I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

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I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You – If you’re anything like me, it’s always great to get away from the rat race and get back to nature. One of my favorite places to spend time outdoors is hiking in the mountains. When I can’t get outside, the next best thing is reading my favorite mountain quotes, because any one of them can bring me back to the wilderness with just a few words.

Anyone who enjoys a weekend hike or challenges themselves to climb the highest peaks in the world will appreciate how beautiful nature can be mountains.

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

Filled with magnificent fauna and abundant nature, it’s hard not to be inspired when you take the time to explore the various peaks of the world. So if you’re a #1 or just love a good climb, we believe our collection of 68 of the best mountain quotes about these unique traits is just your ticket to an inspiring read, complete with a cup of coffee. connected to the river

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1. “Accidents in big mountains happen when people’s ambitions overshadow their good judgment. “Good climbing is climbing with heart and instinct, not ambition and pride.”

2. “I like to sit on top of the mountain and watch. “I don’t think about anything except the people I care about and look up to.”

3. “Somewhere between the bottom and the top of the mountain lies the answer to the mystery of why we climb.”

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4. “It has been determined that life is in the mountain. “You go up, you go to the top, and then you come down.”

(Not exactly a “real” mountain quote, it might be better on my travel quotes page or even mentioned in my inspirational adventure quotes – but I love it anyway!)

6. “There is a road at the top of every mountain, even if it is not visible from the valley.” –

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

7. “I walked in the woods and came out of the tall trees” – Henry David Thoreau (When was the last time you walked in the woods?)

I Want To Stand With You On A Mountain

12. “It is faith that takes us through stormy seas, it is faith that moves mountains, it is faith that leaps over the ocean.”

14. “Never measure the height of a mountain until you reach the top.” Then you will see how low it is.”

(And vice versa – if you are going to climb a mountain, never measure the height before you go, otherwise it will discourage you from climbing and prevent you from reaching the top!)

John Muir provided arguably one of the most inspirational mountain quotes ever – and it’s a great Instagram caption!

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24. “So the mountain was like a man: the more you know, the less you fear.”

(The authors and books listed below are full of inspirational quotes, life lessons, and general wisdom. If you’re very inspired by any of them, or want to check out some of these amazing creations, I’ve linked the books on Amazon. Read . . . These are, should you choose to purchase (honestly, this one are pennies) are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission – at no charge – but if you choose to click and buy, thank you in advance.)

27. “I like mountains because they make me feel small,” says Jeff. “They help me organize what’s important in my life.”

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

Jeffrey Rossley, Bringing Progress to Heaven: What I Learned from Giving in a Mountain Village in Nepal

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29. “He loved the mountains, or he loved to think that he was walking on the edge of fairy tales brought from far away. But now he was being dragged down by the unbearable weight of Middle Earth. He wanted to extinguish infinity in a quiet room by the fire.

30. “Half of those who travel to mountain tops are in love with each other, and half are in love with oblivion.”

– Robert MacFarlane, Mountains of the Mind: A History of Fascination (One of the best mountain quotes from the book – Do you like to be forgotten?!)

31. “Mountains can effectively change their appearance depending on the angle of view, the season, the time of day, the mood of the viewer, or something else. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that we can never know one side, one small side of a mountain.

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33. “You are going to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain awaits, so … get going!”

34. “Everyone wants to get to the top, but they don’t get to the top of the mountain.” It is in the valley, the green grass, and the fertile soil that we cross that we learn and become what enables us to rise to the next peak in life.

36. “The choices we make lead to real experiences. Climbing a mountain is one thing. “Being on top is something else.”

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

38. “The road to the top of the mountain is always longer than you think.” “Do not deceive yourself, there is a moment when what seems so close is still far away.”

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39. “When people and mountains meet, great things happen. “You don’t do that by waving in the street.”

40. “Mountains are only problems when they are bigger than you. You have to develop so much that you become bigger than the mountains in front of you.”

43. “Everyone wants to live on top of a mountain, but all the joy and growth happens when you climb it.” – Andy Rooney. (This is one of my favorite mountain quotes)

44. “Always be thankful for the little things, even the smallest mountains can hide the most breathtaking views” –

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45. “Take the mountain, not to plant a flag, but to challenge, enjoy the weather and see the view. Get up so you can see the world, not the world seeing you.”

(I’m sure that was a sobering and inspiring thought when you thought of Andrew Garfield! How do you feel?!)

47. Although I love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, only mountains draw me deeper and deeper into their beauty with such painful magnetic attraction. “They make me want to know more, feel more and see more.” – Victoria Erickson

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

48. “Standing at the foot of the mountain and looking at the top of the mountain, the road looks hard and rocky, and the top is covered with clouds. But when you get to the top and look down, you realize that there are a thousand ways that can get you there.”

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49. “Thousands of tired, nervous and over-cultured people are beginning to understand that going to the mountain means going home. that brutality is a necessity; And mountain parks and reserves are useful not only for firewood and irrigation of rivers, but also as a source of life.

50. “If you’re into the mountains, you have a few options. You can climb on it and go to the other side. You can get around it. You can dig for gold. You can fly over it. It can be blown up. You can ignore it and pretend it isn’t there. You can come back as soon as you came. Or you can stay on the upper floor and turn it into your home.”

51. “An experienced climber is not afraid of the mountain – he is inspired by it. A consistent winner doesn’t get discouraged by a challenge – he challenges it. Mountains are made to be conquered. Difficulty is meant to be overcome. Issues are sent for resolution. Climbing a mountain is better than a thousand feet.

52. “Mountains have secrets that we must learn. “It may take time, it may be difficult, but if you wait long enough, you will find the strength to get back up.”

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. “Every time the horizon is level with me, I feel uneasy and generally get a headache.”

– One of the mountain life quotes that explains the deep connection with the mountains of the world.

54. “He was surrounded by mountains. They have moved away in life. They were a trophy of reality beyond growth, struggle, and death. They were his absolute unity in the midst of eternal change.”

I Wanna Stand On A Mountain With You

55. “If adventure has an ultimate and overarching theme, it is surely this: here we go.

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