Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

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Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction – Here are the best Game of Thrones fans.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Ned Stark had survived Littlefinger’s treachery? What if Tyrion fought the mountain himself and won? For the thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the release of Game of Thrones, the authors have decided to answer these questions.

Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

I Want You To Prevote Due to the nature of the genre, it’s hard to know which fans will enjoy it the most.

The Lord Of The Rings Fanfic That’s Over 10 Times Longer Than The Books

The fan has at least twelve chapters and thousands of words. If you’re looking for a light read, look elsewhere. this one

What if Ned Stark and his daughters escaped King’s Landing before Joffrey ordered his death? the family kills

Stark’s escape changes everything. Robb’s life and marriage to Margaery Tyrell gives readers a completely different perspective on the politics of Westeros.

Rob’s ideal hero is an army general, and the author focuses on strong women.

How To Successfully Kill A Character: The Checklist

With enough room to light up a total of 79 episodes and counting, this fan should last at least until next year for you and the 399,000 other devotees.

Fans of this 40-year-old beast, which tells the story of Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch, have traveled back and forth from their departure.

What if Ned Stark had stopped Jon from taking the black man instead of sending him to the knighthood? What happened

Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

In this DolorousEditor fan, which has been liked by more than 165,000 people, it opens in an unusual way.

Fanfiction On Amphibia Crossover

They have an unhealthy lifestyle. In particular, Sansa Stark went through a transformative and painful journey that resonated with the audience. For those who want the eldest daughter of a Stark to endure a little terror, consider this full-blown drama.

With 100 Amazing Episodes, Silberias beats Sansa Stark and marries Oberon Martell in “All Fear Tonight.” If you’re just on that scary list of brands – but serious people, don’t google gout – this fan with over 150,000 readers is definitely worth reading.

Another beast of the DolorousEditor, “Success” completely changes the story. Instead of conquering the continent of Westeros, how about Aegon the Conqueror eyeing Essos? In full form

But be warned: it’s not over yet. As evidenced by the existence of many popular heroes who lost their lives

Shields Will Be Broken, A Realm Will Be Forged (asoiaf Joffrey Si Oc)

Close to a special event: Tyrion Lannister’s trial in battle. After betraying Shay in the trial, Tyrion is left with no hero to defend against Gregor Clegane.

Using his wits and a little luck, Tyrion defeats the Mountain itself. This earned him the name “The Great Stone of Casterly” and changed the future of Westeros. With over 3,000 likes, this fan of 28 heads must be drawn.

It is intended as a direct sequel to the last book in the series and is meant to wrap up the story. Game of Thrones continues its 113th season with over 1,000 fans.

Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

Yes, you read that right. Author cbstevp created an entire trilogy of fan fiction based on Ned Stark, who survived the events of the first book. cbstevp’s collected works on FanFiction.net have over 45 chapters and 1579 hits on one site.

The Witcher Showrunner Explains Why She Killed Off [redacted]

In turn the first serious death in the series. According to Benjamin Backhouse, creator of this delightful collection of complete fan fiction, this trilogy is both readable and enjoyable.

The fan is a major turning point in the series and is a favorite of Game of Thrones creator Benjamin Backhouse. In I Became a Daughter and a Son, author Guilleryn Dernhelm explores the unlikely relationship between Arya Stark and Jaime Lannister.

For fans who want the series to return, this 60 season fan is worth checking out. Better typing and better handling of characters than 1026 is popular so far.

After losing Khal Drogo, Daenerys accepts Eddard Stark’s promise and finds safety in the Seven Kingdoms. Fans looking for a different take on our favorite Khalsi will love this 51 chapter story.

The Lost Emperor

The Story That Turned The Snow Crow, which has over 3,000 likes on FanFiction.net, takes a similar approach but changes the story from start to finish.

What if Jon Snow wakes up before the story begins after being betrayed by the Wall? In Winterfell, with Robb alive and Eddard Stark by his side, Jon can change almost everything we know about him.

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Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

Allie Goldberg and Jen Jemola (two actors doing amazing things online on stage) with Bronies, Reddit Top Models, Professional Ticklers, Video Game Archaeologists, App Lovers, Grown Up Kids, Cuddle Experts, Vampires, Jedi, Life and them. person, doll and more

Mount And Blade: Bannerlord Fanfiction Part 1: The Rise Of The Lion

Nahila Bonfiglio reports on geek culture and gaming. His work has also appeared on Texas Standard KUT (Austin), KPAC-FM (San Antonio) and the Daily Texan. However, he was never destined for the life of a fool, because he had the blood of a daemon, the soul of an outsider. He won. This “history” is the thesis from the teacher’s point of view.

I, Darin, Service Manager at House Tart on Tart Island, announce that I have begun my research on the most recent events of the past few months.

The event is sure to be on everyone’s mind, from Summer Islands to Beyond the Wall and of course Inside Out.

As Lord Selwyn’s heir is old and no longer in need of instruction, he allows me to spend my time in studying the events as they happen and explaining the causes.

The Game Of Thrones

My brothers and sisters must remember that my first intention was to write a book about the Justman House, a lost-in-the-river house, once ruled by kings. However, after reading some of Archmaester Pereston’s letters, I decided to focus my work on current events.

The Archmaester confirmed that Jon Snow, the master of Lyanna Stark and King Rhaegar, was not only an ungrateful murderer and whore, but a bloodthirsty child who was jealous of his beloved prince brother and possibly rejected his advances. – Sister, it is my duty as a researcher and lover of truth to destroy such ideas. Given my proximity to the Stepping Stones and how the islands are popular with merchants from Dorne, the Free Cities, and King’s Landing, I think I’m in a good position to give my full opinion on the newly announced ruler of sea ​​of ​​Thor. Thor’s sea shows his wife

However, it would be foolish to begin without a clear introduction to how it began, preventing us from knowing the movements of the man called the liberator and the beast of the river. I begin my research with a series of essays on Jon Snow’s birth and upbringing, before explaining how he came to be on the throne of the world and the world at large.

Oc Builds A Kingdom Game Of Thrones Fanfiction

Jon Snow was born to Lyanna Stark after meeting Prince Rhaegar in the tournament at Harrenhal. The king, like many young masters, was very reluctant to reap the benefits of his position. Considering that many of his peers are busy with them, he can’t blame them. Lyanna Stark was a beautiful and worthy woman and a worthy success for a great king or queen. Because of his last name, some have suggested that the prince is trying to fulfill a promise of ice and fire, but it is more likely that the two were in love when they were young.

Ranma Club: A Ranma 1/2 X Winx Club Crossover

They say that when he found out about it, Lord Rickard wanted to behead Rhaegar, and if he wasn’t a prince, he could have done it. Rhaegar had married Princess Elia about four years ago and they had a child, so his father’s name lived on. The kingdom was soon defeated by scandal, and John was born in 283 AD in the spring.

He grew up in Winterfell with his mother for the first eleven years. We can imagine that he lived with Lord Stark’s children, since there is no mention of a conflict between them. But Lyanna is said to have visited King Rhaegar’s company years ago. Although it has not been confirmed, the two are in a relationship. At Rhaegar’s insistence, Jon is spared and brought to the kingdom to be resurrected. When he got there, he met his brothers.

It was at that moment that the bastard prince probably understood the meaning of his name. It is not known what Queen Elia did with the bastard Lyanna, but in Continue

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