How Many People Died In A Tornado

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How Many People Died In A Tornado – Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said it was “heartbreaking” for parents concerned about their children’s condition. of them after the tornado that destroyed Oklahoma City (May 20).

A large tornado with winds up to 200 miles per hour. By Monday afternoon, at least 51 people had died. During the 40-minute blast in and around south Oklahoma City.

How Many People Died In A Tornado

How Many People Died In A Tornado

The State Health Service confirmed the death toll. And the death toll is expected to rise Several media outlets have reported that at least 20 children have died, a report USA TODAY could not independently verify.

Kentucky Tornado: 12 Kids Among 74 Death Count; Power Outage Continues

More than 120 patients are hospitalized. There are about 50 children among them, and search and rescue operations will continue throughout the night.

Serious damage was reported in Moore. Damaged by another deadly tornado that took a similar path 14 years ago, two elementary schools were destroyed. including directly affected schools

Several children were pulled from the rubble of the Plaza Towers Elementary building. But some of their classmates were killed. About a mile away, a wall collapsed at Briarwood Elementary School, amazingly no one was killed there.

KFOR-TV reported that seven of the dead were children inside the Plaza Towers, where 75 students and staff were crammed when the tornado struck. U.S. Attorney Tom Cole, who has lived in Moore for more than 50 years, told CNN the school didn’t say anything. Has any basement inside there are only rooms without windows.

Over 70 Feared Dead As 22 Reported Tornadoes Rip Through South, Midwest

At Integra Southwestern Medical Center, 10 of the 37 patients are in critical condition, an Associated Press spokeswoman said. Five children are being treated at the hospital, including two rescued by the primary school. OU Medical Center accepts 20 patients, including children. 8 cases.

Department spokeswoman Kelly Wells said more than 60 patients were being treated at Norman Regional Medical Center. Some of them are in serious condition

One patient, 9-year-old Kylie Hawkins, who was at the school destroyed by Twister Wells, said she was fine, but hospital staff were unable to locate her parents.

How Many People Died In A Tornado

The twister severely damaged Moore Medical Center. The roof was destroyed, but there were no injuries. Staff had to transport 30 patients to Norman and other nearby hospitals.

Dead Across 5 States: The Deadly Tornado Outbreak By The Numbers

The water treatment plant was disconnected from the Internet. Residents and businesses in southeast Oklahoma City were advised to shut off their water.

Hurricane Moore was rated an EF-4 at 3:17 p.m. CT (4:17 a.m. ET), meaning winds between 166 and 200 mph, the National Weather Service said.

On May 3, 1999, a record-breaking EF-5 tornado tore through the town of 55,000 with winds of approximately 318 mph. 36 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the storm, which was the highest ever recorded. and caused a loss of about 1 billion dollars.

The National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma said a tornado warning was in effect Monday afternoon, 16 minutes before the storm hit.

April 27 Tornado Outbreak: East Tennessee Impact

There are rescuers “Going into homes and closing fences to try to find people who are trapped,” said state emergency spokesman Jerry Lozka.

Lozka said emergency management personnel were working in an underground facility in Oklahoma City. And it’s not yet known how many students were killed at the two elementary schools in Moore.

According to him, the lane crosses a one and a half kilometer path. covers the entire width of the city

How Many People Died In A Tornado

“It’s going through the area and it’s destroying parts,” he said, “it’s affecting malls, theaters, two schools that we know of.”

Gaylord, Mich., Tornado Leaves 2 Dead

“Search and rescue operations will continue throughout the night. As long as it takes,” Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillins. said in a press release

“We’ve been through this before,” City Manager Steve Eddy said. Regarding the 1999 hurricane and other events in previous years, “our citizens are resilient.

Mary Fallin, the governor of Oklahoma, called 204 officials of the Oklahoma National Guard, and also spoke with President Obama. which directly lines the office and government assistance. According to him, he contacted the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Fallin earlier declared a state of emergency in 16 Oklahoma counties and added five after the tornado touched down in Oklahoma City and moved northeast.

Tornadoes Are Inevitable — So How Do We Stop Them From Killing People?

Holly Porter and her husband Tracy hauled water tankers and truck blankets onto their wagons. and began the 40-minute drive to Moorea. where the son and daughter-in-law live

After the typhoon swept away barns and fences, he said residents may not have a place to raise their animals.

