Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 Hard Difficulty Single Player

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Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 Hard Difficulty Single Player

Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 Hard Difficulty Single Player

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Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 System Requirements

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is not compatible with Men of War: Assault Squad 2.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is not for the faint of heart. Not a hero – you can’t just blast through explosions and flying cannons. Success requires methodical planning, solid intelligence, varied unit selection, careful deployment, and above all, patience. If you’re up for it, there’s no other real WWII simulator on the market.

This guide will focus primarily on the single-player game (Skirmish mode), but there’s probably something for everyone. There isn’t a lot of detailed information about this complex game, so this guide aims to provide a one-stop shop for basic controls, game modes, battlegroup composition, tactics, and general combat strategies without getting newbies’ feet wet. you have to watch dozens of videos. Being a noob’s guide, the specific suggestions may not apply to higher difficulty levels – this is for a “normal” difficulty game. Difficult + Difficult is difficult. The enemy will throw everything they have at you and quickly (if you drop some infantry they will drop a 20mm cannon. If you drop a medium tank they will drop a heavy tank [you will never see. . “King Tiger is normal! .

Also note that this isn’t a traditional walkthrough – I won’t go into the basics of WWII combat or how to beat each mission (each map is like a sadistic little puzzle, why spoil the fun?), perhaps putting the emphasis on strategies emphasis. . which can be used in many situations. If you are not familiar with these things, you better watch some shows on the History Channel before stopping here. If you’re looking for skinnies, you’ve come to the right place – read on! Please post if you learned something or at least laughed.

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“We grab him by the nose and kick him by the leg.” We’ll throw it all the time and run like crazy. “

It’s worth stopping at the game’s tutorial missions first to really catch up. However, if you want a crash course, here are some not-so-humble but very useful basics. Master the following to keep the pace of the game as the enemy will be relentlessly chasing you sooner if not later:

Don’t let anyone fool you. Infantry is the cornerstone of any effective fighting force, whether it’s tracking artillery, defending besieged positions, or manning hairy AT positions.

Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 Hard Difficulty Single Player

Try to keep infantry squads of 4-6 (minus guerilla forces) and keep them straight with action groups (although you can always merge and split if needed). Follow the approach, send a fire base to start the party, then side-foot it to deal damage with background fire. Never try to cover an important open area under fire because the scent will quickly dry up and your poor people will get the bag. To advance quickly, use a jumping tactic where you perform the above maneuver and push your firepower base to the next position. It is dangerous. Don’t give up cowboy.

Republic Commando: Hard Contact

Infantry is weak. Always going from cover to cover. As you go, choose solid objects such as stone walls and rocks. A trench is always the best choice. Wait for the machine gun crew to set up and suppress the enemy before moving on. When a position against the evil, that is to disperse the troops. shells (small groups of 1 or 2) because one missing shell will destroy the whole brigade.

Later down the road, switch to elite mechanized infantry for extra punch (although regular infantry will still do wonderfully). These guys are too numerous to turn around in a blaze of glory, and they fire an unusual amount of machine guns to overwhelm enemy infantry. Put them to do seriously dangerous work, including reinforcing AT squads – they always carry armor and can replace AT rifles. Don’t forget they’re still tough infantry, so they’ll go out in a blaze of glory too if you get them into sticky situations (all dozens of them).

1. Base fire teams. These guys fight in the arena and take the enemy’s heads off as you learn how to defeat them and can hold a decent amount of space against soft targets. In the medium and long term, they will be powerful forces and support your development. They should consist mainly of a machine gun providing a base of fire, a rifle squad and a medic. The most important thing is to add an AT team. Less worse than an early game lane smoothing when you find an armored car or something that kicks your ass because you don’t have armor yet. They are also good with basefire groups because they are right behind the main line, so when your positions cause confusion (move out) they are ready to hit individual tanks when they close. willy-nilly On the other hand, if you only have a few anti-tank rifles… well, you better bring a small gun.

2. Support groups. If the foundation of firefighting teams is the anvil, then these guys are the hammer. Combine some submachine guns and submachine guns with a sniper rifle for good close range.

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3. Delivery truck(s). You will need ammo. trust me Before starting the fight, simply transfer all your troops to the supply radio (the first truck is free!). Keep these people safe as you move forward.

4a. Mortar(s). you almost have some money left. Mortars are interesting and not universally necessary, especially in groups to soften up a command post or protect against massed infantry. It is especially useful when there is no line of sight to the target and when the enemy has a large advantage.

4b. Sniper(s). Snipers sneak in (alone or in the shadow of their infantry) to distract the enemy from a distance, lead or support the advance, hide them under a bush or other object. Very useful for taking out machine guns. These guys really hold up if you have a height advantage (even if you don’t). In fact, this time I used a sniper to single-handedly take out a railroad garrison of about two dozen entrenched and heavily armed (AT guns, assault rifles, etc.) Germans. It’s pretty cool (try Iskra’s Soviet mission).

Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 Hard Difficulty Single Player

5. Reserve squad. Shoe up whatever you’re hanging in and let it back (looked bad) to open the gaps, like when you didn’t add that AT group like I said and one of your side groups is out of the water. armored car water. Always make sure you have an HMG when claiming checkpoints.

Men Of War Ii

How does a fire and gun base work in practice when the enemy is well entrenched with defensive lines? Consider the following scenario:

The placement of the enemy AT gun makes for a very dangerous approach, especially for the Sherman at the top of the picture. Although those pale soldiers might get a headache, if you do a frontal attack, you’ll be shot in the left armor at close range by the AT gun (mercy!). If the infantry had spoken alone, they would have caused great pain to all concerned, especially since there was no adequate cover from the AT. This position does not seem correct.

Instead, the base’s fire team carefully positioned themselves between the houses and a stone wall to distract the enemy, but note that the AT’s range did not allow them to retaliate. That was the reason