Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney

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Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney – Chord, tablature, lyrics, sheet, guitar, ukulele Song: When The Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney – (Title: The Sun Goes Down CD: The Sun Goes Down …)

You held me [A]Nelly[G] You held me [A]van[G] And I sit [A] Ting here and wonder [D] Why I still hold [D] E] The night was cold , b [a]be [g] can’t you see c[a]ns?[c] ah, there’s no [a]need to waste [d] this love[e] of mine (N/C) A G Watch your window Ah, can’t you see?

Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney

Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney

1. [Ya] I pass like time [Z] Spring is flying outside [M] The sun suddenly rises [F] Mix [Ya] Pass like [G] The water from the fountain is [M] River green [F ] directly. [Am] Since I passed the wind [C] The clouds floated in the lake [M] Compressed my body [F] Beautiful me [Dm] In the flood of love [E7] Speak every morning [Am] Laughing 2 . [Yes] I give [g] love, I give [them] everyone’s love…

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This is Dead Dog Off God Bless You Amigo by the Felice Brothers. Here’s the hammer shape for G, and do the same for C, except it’s the same as C e|—3-3—–3-3-| b|—0-0—–0-0-| G|—0-0—–0-0-| D|—0-0-0-2-2-2-| A|—2-0——-0-| E|-3-3-2——0-| And in the outro, add G3 to C, then C 032310 for tension…

Glary way [Bb] put on my high heels, looking for all my [eb]things in my mind, because he knows [eb]n’t de [Cm] where I’m [Bb]t [Eb]I’m comin ‘ [Bb]comin’ [Bb]back, I’m [Eb]comin[F]’, rid by [Bb]thumbin’ Get by [Eb ] ] Bummi[f]n’, on the [b] I’m my way Chorus: “[gm]friend, have you seen [f] glary [eb]way? [f] [bb]say [gm]f ]” …

Introduction (wind riff) e||—————-| b||—————-| C||——-2—–| D||—-0-2—0—| A||0——–| E||————-| [Asus] [Asus] I believe that I am part of something more important than stupidity, but I think that through the little lies that I saw in the world people and everyone, boys and each girl contributes a little to support. ..

[F]I want the time, don’t [C] go too fast… [F] I want [C] my mother, don’t [C] think too much… [F] Dad is smiling if you want to see that [C] already I’m big now… [U]Not young anymore [C]Don’t cry [C]Haha… [U]Remember when I was [C]Poetry, catch me [C] M]Hey my father is suspicious… [U ] Often blame the mother [G] Son, comfort me [C7] so much… [U] A good storybook [G ], still…

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[Bm7]We got [E9]We ate from the [Am7]food in the fridge. We stood alone [D9] every day [Bm7]We all loved [E9] Afternoons till the stars [Am7] turned blue [D9] [Bm7]We wrote ballads [E9] We ate oysters and cam[ Am7] Panene, that’s it [D9]How can we [Bm7]Nect in many ways [E9] So easy, [Am7]I have to say [ Am7] D9]   Why I [Bm7] So…

Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables Common Introduction: Ref 1: Ref 2: Ref 3: Ref 4: (Tags from: Ref 5: Ref 6 : Ref 7: Ref 8: Ref 9: Ref 10: Ref [1]2-2x [3] [4] [1]2-2x [3] [4] [5] [6] [ 2] [2] [3] [7] 8 [5] [9] 10 [5]…

[E] [D] [A] [G] [E] Go [D] to the [A] mall, smell [G]PS and beer and [E] gas maybe [D] me inside two years [A], foam [C] sucking [C] under the freeway [C] passing in the day [C] rain, [C] while wearing newspapers [C] pants and shirts saying: ” [D] ] ] I’m sad [A] Good [D] ” [E] [D] [A] [C] [E] People are funny [D] when they cry[…

Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney

DumDum Boys – Møkkamann Composer: Aslak Dørum Intro: E|————————|| b|—————————| G|—-6—-5—–5—5——–|| d|–0—-0—–6—6—6——-|| A|——————————–||| E|——————————–| D7 (Bore is usually the drummer in the verse) It’s not Seng-ko, not by that definition…