“We have 60 hectares and we can breed cows and horses,” he said, “we will help whoever we can.”

How Many People Died In A Tornado

The operators became a little worried when they could not contact their daughter-in-law, who was a middle school teacher. Finally, Holly Porter made it and discovered that her daughter-in-law’s school was gone. shot and that children were everywhere. People are fine

Month Old Succumbs To Injuries From Kentucky Tornadoes

A tornado about a mile wide ripped through a suburb of Oklahoma City on Monday. On May 20, vandals set fire to a building and destroyed an elementary school in Moore, Oklahoma.

The end-of-the-year celebration that began last week at Plaza Towers Elementary continues Monday. First and second grade students receive prizes. Third, fourth and fifth graders are scheduled for an honor roll Tuesday morning after the Rise and Shine event.

On the same day, the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri were under tornadoes. This means that the weather is favorable for tornadoes in the coming hours.

The National Weather Service said it was tracking. “Huge and very dangerous tornado” west of Moore. The storm moved to the northeast. And forecasters said to expect “large hailstones as destructive as tennis balls.”

Mom Hospitalized After Most Of Her Family Dies In Iowa Tornado

A video broadcast by KFOR-TV shows a large dark cone cloud in the area. And later there was a scene of widespread destruction. All districts are considered

Tornadoes with 200 mph winds kill two people in Oklahoma on Sunday. More than 20 people were injured as a result of tornadoes and strong winds in the region.

More than 60 million Americans were at risk of severe storms on Monday. Its main targets are Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas, the National Weather Service’s Hurricane Prediction Center warns.

How Many People Died In A Tornado

“Damaging winds are causing large hail and tornadoes everywhere,” Weather Channel meteorologist Kevin Roth said.

Texas Tornadoes Injure 23, Damage Multiple Buildings In Bell County

In addition to Oklahoma City, other cities at risk of severe weather Monday included Tulsa, St. Petersburg, Lewis Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Minneapolis, it said. Megan Evans, an AccuWeather meteorologist, said Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and Indianapolis were also among them. in the danger zone.

As of Sunday, 24 tornadoes were reported in five states, the Hurricane Prediction Center said, marking a relatively quiet spring for hurricanes, making May 19 a strong tornado day, said Weather Channel meteorologist John Erdman. country in 2013

Steve Bowen, a meteorologist at global insurance company Aon Benfield, said that this year, in addition to the explosions of the last five days, caused $3.5 billion in economic losses, Bowen said. At least 2 billion pay for insurance.

Meteorologist Steve Bowen said: “With the current storm coming in midweek, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the biggest US natural disaster we’ve seen so far in 2013.” Global Insurer Aon Benfield.

Oklahoma Governor Says 237 People Injured In Tornado

“The most recent weather-related catastrophe insurance losses were $27 billion in 2011 and $15 billion in 2012, the most expensive in two years,” Bowen said. “Severe” means damage from a thunderstorm or tornado. and does not include storm damage.

A tornado damaged roofs and tossed large trucks like toys in Oklahoma on Sunday, part of a storm from Texas to Minnesota. Twisters were reported Sunday in Iowa and Kansas.

According to the National Weather Service, the deadly tornado that flattened Shawnee, Okla.

How Many People Died In A Tornado

Kelly Cain, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, said in Oklahoma State. 21 people were injured, including bumps and bruises. and chose to go to the hospital Booth said six people were injured in Steelman Estates.

Night Of Devastating Tornadoes Likely Kills More Than 100 In Kentucky

Interstate 40 was closed by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after winds flipped a semi-trailer and other vehicles, reported.

KFOR-TV shows pictures of homes, cars and trucks damaged on a highway near Shawnee. Another video shows the lighting of a blown transformer or tornado debris near Edmond.

Burton County Emergency Management Director Tom Ryan told CNN that a tornado touched down in Golden City, Mo., on Monday morning. and crossed two countries.

Meteorologist Kurt Kottenberg said a large low-pressure system was stalled inland and “it’s not going to move much over the next few days. . . (in Mexico) there’s moisture that’s burning everything.”

Sheriff: 4 Of 7 Killed In Iowa Tornadoes From Same Family

The threat of twisters is coming in less than a week.

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