Kodi Shuts Down When I Shut Off Tv Fire Cube

November 13, 2022 0 Comments

Kodi Shuts Down When I Shut Off Tv Fire Cube – If you use Kodi on a PC, for example, you may find that you do not use the “Shutdown” option that appears every time you call up the quit / shutdown menu in Kodi.

Sometimes the additional options can be very difficult, especially when you accidentally click them and find that there is no easy way to remove the closing command.

Kodi Shuts Down When I Shut Off Tv Fire Cube

Kodi Shuts Down When I Shut Off Tv Fire Cube

So, if you want to completely remove the option, here’s what you need to do (users of versions below 17, see this guide):

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Note: the following is for an older Kodi skin called Estuary, which may affect other skins as well, otherwise you will need to adapt the instructions to your current skin.

We edit the .xml file using a simple script (notepad/gedit) to remove unnecessary options.

1. Start by opening your file manager and navigate to the skincode folder and then the xml folder depending on your platform.

3. Look inside that file for a line like this (you can use your editor’s search function or scroll down until you find it):

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Note: Before changing anything, it is recommended to save the file first – if you want to undo the changes, copy them to another folder that will be used later.

Remember that if you want to restore things the old way, use the backup file (if you created one) or change the same path as in step 3.

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