Behind The Song Lyrics: “when The Sun Goes Down

5 is Aug 9 Sus2 9Sus4 7Sus2 7Sus4 Sus2 Sus4 M13 Mai13 13 M11 M9 Mai9 9#5 9B5 9 º7 M7B5 M(Maj7) M7 7#5 7B5 7 Maj7 6/9 M6 6 M Maj9 9 9 m. ) m7 7#5 7b5 7 maj7 6/9 m6 6 maj9 9#5 9b5 9º7 m7b5 m(maj7) m7 7#5 7b5 7 maj7 6/9 m6 6m majo3m 20 title beach Cheney brings out shoes, No shirt , no problem. ” Despite the success of the single, Chesney cut the similarly soothing song “When the Sun Goes Down” in 2004. With hip-hop singer Uncle Crocker, “When the Sun Goes Down”. It also reached number one on the country charts and became a

But what exactly does this song mean? And is the creative process as easy as it sounds? Let’s see.

Not only is it a beach vacation soundtrack, it’s one of Chesney’s most popular songs. This reputation arose for many reasons. One reason is that the lyrics are easy to sing along to because the phrase “when the sun is up” is repeated in every line of the lyrics.

Another reason for the song’s appeal is the true meaning of the lyrics. “Fan for hol ar laur” means reckless and shameless behavior. Chesney and Kracker sing about a quick party on the beach.

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, Chesney sings. And finally, this is the kind of collection that people want to own.

Despite Chesney and Crocker’s unique duet on the track, another singer/songwriter wrote the hit song. Brett James wrote the song and originally recorded it for his solo career. After realizing that he would find more success as a songwriter, James went on to write songs for Carrie Underwood (“Jesus, Take the Wheel”), Martina McBride, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Sara Evans, Tim McGraw, and others.

“I recorded it in a 1992 Ford F-150 King Cab XLT pickup truck, two cities,” he explained in a 2018 interview. the truck. , I was so happy about it. And a few years later I was driving home on I-40 … Holly Lamar that day, who wrote ‘Sorry,’ and I just wrote with him I was on my way home and this crazy little thread popped into my head in the truck on the way home.

Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney

“I came home and I really thought it was some kind of relaxing song, something silly. You know we writers want to write something amazing, something that will change the world, and I couldn’t get that little worm out of my head. I recorded it the next day without the second or third verse. I released it in the studio demo and just wrote the second and third verses while sitting in the recording studio. It was just one of the songs. I mean, it’s a twenty-minute [composed] song.

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There are two songs that are often confused with “When the Sun Goes Down” by Chesney, despite the success of the song. One is “When the Sun Goes Down” by Arctic Monkeys (which is about prostitution in England) and the other is “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn. The opening line of the last,

, inspired the famous TikTok dance that you can see below. The set is also based on DJ Noiz’s remix of the song.

Both are great songs in their own right, but only one song makes us want to hit the beach.

Artist who created 1969 Woodstock poster, Arnold Skolnick, dies at 85 Justin Timberlake starred in films despite the release of his album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ on April 3, 2004 , was a big moment for Peter Crocker and Kenny Chesney. On this day, 17 years ago, the duet “When the Sun Goes Down” reached the top of the charts. The record acted as the title track of Chesney’s seventh studio album and the seventh song to claim the No. 1 place. When it comes to Peter Crocker, it’s a new era for country music.

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‘Cause when the sun goes down we’ll be grovin’ / When the sun goes down we feel good / When the sun goes down on the water / Everything’s hot when the sun goes down

Using steel drums, electric guitars and a country twang, it recalls the Jimmy Buffett “Margaritaville” era that many artists have tried to emulate. After the duo released the song, they hit the road the following year on Kenny Chesney’s Somewhere in the Sun Tour, which also featured Gretchen Wilson and Pat Green.

Although this was Cracker’s first foray into the country music genre, he admits that he struggled to see himself flourishing in country music.

Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney

“I’ve always thought about country, but it’s a very difficult thing,” Crocker told The Boot in 2018. “I remember the idea of ​​’double the country thing’ after ‘the Chesney thing, and I thought, you know, I’ve seen so many guys come out there and try to make a country record and just jump on the country bandwagon and not give it the respect it deserves.”

When The Sun Goes Down

Additional number lines. 1 with Kenny Chesney on “When the Sun Goes Down”, Peter Crocker went on to release the 2009 smash hit “Smile” from

The song quickly became a multi-platinum hit and became a crossover hit. It reached the Top 10 on the country and pop charts. He later followed it up with a duet with Kid Rock called “Good To Be Me”, which also reached number 30.

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