How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

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How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth – All narcissists are known to be skilled manipulators and liars. But the real question remains how to get a narcissist to tell the truth.

Is there a way to do this? Is it possible to outwit their tricks and beat them at their own game?

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

When you’re dealing with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, sometimes you have to be like them to get what you want. For this reason, your first step should include finding that person’s weak spot.

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Don’t let them fool you into thinking they are some kind of superman who can save everything. Trust me, this person has their faults just like the rest of us. But they do their best to hide it.

Well, if you’re in a toxic relationship with them, that means you are. You’ve gained access to his personality, and now it’s time to put it to good use.

Do your best to put your emotions aside and pay attention to this person. Pretend you’re seeing them for the first time. What did you notice?

What’s the worst thing you can do to them? what is your biggest fear? These are things you can use against them to hurt them emotionally.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a narcissistic partner, a narcissistic mother, or a friend with NPD. The worst thing you can do is pretend everything is fine when you know you’re not telling the truth.

This is the type of behavior that every victim of narcissistic abuse is guilty of. Are you tired of always arguing? You are also convinced that there is nothing you can do about it.

You already know the drill. They say they’re lying and they say they’re telling the truth, and it goes on and on until one of you agrees.

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

So after a while you decide to go with the flow and ignore their lies. Well, that’s your number one mistake. By doing so, you are simply giving them the green light to continue their toxic behavior.

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That’s why it has to end. It’s time to face their lies and show them that you know it all.

Tell them straight up that you know they are lying. There is nothing they can say or do to make you change your mind and believe them!

How to get a narcissist to tell the truth: Well, first of all, you need to know how to deal with covert narcissists. Don’t expect them to tell the truth just because you ask them politely. Instead, you have to break them to get what you want.

What do NPD victims secretly want from their victims? So, they seek validation. This is especially true for malignant narcissists who are socially isolated and possibly the only person in their lives.

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Well, if you want him to tell the truth, you have to ignore him and his feelings. It doesn’t matter if they’re hurt or sad – you just have to act like you don’t care.

Trust me, they are just playing the victim, so stop your search for the truth. Deceiving you is part of their narcissistic nature.

You must remain calm even when you see a narcissist crying or acting like they are about to break down in front of you.

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

When trying to figure out how to get a narcissist to tell the truth, it’s probably best to give them some time for self-reflection. Make him feel your absence, make him think about his actions and above all make him afraid of losing you.

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There’s no doubt about one thing: your narcissist will climb sooner than you think. After all, they need you more than you do.

But you have to be strong and persistent. Tell them that the only way to break the deadlock is to tell the truth and stop lying.

At first, they probably won’t take you seriously. However, if they see that you are not joking, they will agree to your terms. Trust me – this person is willing to do anything to lure you back into their web.

However, you should use this time to kill and return to your life without having to face the sociopath again.

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Here’s a great way to catch your fool in a lie: bluff. But you have to convince yourself that the things you say are true if you want them to work.

Forget tongue twisters, avoiding eye contact or sweaty palms. You have to show that you know what you are talking about.

Consider this scenario: You know your narcissist is lying. But unfortunately you have no strong evidence for your claims.

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

So if you go at them without backing up anything you say, you’ll be defeated before you even start. So, you have to perfect the art of bluffing and make them believe that you caught them in a lie.

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You always say that a friend saw them do something they shouldn’t have done (make sure you don’t blame anyone, instead tell them not to reveal their identity and their trust wants to be hurt).

You can say that you overheard them talking about it on the phone or that you searched their phone and found the information.

But here’s a tip: you don’t need to know what a lie is. Just tell them that you know what they’re hiding (even if you don’t) and that it’s better if they say it.

Gas lighting, triangulation, silent processing, stone masonry? I’m sure you’ve heard of each of these tactics. In fact, you’ve probably been exposed to all of them.

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Well, now is the time to turn the tables and use these tactics on your Narc. Mirror Your Narcissist! Look, doing any of these things is nothing to be proud of.

And just because your Narc used it doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep using it in the outside world – unless you want to become like them.

So the next time your narcissist lies to you, play with their mind a little. You can choose to ignore them, question their logic, or shame them.

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

The important thing is that every time they try to cheat you, they will see the consequences of their actions. Trust me, before you know it, they will understand what you are doing and learn their lesson.

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When dealing with people who suffer from narcissism, you should always be one step ahead of them. Of course, this can only be once you notice their red flags and accept that you are dealing with a bad person.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a narcissist to tell the truth, you need to act before their next lie. When I say action, I mean gathering evidence in a timely manner.

One thing to realize is that narcissists lie, but they also cover up their lies beautifully. And they are incredibly fast.

So you need to collect evidence before they show up because they will remove it once you point them to their actions.

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Also, keep calm until you’ve gathered enough evidence. Start investigating the moment you suspect you are not telling the truth.

But don’t confront them right away because it gives them a better chance to get away with their scams. Instead, let them think they’re safe while you gather more evidence.

Aren’t the lies you claim about drugs a big deal? How many times have you heard them say they’re doing it to protect you or that it’s just plain white lies?

How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

So, how about giving them a taste of their own medicine? What about backsliding when you least expect it?

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You want them to realize you’re cheating on them without doing anything about it. They will likely confront you and when they do, just use the same manipulative tactics they did.

Hold on to your version of the truth as if your life depended on it. They play with your mental health, so why not do the same with them?

Of course, this doesn’t have to go on forever. They just play for a while until they get the point and see what it’s really like.

One thing to remember when thinking about how to get a narcissist to tell the truth: you should never let the truth go. And I mean it!

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Meanwhile, your narcissist begins to mock, insult, and otherwise humiliate you. So now you