Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street

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Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street – Liz Susong is the managing director of Catalyst Wedding Co., a women’s wedding company that publishes a magazine and website about love, sex, weddings and marriage.

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Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street

Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street

One of the most memorable moments on any wedding day is when the bride walks down the aisle. This is the first time the guests – and often the bride – see the wedding dress, and it marks the beginning of the wedding journey. Traditionally, fathers put daughters down. When the couple reaches the altar, they are then presented to their partner for marriage.

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As you think about including the father of the bride in your wedding, questions may arise: Should I choose a father to walk me down the aisle? Do I have both parents? What about a friend or parent? Today, we maintain this tradition in new and modern ways, which we will see later.

Until then, read on to learn more about this legendary tradition. We chat with wedding historian Susan Wagoner and get answers to every question imaginable.

Although the tradition of marrying your father is probably a very special occasion today, “this tradition dates back to the days of arranged marriages when the father’s presence was a good way to avoid deserting the groom,” He explains. Marriage historian Susan Wagoner. And why would it actually return? However, in Wagner’s words, the bride was essentially a “financial liability” that was transferred from her father’s house to the groom, and sometimes led to suspicions that she had moved from the groom at this point. All’s well that ends well.

Today, the act of a father walking his daughter down the aisle is seen as a way of showing support for her next chapter in life. It’s considered less “giving” and more “giving up.”

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Then you can choose another person who is close to him. This could be your mother, another family member, or someone important to you.

In a Christian or secular wedding, the bride usually stands on the left while in a Jewish wedding the bride usually stands on the right. You can choose according to your religion or choice.

The father usually gives the bride to her future husband and the two meet at the altar.

Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street

Of course not. If the history of the tradition eludes you, you can skip the part when the host asks “Who gave this woman to marry this man” and instead, ask your partner when he comes to the altar. Thank your father.

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While it’s natural to choose to go the traditional route, there are plenty of other options if you want to change things up. Some girls are not satisfied with the images of their fathers, so they look for other ways to respect their relationship with their parents. According to Jewish tradition, both the bride and groom are walked down the aisle by their parents, a custom that many couples have embraced in the spirit of equality.

Some people in this situation choose meaningful people in their lives to join them, such as parents, college counselors, even their parents or children. Some have memorials that remind them of their deceased parents. Some of them walk hand in hand with their friends while others choose to walk alone. Some have dealt with this nuisance by ditching the method altogether. This is a great option for people with troubled family situations or LGBTQ couples who are frustrated by the diversity of the parade.

So, this long walk down the hall isn’t just another wedding tradition that needs to be embraced or abandoned. In fact it carries a lot of weight for the people involved. How a person chooses to go about it can reflect their core values ​​at that time: independence, support, identity, equality – the deeply personal feelings associated with this transitional period in life. If you are ever asked to walk someone down the aisle, you should feel privileged and honored to play that part. Conventional wisdom says that walking after a meal helps clear your mind and resources for digestion. Scientists have found that walking for 15 minutes after a meal lowers blood sugar levels, which can help prevent complications such as type 2 diabetes, but, as it turns out, even a few minutes of walking can These benefits work.

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In Sports Medicine, researchers reviewed the results of seven studies that compared the effects of sitting or standing on measures of cardiovascular health, including insulin and blood sugar levels. They found that a short walk after a meal, in increments lasting two to five minutes, had a significant effect on lowering blood sugar.

“Every little thing you do will have benefits, even if it’s a small step.” Kershaw Patel, a cardiologist at Houston Methodist Hospital who was not involved in the study.

In the five studies examined in the paper, none of the participants had prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, while the other two studies looked at people who did. Participants were asked to stand or walk for two to five minutes for 20 to 30 minutes during the day.

Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street

All seven studies have shown that just a few minutes of light walking after a meal is enough to significantly improve blood sugar levels, say, sitting at a desk or hitting the couch. When the participants walked a short distance, their blood sugar levels rose and gradually fell.

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For people with diabetes, avoiding sudden changes in blood sugar levels is an important factor in managing their disease. It is also believed that sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar levels can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Walking also helps lower blood sugar levels, although not to the same extent as walking. “There’s not much benefit to standing,” said Aidan Buffy, a graduate student at Ireland’s University of Limerick and co-author of the paper. Compared to sitting or standing, “light walking was a better intervention,” he said.

This is because light running requires more muscle engagement than standing and uses fuel from food at a time when blood flow is high. “Your muscles will absorb some extra glucose,” says Jesse Inchaspy, author of “The Glucose Revolution: The Life-Changing Power of Balancing Your Blood Sugar.”

Although walking at any time is good for your health, walking between 60 and 90 minutes after a meal can be especially helpful in lowering blood sugar, because that’s when The sugar level is high. .

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Mrs. Inchauspé also recommends getting up and doing homework or finding other ways to move your body. This short exercise will also promote other dietary changes that people can make to help control blood sugar levels.

“Even a little movement is appropriate and can lead to modest changes, as these studies have shown, in your health markers,” said Dr. Evan Ashley, a cardiologist at Stanford University who was not involved in the research.

Mr. Buffy, whose research focuses on physical activity interventions in workplaces, notes that a short two- to three-minute walk during the workday is most effective. “People won’t get up and run on the treadmill or walk around the office,” he said, “but they can get coffee or walk in the lobby.”

Here She Comes Just A Walking Down The Street

For people who work from home, he suggested walking a short block after Zoom meetings or after lunch. If we get into the habit of walking a little during the workday, Mr. That would be very possible, Buffy said. “When you’re in a tight spot, that’s where the difficulty comes in.”

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If you can’t spare a few minutes, Dr. “Standing will get you there,” Ashley said.

The benefits of exercise are never absolute or zero, Dr. Patel, rather they are constantly present. “It’s the gradual product of hard work and good health,” he said. “Every step up, every sitting position or brisk walk seems beneficial.” WASHINGTON – Yuan Yuan Zhu was walking to her gym in San Francisco on March 9, thinking that exercise would be her last for a while, when she realized a man was yelling at her. He was scornful of China. Then a bus drove by, he remembered, and he yelled afterward, “Drive them.”

She tried to escape, but when the light changed, he stood with her in the cross. that

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