New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked

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New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked – With the new AFK detection update, new world builders want to prevent players from blocking the world. In the future, we will use new algorithms to find anti-AFK tools and auto-blockers.

Today, October 3, 2021, Amazon Game Studios released a new update that prevents players from using anti-AFK tools or automatic buttons to bypass AFK.

New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked

New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked

Of course, many players were disappointed that AFK players blocked the world and new players couldn’t enter. Leave it alone.

Macroing To Avoid Afk Kick.

AFK Player Finder Updates Welcome! AFKing For a while, we’ve made a few changes to people who autopopulate worlds to avoid auto-disruption of new worlds. I have seen the complaints and I agree that this is unacceptable… New World Forum is blocked

In my opinion, Amazon Game Studios should never release an additional check against AFK. Players only use anti-AFK tools to play the game.

Why do I need an anti-AFK tool or autopilot? Yes, so I can play the game. If you get kicked out, you’ll end up in a line that can be anywhere from 3 to 10 hours long. That doesn’t help either. If the player can close the game and quickly log in and play again, there is no reason to use anti-AFK tools.

If you are currently kicked out of the pop-up server and need to log in again, wait a few hours! Without an anti-AFK tool, it’s impossible to play the game properly. Amazon Game Studios only punishes players who want to play the game. Yes, there are players who don’t use anti-AFK tools at all, but those players are probably offline and not in-game.

New World Sagt: Sie Jagen Jetzt Afk Schummler

So I’m not alone in this opinion. Commenters below the Twitter post believe Amazon Games Studios needs to do something ASAP to prevent players from joining the ranks. There is no need to use such tools because the queue will grow.

We agree with this unacceptable behavior, especially when so many people are patiently waiting to enter the world.

In fact, if Amazon Game Studios had done their job and provided the server already, detection of anti-AFK tools wouldn’t exist. I’m sure a lot of people will switch to a lower tier server to play.

New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked

We won’t reveal the details of how the solution works, but we’re sure players playing the new world won’t have any issues. Initially, the main solution is displayed immediately after selection. If the behavior persists, severe penalties apply. (Amazon Game Studios)

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Additionally, Amazon didn’t say exactly how the new AFK detection works, but confirmed that it won’t affect regular players without such tools. We need to check if the AFK player moves every 20 minutes and it does nothing else. Who teaches you how to play games? Oh good.

But first it just starts in the main menu and has no effect. However, the frequency of such kicks has been recorded. According to Amazon Games Studios, going too far can have serious consequences.

I won’t go into detail about how it works, but I can assure you that if you play the normal new world, you won’t have any problems. The first time you AFK, you will be disconnected from the world and returned to the main menu. Thereafter, strict action will be taken if such behavior is repeated. (Tosch Community Manager at Amazon Games Studios) What to expect from Amazon Games Studios:

Want to stand in long lines for hours? Isn’t there an online simulation that 200,000 people try every day? .

New World: Patch Notes (october 2022)

10/3/2021 11:00 AM Waiting Time – It remains to be seen if the anti-AFK weapon update will change anything.

New World: Servers are full – what should I do? When New World first came out, many players complained that their servers were full. That’s why many people want to know what to do when the server is full and how to find an empty server. Johannes One of the most frustrating parts of playing New World is dealing with queues that last for hours. Whether you’re playing on a server with famous hosts or a crowded one. Unfortunately, the queue quickly filled up on the server, which had a maximum player count of only 2,000 at launch. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to avoid AFK kicks and how long they last.

Quick note: I obviously don’t recommend doing this for long periods of time, like hours. The truth is, I don’t want to be a server where half of the server is just AFK people. But I understand that you need to escape for a while. When the lines are thin, no one can play at odd hours of the night or day.

New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked

Update (October 6, 2021): Update 1.0.1 reduced AFK time from 25 minutes to 20 minutes. Also, the kicker warning message is now 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

Amazon Takes Aim At New World Afk Abusers

Update (October 2, 2021): The New World developers have released a statement announcing that people are trying to bypass the AFK kicker time. The statement addressed the issue, saying that time evaders would be removed from the list if caught.

Considering, queues for 600+ players are not that high compared to 1000+ servers.

Here are two common methods people use today to avoid getting kicked for being AFK. So for those of you who have tried it or are considering it, let’s deal with them first. First, you can’t use the auto button to match the wall. This causes a kick when the timer hits.

Second, I haven’t tested it, but I’ve heard that the spam icon doesn’t work either. My guess is that people will continue to use macros for emotions such as sitting, dancing, etc. I think so. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to stop the new world from kicking you off the server.

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These queues can be over 20k so make sure you don’t choose new world servers that are popular with broadcasters.

The main method we recommend to use to avoid AFK kicker time is to do it locally, but there are other ways. Instead of using the auto key in the game, you have to use the W key or turn it back. Obviously, developers don’t want to accidentally use the W key to make the player move normally.

However, you can hit a wall in an area without moving, but it won’t be recognized as AFK. I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers consider this in the future, so this may be a limited option for now. Instead of putting something on the W key and inserting a quarter block between the keys, you can return it.

New World How To Not Get Afk Kicked

My friend stuck the W key behind the left click button. If holding the W key is difficult, this may be an easier method depending on your keyboard.

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The AFK timeline in this MMORPG is on the short side, especially if you need a short break.

Waiting in line for hours in Shinsaibashi is already painful, so the last thing you want to do is take a short break to get kicked out, go to the bathroom or grab something to eat. The penalty for short breaks is too high. Wait time to log in to the server.

The only good thing is that Amazon Games Studios has released a statement saying that character transfers are coming soon. Given. Especially when Steam is at its peak, reaching 700,800,000 players every day. This does not include the number of people playing on Amazon.

Depending on the number of servers, getting kicked by an AFK timer is a reliable way to spend hours playing the game.

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