I Think I Lost My Consciousness In The 6th Dimension

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I was about 15 years old when I first experienced the great horror of the concept of death and wondered what it would be like to die. I recently discovered the horrors of the French Revolution and how heads were severed from bodies. Guillotine.

I Think I Lost My Consciousness In The 6th Dimension

I Think I Lost My Consciousness In The 6th Dimension

The words I still remember were George Danton’s last words on April 5, 1794, when he allegedly told his executioner: “Show my head to the people, it deserves to be seen.” Years later, as a cognitive neuroscientist, I began to wonder how the mind, suddenly separated from the body, could understand its surroundings and perhaps even think.

Am I Losing My Mind?

Danton wants to show his head, but can he see or hear people? Did he realize, even for a moment? How to turn off his mind?

On June 14, 2021, I was harshly reminded of these questions. I flew to Marseille, France, and my mother was called to Avignon because my brother was in critical condition, a few days after he was suddenly diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. But when I got to the ground, I was told that my brother died four hours ago. An hour later, I saw her quite plain and pretty, her head slightly turned to one side, as if she was sleeping. But he breathed cold under your hand.

As much as I refused to believe that day, and for months to come, my brother’s brilliant and creative mind was gone, lost, and still seen in the works of art he left behind. However, in the last moments that I was given to stay in the hospital room with his lifeless body, I felt the urge to talk to him.

And I did, despite 25 years of studying the human brain and knowing very well that after about six minutes the heart stops, and the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, basically brain death. Then, the chaos reaches the point of no return and basic consciousness is lost – our ability to feel that we are here and now, and to recognize that these thoughts are ours. Is there anything left in my beloved brother’s brain that can hear my voice and think of me, five hours after his death?

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Experiments were conducted in an attempt to better understand the reports of people who had near-death experiences. Such an event is associated with out-of-body experiences, a deep sense of joy, a calling, seeing a light shining above, but also anxiety or a deep burial in complete emptiness. – the and silence. . An important limitation of studies looking at such experiences is that they focus too much on the nature of their experiences and often ignore their prior context.

Some people, while in good health, suffer from motion sickness or are involved in a sudden accident that results in an immediate loss of consciousness. Conversely, someone with a long history of serious illness is likely to have a worse trip.

It is not easy to get permission to study what actually happens in the brain during the last moments of life. But a recent paper examined the electrical activity in the brain of an 87-year-old man who suffered a head injury in a fall, while undergoing a series of epileptic seizures and cardiac arrest. Although this is the first publication of such data collected during the life-to-death transition, the paper is highly speculative about the possibility of “mind experiences” accompanying the death transition.

I Think I Lost My Consciousness In The 6th Dimension

Researchers have found that even after blood flow to the brain stops, certain brain waves, called alpha and gamma, change patterns. “Since the cross-talk between alpha and gamma activity is involved in cognitive processing and memory recall in healthy subjects, it is interesting to speculate that such activity may support ‘later life memory’. “It may be a near death condition. ,” they wrote.

This Scientific Quest To Find “missing” Memories Is Changing The Way We Think About The Brain

However, such a pairing is not common in a healthy brain – and is not necessary when life is flashing before our eyes. Furthermore, the study did not answer my main question: How long does it take for neural activity to disappear after the brain’s oxygen supply is cut off? The study only reported brain activity recorded during a 15-minute period, including several minutes after death.

In mice, experiments have shown that consciousness is lost after a few seconds. And after 40 seconds, most of the neural activity is gone. Some studies also show that this brain shutdown is accompanied by the release of serotonin, a chemical associated with feelings of excitement and happiness.

But what about us? If people can be revived after six, seven, eight or ten minutes in extreme cases, in theory it could be hours before their brain shuts down completely.

I have seen many theories that try to explain why life flashes before one’s eyes because the mind is ready to die. This can be a completely artificial effect of a sudden increase in neural activity as the brain begins to shut down. It can be a last resort, the body’s defense mechanism trying to fight off possible death. Or maybe it’s a very busy, genetically programmed reflex, which keeps our minds “busy” as the most painful event of our lifetime approaches.

What Are The Different States Of Consciousness?

My hypothesis is a bit different. Perhaps our most important existential drive is to understand the meaning of our own lives. If so, it may be our last effort to see a glimpse of human life – even in a desperate attempt – to find answers, which may be exacerbated by the fact that time is running out.

And whether we succeed or achieve the illusion we have created, it must lead to complete mental happiness. I hope that future research in the field, with long-term measurements of neural activity after death, perhaps even brain imaging, will support this idea – whether it is minutes or hours, for my brother and all of us. A new understanding of the fundamental connection between the mind and the body explains phenomena like the phantom limb, and it has surprising implications.

In 2018, billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman paid a startup called Nectome $10,000 to preserve his brain after his death and, once the technology is available to do so, his memories and -upload your consciousness to the cloud.

I Think I Lost My Consciousness In The 6th Dimension

, for a long time by transhumanists. Although theoretically possible, it is rooted in the misconception that the mind is separate from the body, and can function without it.

When Things Go Missing

The idea that the brain and the mind are separate is generally put forward by the mathematician and philosopher René Descartes from the 17th century, who believed that the body is made of matter, and the mind of other non-physical substances.

Modern brain research rejects the distinction between the physical and the mental. Most neuroscientists agree that what we call “the brain” is made of matter. The mind is difficult to explain, but the current consensus is that it originates from a complex network of brain cells.

But most people still think that the mind and brain are separate from the body. In 2016, four prominent brain researchers published an article summarizing what we know about consciousness. It begins: “To be conscious is to have an experience … to see an image, hear a sound, feel a thought or emotion.”

Electronic Eden: The idea of ​​the sci-fi comedy Upload is that people can transfer their thoughts to the cloud and enjoy a virtual other world. Photo: Lynn Henscher/Amazon Studios

Physicist Claims To Have Solved The Mystery Of Consciousness

However, it is becoming clear that the mind and body are interconnected, and that the body influences our thoughts and feelings. Consciousness is not the same as being aware of the external world. It means being aware of your surroundings. How we feel in our bodies is central to how we feel about ourselves.

Phantom limbs are a beautiful illustration of the importance of the body in self-identification. They were described in the mid-16th century by Surgeon Barber Ambrose Perry, who reported that hundreds of limbs were amputated daily during the Italian Wars of 1542-46.

“It sure is weird, weird and weird,” he wrote. “Patients who have been missing for months after amputation complain that they feel a lot of pain because of the amputation.” At that time, however, very few people survived the operation, so the phenomenon was rarely noticed, and dismissed as a hoax.

I Think I Lost My Consciousness In The 6th Dimension

Advances in medicine and military technology have changed this. Inventions a

Is The Body Key To Understanding Consciousness?

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