I Dont Think That Means What You Think It Means

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I Dont Think That Means What You Think It Means – In The Princess Bride, the inimitable character Vizzini uses the word “amazing” repeatedly at every possible opportunity. Finally, Inigo Montoya couldn’t take it anymore, turned to Vizzini and said, “Keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think.” As Christians, I think we may have more in common with Vizini than we care to admit. I sure wish I had Inigo Montoya there to fix me up when needed. But if it’s true, I have a better person than Inigo Montoya. Jesus called him “comforter” or “protector”. We call Him “Holy Spirit”. It has many features and our repair is one of them. I’ll give you an example. All my life I have firmly believed that Philippians 1:6 is a statement of our ever-evolving sanctification. You know the saying, “And I am convinced of this that he who has a good work in you will do it in the day of Jesus Christ.”

Is it gradual sanctification? Or maybe not? As I studied this passage recently, I began to have doubts. It’s like the Holy Spirit whispering in my ear, “Just use it, I don’t think there’s any point.”

I Dont Think That Means What You Think It Means

I Dont Think That Means What You Think It Means

Before I continue, let me ease your fears. I still believe in progressive sanctification. I think it’s all there in the pages of the New Testament. I just don’t think it’s a non-verbal page, neither in this chapter nor in this sentence.

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So if Philippians 1:6 is not about gradual sanctification, what is? In verse 6, Paul mentions the “good work” that God had begun in the Philippian church. But Paul is not talking about this “good work” in a vacuum, he is talking about what it is in verse 5, “Evangelical cooperation.” Paul quotes the Philippians who continued to share with Paul their money, their people and their sufferings. In fact, in chapter 4 Paul says, “But you are the ones who share my troubles. 15 And you Filipinos know the beginning of the Gospel when I left my mother. Sedus, confined in a Roman prison. Imagine putting everything you have into a company only to see the government come in and shut them down. You will feel that all your efforts and investments are in vain. I imagine the church in the Philippines felt the same way. So Paul mentions “their cooperation in the gospel from the first day until now” in verse five and immediately says that the “good work” that God has begun will be completed in the day of Christ. In other words, I think Paul is saying, “You have cooperated with me in the gospel. You have invested money in me. You have invested people to serve me. You have invested in prayers and suffering with me and all this cooperation with me. I will not be stopped from the work of the gospel just because of that. , that I’m sitting in a Roman prison cell. Don’t worry. Take heart. Nothing is in vain. The work won’t stop just because I’m behind bars.” I think this makes verse 6 encouraging for two reasons.

1. All that you have done to serve God will not be lost, hindered, shortened, erased or diminished. God will make it complete in the day of Christ. So, whatever you have done in the service of God and you think it is in vain, you are wrong. The cooperation with God in the work of the gospel will be finished in the day of Christ, even when our natural eyes see it finished. Don’t rely on how things will turn out. God still uses what you think has been done in vain.

2. We can be encouraged to continue our efforts for the advancement of the Gospel, fully convinced that our efforts are not in vain and will never fail.

So we have hope both for the seeds we planted in the past and for the seeds we have the opportunity to plant today and tomorrow.

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I Dont Think That Means What You Think It Means

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Efficiency seems to be used to convey things like. Usability, performance, efficiency, speed and sometimes efficiency. Of course, I’m not saying that people use the English language incorrectly or don’t know what “efficient” means, but if you look at the examples below, you’ll see that although they use “From” syntactically efficient”, they lacked the depth and often the context of their question or statement A concern for efficiency leads to behaviors that reduce team effectiveness.

Earlier I mentioned an example where maximizing the use of resources is considered efficient, but that efficiency comes at the expense of business profits.

I Dont Think That Means What You Think It Means

KanBan is the saying that any increase in efficiency beyond the main constraint (your bottleneck) is just an illusion.

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If something is not on your critical path, it is not your focus. Of course, as you improve the process and remove constraints, the critical path may change, but you should focus on the critical path. Define your limits and efforts there.

The efficiency of pair programming is a recurring question that I probably won’t ask here, and it’s not my goal. The bottom line is whether efficiency is the right word or the right focus for your efforts.

Pair programming assumes that there are two programmers at the same workstation, which raises the question of achieving more with less.