Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics

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Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics – Elle King was 24 years old when she first wrote “Drunk (And I Don’t Want to Go Home)” in 2013 and Rocker is preparing to release her first EP titled “Self” and she has a chance

. There was a time when he was “very drunk,” he recalled. “I live like that too.”

Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics

Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics

Written by Martin Johnson, “Drunk” is one of two songs recorded over the next two days, “American’s Sweetheart,” which he wrote for his first LP in 2015.

The Real Meaning Behind Miranda Lambert And Elle King’s ‘drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home)’

. “I always knew that ‘Drunk’ chorus was a chorus. It was a great chorus,” King explains.

. “I always felt like I had it in my back pocket, but I did not need the first verse.”

Six years later, Johnson approached the king about singing for a completely different job. “I’m like, ‘This is great because this is my way of rewriting.’ I was like, “Yes, I will satisfy you,” he recalls. In return, the singer-songwriter took the opportunity to comment on the song “Drunk” and write this verse. Repeat. He was returning home to Nashville in the middle of an ongoing tour with Miranda Lambert, and the two reunited for a songwriting session.

“I’m working with Martin and we’re writing a song,” King recalls. “We’re rewriting ‘Dronk’ and it’s finished at the end of the tour. I’m like ‘Okay this’s great. We’re like’ It’s not crazy, but it’s not? This? ‘”He missed.

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I have money in my pocket, I have a problem in my tail / I hear a knock on the door, I think I will get off the train.

, Singing King, felt the first effects of alcohol through his bones. Although he knows the consequences, as he confessed in the previous hymn (

I’m drunk and do not want to go home / do not quarrel / I am out all night.

Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics

In an interview with Audie King’s Katie & Company revealed that he asked Lambert about the script and collaboration. “I’m afraid to ask because he has already done a lot for me and [invited] me on this trip,” King said. “I did not want it to be as if I was taking a chance or something, but it seemed like a good idea, so I Take a deep breath and text him and he says he likes the song.

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“It does not feel like work,” he added. “He really enjoys making music videos and reporting on this. He is a great light for people. “This one. I want to be near him.”

Lambert expressed similar feelings. He once shared, “We are new friends, but it seems like we are old friends and I feel like I suddenly met him at one of his shows.” “Since then, we have been hanging out together, playing together, dancing together, filming together, and so on.

With the accompanying music video, directed by Alexa Kinigopoulos and Stephen Kinigopoulos King, they want to ease some of the pressure and encourage both of them to act as fictional characters. “When the video came, I said, ‘How can we make it so that one day in his life he is happy and if we have to sing together he will be happy.’ King told radio host Ty Bentil. “I’m like ‘Why not play a character and take pressure from Elle King and Miranda Lambert’. To be honest, that day of the music video was one of the happiest days of my life. Never did, because that’s what Miranda and I wore these funny outfits and we laughed all the time. “

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Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics

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Jason Derulo Dont Wanna Go Home Lyrics

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