions. Or it can lead to too much “deep talk.” However, it is interesting to channel this energy into drawing, music or paintings.

Featured: Puff, Pass and Paint class is the new weed of the popular cocktail and paint class in popular cities.

Overnight camping is the perfect combination of activity and relaxation, as is kayaking. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life provides a wonderful break for the mind and soul. You and nature (and maybe a few bears, so watch out) come together in one shared experience. Plus, s’mores are delicious when tossed.

Maybe you love plants more than people, in which case a botanical garden or something similar. Very convenient for multiple inhalations.

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Recommended: Portland’s International Rose Test Garden is a beautiful place to stroll, offering beautiful views of the city below and Mount Hood in the distance.

If you want to spend some time outdoors, but don’t like things like hiking or kayaking, take the easy way out. Go to your favorite park, find the tallest tree and curl up on a blanket in the shade.

Oh, and the smell of fruits, vegetables, and grilled meats fills the air as you lazily wander from store to store, offering the best local producers. Of course, depending on how deep you are in taking it, it can be a bit sensitive, but in the best way. Plus, quality food is at your fingertips when you need to eat.

One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned

Recommended: Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike: here’s why it’s a great place. Also, the Elliott Bay Trail behind the market, the giant Ferris wheel, and the Seattle Aquarium are great places to indulge yourself.

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Quitting: Remember to act responsibly when quitting. Don’t drive dangerously while drunk. First and foremost, be safe. Also, limit your use of marijuana to states where it is currently legal. Don’t overdo it. Low and slow people.

Marcus Gilmer is the West Coast Associate Editor for Real Time, covering news from San Francisco. Born in Alabama, Marcus earned a BA from Birmingham-Southern College and an MFA in Communications from the University of New Orleans. Marcus previously wrote for Chicagoist, A.W. wrote for Club, Chicago Sun-Times and San Francisco Chronicle.

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One Known For Living Large And Getting Stoned