Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

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Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word – Fey and beyond. When learning Norwegian, it is important to learn Norwegian words. Even if you never use them, it’s good to know when someone swears in Norwegian.

It can be evil in the best of families, but sometimes only a good curse will do. Who hasn’t cut a toe after hitting the corner of the bed?

Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

Forgive us if you are easily offended by gossip, because this article is full of them. If that’s you, I suggest you stop reading now. Anyway, if you scroll down, you’ll find a list of short and offensive Norwegian slurs.

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Words of revenge vary considerably from language to language, but they share some common characteristics. They always come from the most restricted parts of the language.

This often indicates that they are interested in one of three things: sex, carnal depression, and religion. Norway is no exception in this regard.

Yes, Norwegians swear. They do the same as people in other countries do. In other words, they generally don’t keep decent company.

If a Norwegian swears in front of you, it means they feel comfortable around you. Either that, or you pissed them off too much.

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Even Norwegians sometimes swear at work. This, of course, varies from office to office, but it is not the norm. Interestingly, a recent British study suggests that there are benefits to swearing in the workplace.

There is a stereotype in Norway that Nordics swear a lot. This was the basis of the game in an episode of the reality show “Old for Norge”.

How should you swear in Norwegian as a non-native speaker? The answer is warning. At least in the beginning, when you learn Norwegian.

Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

When learning a new language, a person realizes that words don’t go together. Transliterated profanity is more harmless in another language. This can easily clear up misunderstandings.

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There are different levels of isafaction, and it’s very easy for Spanish speakers to end up using very strong expletives for the occasion. Therefore, Spanish speakers need to be very careful in the profanity department.

If an Oscar were to be awarded for Norway’s best, most used and most versatile clapper, it would have to go to “Fan.” It’s a purely Norwegian phrase used in English like f**k.

Of the three types mentioned before, it is “religion” because it means “devil”. But don’t be fooled. While “devil” is relatively harmless in English, “faen” is as common in Norwegian as f**k.

The reason the fan stands out is because it can be used in so many situations. By itself, it usually expresses anger or irritation. It is often used with “fy” (fy faen) which roughly means “f**king hell” and “hva” (hva faen) which means “f**k”.

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It can also be used in expressions. “Det var som fan” translates to “he was like the devil”, meaning “I’m damned”.

“Fen Meg” is a remake of “Devil Me”. This is difficult to translate, but you can understand its meaning with an example. “Han var fan mek ike klar engang” means “he is not even ready for the king”.

“Faen” may be the title, but it’s certainly not the only bad word the Norwegians have at their disposal. If you choose to improve your vocabulary in that direction, here’s a list of the most common and undesirable ones we’ve found.

Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

This little collection, like “faen”, has something to do with the devil. The word “Jævlig” translates as “devil” or “devil-like”, but actually means “terrible”. It is a negative adjective, but with the added characteristic of bad language.

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“En jævla idiot” translates to “F**ing idiot”. “Jævel” is the same word but used as a noun. “Han er en rik jævel” translates to “Rich is f**k”. Jævlig can also be used positively, as in “jævlig god”, “he is good”.

The word means “hell”. If you’re angry and spill coffee on your laptop, shout “Hellvet!” Or “Dra til helvete”, literally “Go to hell” in English.

Although the word “hell” is certainly not considered a good word in English, the Norwegian word “helvete” carries a bit more weight as a curse word than its English counterpart. It can be combined with the “faen” in “faen i helvete” or “f***ing hell”.

Now you understand that anything to do with hell or the devil is (or at least historically was) very taboo in Norway. Satan is no exception.

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The word can be used as an injection, as in “helvet,” to express anger or surprise. However, one difference is that “devil” can be used to express a kind of surprise without negative connotations.

Now let’s put religion aside for a moment and examine the area of ​​sexual scandals. “Fitte” refers to the female anatomy. It’s roughly equivalent to “c**t” in English, though I say roughly because the English word carries different weights of rudeness depending on how it’s pronounced in the US or the UK.

Fitte is arguably between the c**t level of the US and the UK. It’s definitely not something you’d say in polite company, and probably not in anyone’s company, to be honest.

Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

You can use it to refer to a person (regardless of gender) in the same way you would call a person a lump or a hole.

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The word is the Norwegian equivalent of “c*ck”. When used as an insult, it is usually insulting to someone. “For Ann Cooke.” “What a piece” or “What a hole!”

This makes it a bit difficult to translate into English (there is no proper adjective “ass-related” in English). The material is easy to understand. “Look at everything.” “It’s too bad.” “For et ræva hotellrom!” “What a fancy hotel room!”

Sometimes tempers don’t rise high enough to justify using the worst material. Or the company that maintains it doesn’t allow it. Or should TV writers tone down their language because they’re writing a children’s show?

Soren – This word belongs to the same category as the American “tarn” or the British “blimi”. It can express anger, surprise, disappointment, but without offending anyone.

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Filern – It translates as “rag”. Norse dictionaries say it is derived from fan; It means changing the word to make the idea sound innocent.

Fyttirakkern – This is suspiciously close to “fitte” (although I’d say there’s no reference here). Surprise is another phrase that can express astonishment or surprise, though rarely anger. Safe to use in most environments.

Poker – sounds like a “real” word used by Norwegian subtitlers for foreign language shows. It’s rarely used in real life and has a slight (unintended) comedic effect because it’s so innocent.

Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

Kjeft hold – means “shut up”. It’s not technically a slur, but it made the list because it’s definitely offensive.

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“Kjeft” refers to the “mouth” (or jaw) of an animal. Addressing a person’s mouth with that word is extremely impolite, especially ordering him to shut up. However, it is not common for children to be banned from television.

We hope this little guide has shed some light on the fascinating world of fan and other Norwegian curses. Did we miss your favorite Norwegian word?

If you live outside Norway but have Norwegian ancestry, your family still uses Norwegian words. Tell us in the comments.

Daniel was leading a normal life as a journalist in Canada until a Norwegian swept him off his feet. He currently lives in Trondheim and still works in the communications industry.

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Is The C-word Worse Than The F Word

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