House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

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House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

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House Of Payne

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Ella tells CJ that she can stay at home as long as she wants; Curtis caught Malik in a difficult position.

CJ talks to Jazmine about her mother’s addiction; The firefighters wanted to buy a new TV, but Curtis had other ideas.

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Janine’s parents filed for custody of Jazmine and Malik; One of Curtis’ fire trucks disappeared before the awards ceremony.

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House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

The first season of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” follows Curtis Payne (LaVan Davis), an Atlanta firefighter, and his stay-at-home wife Ella (Cassie Davie). Now, they’re ready to make peace as their son Calvin (Lance Gross) heads off to college. The safety of their empty nest is compromised when their son-in-law CJ (Allen Payne) moves in with the family for a long time after their house burns down in a fire. And Calvin always seems to come for dinner. The life of three generations in a working family under one roof is lived only by love and joy. Creator Tyler Perry directed every episode of the season.

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Young Malik is bullied at school, but his abuser turns out to be a girl with a terrible mother (creator and producer Tyler Perry, in laughter). Perry also directed the episode.

Trying to recreate his handsome birthday, Curtis bleached his teeth, dyed his hair a different color, and tried to put on his new firefighter uniform. Meanwhile, the family is planning to celebrate a birthday, but the alarm makes it difficult. Tyler Perry directed the episode.

CJ is depressed and Janine is very happy after their house is destroyed by fire. As CJ deals with homelessness, he also investigates the cause of the fire. Tyler Perry directed the episode.

Family ties are tested when Calvin has financial problems and CJ confronts Janine about her problems. Tyler Perry directed the episode.

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The family searches for the missing Janine. Meanwhile, an angry Curtis ends up in an anger management room overseen by a beautiful counselor.

CJ is frustrated with Janine’s problems affecting her home and work life. Meanwhile, Curtis expressed concern when he saw young Malik in military uniform.

Curtis wanted CJ and his family to eventually move out of the house, so the evil patriarch offered him money to do it — but CJ would need the cash for something else. Meanwhile, Calvin tries to impress the woman by telling her he owns Payne’s house. Tyler Perry directed the episode.

House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

An anti-drug campaign at the school confuses young Jazmine, prompting CJ to counsel her. Meanwhile, after rescuing the poodle, Curtis plans to use the prize money to buy a massage chair for his office. Directed by Tyler Perry.

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Janine’s loyal parents visit the Payne family in search of their daughter, and victim CJ learns that it is his duty to tell them about Janine’s serious personal problems. Tyler Perry directed the episode.

Janine’s somewhat complacent parents — after learning of a family situation that could have taken a toll on children — filed for custody of the teenagers Jazmine and Malik. Meanwhile, Curtis’ firefighter won the award for fastest response time, but then the fire truck quickly disappeared.

When Curtis has intimacy issues with Ella, he enlists the help of firefighters and his furious mentor. Elsewhere, cost-cutting CJ tries to protect borrowers.

As firefighters rack their brains to raise funds for charity, they await the arrival of a new female firefighter who can shake up their men’s world. And Calvin gives sales advice to young Jazmine, who sells candy for her school.

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Ella worries that Malik is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder when the child is so anxious to take a bath. Meanwhile, the firefighters prepare for their annual inspection — without Curtis’ help.

Jazmine decided to enter politics and ran for the school’s principal. Meanwhile, Curtis and Ella enroll in an art class together.

Part 1 of 2 CJ’s life is turned upside down after the shocking discovery that he is about to father another child. Meanwhile, Malik expressed concern about going to the wrong crowd.

House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

Janine returns with her friends, only to be kidnapped from Payne’s house. Elsewhere, Calvin has been in shape to run a marathon.

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Paynes went to Florida without Calvin, who was at home — just to throw a house party. But the fire will only dampen Calvin’s party plans.

Ella is arrested when she becomes the victim of an identity confusion. Elsewhere, Calvin is cramming for school exams.

Curtis tricks, bargains and plays to escape the role of judge. Elsewhere, Malik created his internet profile and jumped into a computer chat room.

Everyone is trying to push CJ’s new divorce someday. Meanwhile, there’s an awkward relationship between Angel and Calvin, and an HIV-positive woman volunteers at the shelter.

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When Jazmine runs away from the hamster classroom, the school’s beautiful vice principal (Robinne Lee) goes to Payne’s house to investigate. Before long, young Malik fell in love with her.

A terrible storm has made landfall in Atlanta, flooding homes on fire. Conflict becomes contagious when CJ, Ella, and Claretha don’t talk about sending the kids back to school – a combination that causes CJ. and between leaders.

Season 1 of 2. A neighbor moves in with Paynes after a fire destroys their house, but he soon becomes an uninvited guest. Elsewhere, Calvin finds love — with a fool. Keshia Knight Pulliam the stars.

House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

End. Tensions grew between Curtis and Mr. Brown (David Mann), Payne’s guest after a house fire. Meanwhile, Malik has a tattoo and regrets his decision.

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He. Brown (David Mann) decides to turn his father’s house into a residence for the elderly. Elsewhere, Calvin plans to start an online dating service after completing a terrible date.

CJ visits Nicole, who tells him that she is waiting to have sex until marriage. In another development, Jazmine cheated on a math test.

CJ tries to strike a balance between dating Nicole (Robinne Lee) and spending a day father-daughter with Jazmine. Elsewhere, Jazmine revamps his appearance to seduce Malik’s friend Kevin.

Worried that her father’s new love is destroying their family, Jazmine plans to part ways with CJ and Nicole. Elsewhere, Curtis is responsible for cleaning the ceiling, but old objects create memories – and prevent him from messing with anything.

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Curtis accidentally helps a bank robber. Meanwhile, Malik has to do a document for a school project.

When his divorce from Janine is finally finalized, CJ tries to start over and his firefighters encourage him to enjoy life. Meanwhile, Janine tries to reconnect with Paynes.

CJ and Nicole’s romance is sparked when CJ’s old friend reappears, making Nicole jealous. Meanwhile, the Payne kids are urging to get the dog.

House Of Payne I Can Cry If I Want To

Curtis prepares for traffic school after speeding fine. Meanwhile, a lottery controversy puts Claretha and Ella’s friendship to the test.

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Curtis is planning to buy a motorcycle, but to do so, he must use his retirement savings. Meanwhile, a very cool kid from New York comes and befriends Malik.

Ella angrily drags Curtis out of the house after complacently buying a motorcycle. Hiding in the fireplace, Curtis apologizes to Ella. Meanwhile, CJ and Nicole’s relationship is tested.