Is It Legal To Steal From Hobby Lobby

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Is It Legal To Steal From Hobby Lobby – So you’re telling me that the man who fought the law to end birth control could be stealing Iraq’s cultural treasures? Chutzpah!

In their Supreme Court brief defending their “right” to deny birth control to their employees, Hobby Lobby owner David Green and his family stated (PDF) the principle that “[h]e praises the Lord for all that we do.” they do by operating the company according to biblical principles.”

Is It Legal To Steal From Hobby Lobby

Is It Legal To Steal From Hobby Lobby

According to an exclusive report by Candida Moss and Joel Baden of The Daily Beast, the Green family is being investigated by the federal government for antiquities smuggling. The report of Moss and Baden:

On Ethical Stealing

A senior law enforcement source with extensive knowledge of antiquities smuggling confirmed that these antiquities were purchased and imported by religious patrons with deep ties to the business group, the Green family of Oklahoma City. For the past four years, law enforcement sources told The Daily Beast, the Greens have been under federal investigation for illegally importing Iraqi cultural heritage.

In 2011, a shipment of several hundred clay tablets was seized by US tax agents in Memphis. The tablets, which were transported from Israel, were written in the cuneiform script, the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian script that is now known as Iraq. And tablets have been tested for several thousand years. However, in a customs filing, the Greens listed the contents of the shipment as “handmade ceramic tile” – which is technically true, but quite misleading. Moss and Baden drew parallels with another recent customs scandal in which a Picasso worth $15 million was sent to the United States with a customs declaration form saying it was “handmade art.” Again, technically true. But the deception was designed to avoid the scrutiny of customs officials.

The tablets will join approximately 40,000 Green family artifacts that will be included in the Museum of the Bible, which the family is funding and opening in Washington, DC, in 2017.

Of course, the twist in all this comes from the fact that the Green family won their historic case against Hobby Lobby in the Supreme Court, which established that corporations, which are also people, can have a religion and therefore they claim a religious exemption under the law. . . And now we have the same family accused of breaking the law to build a religious museum that reflects their values. Hot damn, that’s some bravery.

Hobby Lobby Found With Famous Stolen Ancient Tablet

Remember that in the case of Hobby Lobby, the Green family did not want their employees to be able to access certain types of contraception under the company’s insurance plan. Before filing their lawsuit, Hobby Lobby Insurance also covered contraception, and the medical and scientific community agreed that these types of contraception are not the same as abortion. But the Greens asserted their personal opinion as fact, tied it to their business and used “core values” that are supposed to fundamentally strengthen the course of corporate law and civil rights in the United States. . Maybe they were all stealing religious antiquities from Iraq.

It is not clear how the Greens came to be ancient in the first place. Is it completely stolen? Or bought on the black market, from a shadowy group? At best, the Greens embrace Iraq’s cultural heritage. At worst, the Greens willy-nilly support some of the real actors.

Personally, I usually think of myself as pointing fingers and raising eyebrows. But the Greens took it, not to illegally import from Iraq, but they do it by raising the pillars of moral values ​​- and changing all the legal precedents of the United States to impose their values ​​on others. You know how they say people in glass houses don’t throw stones? Also, people who want to use their strict religious extremist views to deny women basic reproductive rights should not violate the universal principles of religion to steal and lie. hypocrisy, anti-Christian behavior, smuggling, theft, and even terrorist financing. As punishment and at the end of a six-year investigation, the American government fined the company 3 million dollars, and the company sends the property of the government that it bought to fairs and public places.

Is It Legal To Steal From Hobby Lobby

What Hobby Lobby has done can finally save this sacred history on behalf of all humanity. What shocking things has the company done? He acquired thousands of ancient artifacts from Middle Eastern art sources, including extremely rare cuneiform tablets. The purpose of this purchase – the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby paid for it – is to complete an interesting project in the nation’s capital, the building of a new museum called the Museum of the Bible that will be open to the public in on November.

Duped Again On Biblical Artifacts, Hobby Lobby Sues Once Renowned Oxford Prof

For its efforts to save ancient historical artifacts and to display them for educational purposes, the company was found guilty of trafficking war spoils. And the property you bought? It is assumed that the US government will now own it – and maybe put it in storage and forget about it, like the infamous scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

However, it was the chaos of the Iraq war itself that brought these materials to the black market to begin with. Before now, you can think, Saddam Hussein declared that they were the national assets of the government that was overthrown by the United States. It fell into the hands of business in the middle of a crisis for which the United States was not well prepared. This was almost 15 years ago, and, probably, the art changed hands several times.

Hobby Lobby deserves praise, not condemnation, for these actions. Given how valuable these products are, and how reckless the US government is, there is a sense that the black market deserves credit. There is no authority to claim ownership. Property has not been destroyed or forgotten. On the contrary, they were protected by the care of the new owners and traders who understood their value – much more than the thieves who allowed the birthplace of civilization to be stolen without a second thought.

Hobby Lobby – deeply inspired by the true cult – only sought to recover and present it to increase public awareness of its value and what it represents. It is not the company’s fault that these assets have been roaming and changing hands throughout the Middle East. Hobby Lobby did not cause the war. He didn’t steal a single thing from anyone. What the company has done is systematically buy from criminals, gangs and shadow forces with an eye to keep it safe and show it to the public.

Oh Look, A Harmless Meme Bouncing Back Onto This Site..

The most insidious statement is that what the company did was not Christian. This is, of course, a break with the culture of the company, which openly preaches and, on the other hand, engages the company in a public controversy. The Supreme Court ruled that it should not be required to provide medical services to its employees. It was the first time in US history that courts have ruled that a for-profit corporation enjoys certain rights to religious freedom — and Obamacare parties have never forgiven the corporation for that.

It’s like a whole group of social democrats have developed a plan: Get Hobby Lobby!

What about the claims that there is fraud involved in the transportation of the goods itself? According to reports, the company adopted fake shipping records to hide the contents of the packages.

Is It Legal To Steal From Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby does not steal; it was stolen from him. This doesn’t sound like a scam to me – who is really being scammed here? – but it is a very smart and strategic practice. What should the company do? Do you put a big stamp on the packages that says ART PRIVATE FREE INSIDE? The efforts to hide its content were consistent with the care of the company to acquire good assets in the market.

What The Hobby Lobby Ruling Means For America

In fact, without ensuring the content as much as the suppliers could be willing to cover, the company took full responsibility for the theft. Therefore, he had every incentive to conceal the nature of his content. No one was injured by his actions.

But there is another claim making the rounds. In the words of Hobby Lobby haters Joel Baden and Candida Moss:

The black market has done more for historical preservation than Saddam Hussein or the occupying military forces ever did. If collectors like the Green family didn’t want to buy unauthenticated antiquities—items without a clear, clean history of discovery and purchase—the black market dried up. As long as there are buyers, there will be sellers. Because collectors like Hobby Lobby are willing to pay a low price to see it

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