Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

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Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me – Do you feel sick with horror in the pit of your stomach when you think about how big…and how deep…and dark…the ocean is?

Have you ever had a nightmare where you are standing on the beach minding your own business when you suddenly look up to find a hundred foot tidal wave crashing over you?

Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

The thought of being surrounded by sharks and whales, giant octopuses, giant jellyfish, all kinds of ugly crabs and eels, and glow-in-the-dark deep sea monsters, drowning in endless black water, crushing you with blankets and screaming at you . mother?

The Project Gutenberg Ebook Of Babbitt, By Sinclair Lewis

(fear) and generally refers to a deep and irrational fear of the vastness of the sea and what may be in it.

It is different from aquaphobia, which is the fear of floods and all bodies of water, even bathtubs. Hydrophobia is a basic fear of water itself and can be so strong that people fear drinking any kind of liquid.

, but not thalassophobia. The ocean might as well be another planet, and people have never explored much of it, so it’s certainly scary.

In fact, more than half of adults have some form of thalassophobia. I have a confession – I have terrible form. I have thalassophobia like nobody’s business. All those fears I mentioned in the first few paragraphs? I found everything – and

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I’m almost green with nausea just thinking about standing on a small reef looking down on a 4,000 foot drop to the ocean floor. All darkness minus. All beings that I cannot see, but are looking at me now, only me

I cried especially diving a few hundred yards off shore, only to look down and see a forty foot whale shark heading my way. I don’t care that whale sharks only eat small plants – I don’t want to share water with a creature the size of a city bus, thank you very much.

I can think of few things more than standing in shallow clear water and staring into the ocean’s bottomless abyss.

Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

I would lose control of my excretory function if I was standing in a rowboat at the exact moment a sperm whale played underneath.

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I’d rather eat myself than go down to the bottom of a cold Scottish lake and be beaten by the Loch Ness monster.

I once read that the largest tidal wave in history occurred in Alaska and was 1,720 feet high, and I hate myself for thinking about it again.

I don’t want to think about it, but I repeat that you could drop the Empire State Building into the Mariana Trench and it would sink seven dark miles before hitting the bottom.

But more than anything else, what filled my cells with the ultimate fear was the thought of being beneath the surface of the ocean, opening my eyes and looking down into that terrible, terrible pit of darkness.

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If you want to get all Freudian, the fear of unexplored dark places can lead to unconscious fears. As far as being afraid of the sea goes, I’m not sure I want to spend too much time diving into the brains of some people in the deep sea.

A more logical explanation could be a traumatic childhood event involving a body of water. Maybe almost drowned? Or even sticking crabs on the beach while making sand castles in kindergarten? Or maybe you’re not the kind of kid who finds the killer whales at SeaWorld super cute. Maybe you are alert enough to see their big teeth.

If anything I’ve explained so far bothers you, it’s a sure sign that you’re probably a bit of a thalassophobe.

Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

You may be haunted by a horrific deep sea situation and can’t get it out of your mind.

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You may experience rapid heart rate, shortness of breath and profuse sweating just thinking about a baby barracuda attacking you as you wade through the shallow water at the beach. In severe cases, vomiting, dizziness and full panic attacks can occur.

In the Reddit group /r/thalassophobia, there are people who fear the deep dark ocean connection of what bothers them, and most of the planet, because most of the planet is covered in water.

As self-torture/shock therapy, they post the saddest pictures of whales, tidal waves, and endless watery graves, which are supposed to be a way to deal with their fears, but maybe they like to scare themselves as much as possible. Don’t confess.

“Maybe there’s something about the uncertainty of what lies beneath you, filled with the knowledge that there are teeth waiting to eat you alive. I call it the feeling of fish scales.; When you float just above the surface and wait for some pesky animal to swallow you in its feces. – May 391

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“I also had a panic attack in the ocean. A big fish swam under me and my brother had to pull me out before I drowned. I even looked over the edge of the Great Barrier Reef once while snorkeling. I do not recommend it. – Sonya_Blue

“You know, most people here say they can’t see the bottom, but what makes me sometimes is down, say 20 meters, looking up and seeing how big the water is above you! – Freedive Expert

“If I see it in the water, it doesn’t affect me and I think I can pull myself out of it. Even though I couldn’t see the bottom as long as I had 20 feet of vision, I thought I could keep it up. My worst fear is being stranded in the middle of the ocean at night. Playing with my mind and imagination would be a problem. – MJDeebiss

Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

“I don’t know what it is about me, but there’s room for everything, sharks and orcas, the idea of ​​being caught in a plane crash or cruise ship departure and big waves that make my legs hurt, my stomach turn, and give me Hebi. jib .” shaking Still, the appeal drew me to watch all of the above. ” – Silsmein

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“I’m a very strong swimmer, but if I’m in open water and I can’t see the bottom, I worry. I swam many times and I was always so scared that I forced my face to look at the bottom. Then I was fine, I enjoyed it too. My diver friends told me about swimming in coral tunnels (no), climbing (no), diving when it’s dark below you (no). The darker the water, the worse. I had to go into a cave tube once and it is still my worst memory to this day. No need to worry about night scuba.” – Big Worry

Something that might help people control their fear and might motivate them enough to dive into an underwater cave, but let’s not be unrealistic here.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis designed to address the psychological roots of sea phobia. Over time, once the root is identified and addressed, it can be removed. If you’re brave, you might be able to dive into the water until next year. (Don’t look at the horizon while underwater. At least

Neuro-linguistic programming involves retraining the mind to create a completely different response from fear to a fearful stimulus. Who knows – after hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, maybe even a goblin shark is cute! Not a goblin shark. They look like sea cockroaches. No, wait – there

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Shock therapy, like the aforementioned Reddit group where users post the most gruesome pictures and videos they find to face their fears.

Psychotherapy is easy to see what your unconscious is that makes you so afraid. what are you hiding, hmm? Thalassophobia is an abnormal, persistent and irrational fear of the sea or large, deep and dark bodies.

They could be born with a feeling they don’t want to be around or in the ocean, or it could be something you didn’t know you had and only discovered later.

Knowing There Are In The Water Scares Me

Fear of the sea is what makes us feel uncomfortable. As land creatures, we are wary of the unknown world of water.

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In severe cases, people develop anxiety disorders. Believe it or not, phobias are among the most common mental illnesses in modern society.

Sharks, orcas, piranhas, jellyfish, seaweed, squid, rays, or other strange sea creatures can cause these unwanted feelings.

A person with thalassophobia may also fear the depth and darkness of the sea, underwater abysses, sea travel, and being far from land.

The ocean can also make us feel completely helpless and at the mercy of the liquid element

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