How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach

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How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach – South Carolina is a great place to spend a lot of time on vacation because it offers so many experiences that you will love. Breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, charming cities, amazing beaches and friendly air. If you want to know all the similarities and differences between Cape Town and Myrtle Beach, we’ll tell you everything you need to know before choosing a destination.

Combining luxury and southern charm, Hilton Head offers vacationers the perfect vacation spot and a warm, quiet harbor. There are plenty of outdoor activities, art and culture for the whole family to enjoy. Hilton Head Island has a better vacation vibe than Myrtle Beach.

How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach

How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach

The most sought-after Hilton Head is its true beauty. Located near the Atlantic Ocean, there are many cities on Hilton Head Island and more than 20 hotels, restaurants or resorts to choose from. Relax at one of the many pool spas, enjoy a fine or casual meal, and take advantage of unique recreational facilities.

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High season at Hilton Head is usually June to August. Due to the good weather, more crowds are seen at this time. If you want to avoid the crowds, consider this month. Spring and fall offer less crowds and lower prices while maintaining cooler temperatures.

Myrtle Beach is the vacation destination of choice for many families and solo travelers due to its many attractions. Over 20 million people visit Myrtle Beach every year to see all that Myrtle Beach has to offer! And up to 14 unique beach communities, all offering their own unique personality.

If you research Coffee Head vs. Myrtle Beach, you’ll find that Myrtle Beach is very affordable. No matter how big or small your budget is, you will get your money’s worth. You can choose from hotels, villas and resorts. Depending on where you stay, some have a view of the sea, some are right next to the sea, and some are far away.

The reason why you should visit Myrtle Beach compared to Hilton Head is that there is so much to do that you never get bored. The peak season for Beach Myrtle is generally from June to early August. If you are a sun-loving traveler and spend a few days at the beach, now is the best time to visit.

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Overall, Cape Town is a quieter and easier destination, while Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer and is fast paced. Many Hilton Head resorts also have a quiet community atmosphere, and Myrtle Beach is home to many large beachfront high rise resorts and close to pleasant amenities. Both options are great, but you get something else. So, it has everything you need for a vacation.

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How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach

To learn more about the differences between Hilton Head Island and Myrtle Beach, read our article on the subject.

Shark Attacks Lifeguard On Hilton Head Island

Compared to these beaches, Myrtle Beach is better for those who want a “tourist vibe” with plenty of rides, shows and attractions nearby. Hilton Head Island has a more laid-back vibe.

If you want to go to one of these beaches in South Carolina, here’s what you need to know. This article explains the key differences between Hilton Head Island and Myrtle Beach.

Choosing the “best” beach in South Carolina depends on what you want from your vacation. Some visitors see Myrtle Beach’s “strengths” as weaknesses, and Cape Head Island is no different.

According to most travelers, Myrtle Beach is a better choice if you’re looking for a destination with lots of nearby attractions. Compared to Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach and its surrounding area is a haven for lovers of rides, nightlife and attractions.

Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort, Hilton Head Island Vacation Rentals: House Rentals & More

Speaking of “resorts,” Myrtle Beach can feel a bit “cheese” to some tourists. But whether you like Myrtle Beach “Rich” or not, it’s up to you.

Iceland has a lot to do, but it’s not quite as “tourist” as Myrtle Beach. Of course it’s still crowded during peak season, but you won’t find a giant Ferris wheel or amusement park nearby.

Those most interested in relaxing and improving on their beach vacation tend to do better in coffee head versus coffee. Hal Myrtle Beach. Hilton Head Island is also world-renowned for its pristine golf courses, making it a great choice for golf enthusiasts.

How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach

It’s also worth noting that Hilton Head Island has better access to historic southern states like Savannah and Beaufort. This generally makes Hilton Head Island a better choice for couples, families with children and history buffs. However, it may not be suitable for teenagers and night lovers.

Myrtle Beach Vs Hilton Head

Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island offer a variety of amenities and activities. However, Myrtle Beach can be enjoyed by all ages.

In addition to the iconic SkyWheel, Myrtle Beach also houses the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum. Myrtle Beach visitors can also enjoy many live shows during their visit.

By comparison, Cape Town Island’s top attractions aren’t “glamorous”. In fact, some of the best things to do in Hilton Head include cycling to scenic trails, visiting nature reserves, and booking cruises.

If you want something to stand out on your vacation, Myrtle Beach is better. But if you’re looking for a comfortable private retreat primarily for outdoor recreation, you’ll be happier at Hilton Head Island.

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Recent statistics show that Myrtle Beach has a higher crime rate than Hilton Head Island. In fact, the FBI recently revealed that Myrtle Beach has one of the highest crime rates in America.

Some reports on Myrtle Beach show that there are about 18 violent attacks per 1,000 people. When it comes to property crimes, Myrtle Beach has a crime rate of about 138 per 1,000 residents.

By comparison, Hilton Head Island had about two violent crimes per 1,000 residents and 21 property crimes per 1,000 residents.

How Far Is Hilton Head From Myrtle Beach

If you’re planning to go to Myrtle Beach, you should be extra careful and stick to areas that the city’s people tend to frequent. Be careful when going out at night and consider putting valuables in an anti-theft bag. Pickpockets are not uncommon in Myrtle Beach.

Hilton Head Island Vs. Myrtle Beach: Where To Go?

Most tourists find Cape Town more suitable for families with children and Myrtle Beach more suitable for younger people. But there’s no reason or reason to pick the “best” family home on South Carolina beaches.

Also, when choosing between Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island, you need to decide what type of trip you want. If your family likes amusement parks, dynamic shows and thrilling rides, then Myrtle Beach is for you. But if you’re interested in a cool, relaxing beach vacation with your family, the island of Cape Town might be more appealing.

If you’re having trouble choosing the beach that’s right for you, you might find it helpful to check out the following reviews of Cape Town Island.

A day trip from Myrtle Beach isn’t impossible, but it’s not as convenient as on Cape Town Island. In fact, day trips are more common on Hilton Head Island than on Myrtle Beach.

Hilton Head Vs Myrtle Beach Travel Guide

Just a 50-minute drive from Hilton Head Island are two beautiful villages, Savannah and Beaufort. By comparison, it’s about a three-hour drive from Myrtle Beach to some of these destinations.

Many people drive from Hilton Head Island to Charleston, but that’s it.

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