Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

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Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

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Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

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Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

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This type of information sharing may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy laws. By turning off your own promotion, you opt out of these “sales”. For more information, please see our Privacy, Services and Cookie & Privacy Policy “Here I Go Again” is a popular song by Whitesnake in the early 1980s. A famous line from the song is “like a tramp, I was born to walk alone”. While I’ve always liked this song personally, I’m not sure it gives the best advice. Of course, I’m sure that wasn’t their intention. Big hair from the late 70s and 80s gave us powerful ballads to listen to and live off of. “The good times are killing us” is a fitting motto for the lives of many of these groups.

I flew from DFW to Kansas City a few months ago. As the plane took off, I turned to my Bible to begin reading. The first verse I read is Proverbs 18:1. This verse says, “He who separates himself, seeks his own will, rages against every judgment. Talk about a great first article to read!! Suddenly I felt the Lord’s presence and He spoke to me. It is clear that God took care to make sure that this truth entered into me. A kind of diving is not only to live, but also to be an example and teach others.

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As I have grown in my faith over the past 17 years, I have come to understand and appreciate more and more the importance of responsibility. We are not called to live alone. We need and value family, friendship and companionship. Even the biggest introverts want to have people in their lives, of course, according to their own ideas. Friends and family are necessary and important, but when it comes to responsibility, it’s on another level. James 5:16 says, “Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power because it works. “

The truth is, we need someone in our lives to be deep with. Someone we can trust and be a firm hand of example, support and equality. Remember that isolation is not an option. We are taught not to live alone, but to thrive as caregivers. Everyone has problems, violence, opposition and other things that need to be discussed, prayed for and opened to the Lord so that His power can heal and rule. That is what James 5:16 is about.

Let me give you some simple steps to see how accountability applies and works in your life:

Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

Ask God to teach someone to be accountable to you. It could be a spouse (some share it, some don’t), a pastor or church leader you respect, or a friend whose life you admire and appreciate. It may not be who you want or even someone you think is good, but trust the Lord’s inspiration in this area.

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Be careful. Responsibility is not just an accident. The people you are responsible for may change, but the purpose of the responsibility should not change. For some, once a month is enough. For others going through dark or difficult times or dealing with sin, it should be experienced every week or two. It is important to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit about things that promote health and healing.

Be a good listener. Whether you are the one who needs help the most or the one who gives it, caring and learning by listening are important.

Know that accountability is only as good as telling the truth. Be honest, fair, and “don’t beat yourself up” about topics that need attention, prayer, and healing. Transparency is the key to the proper functioning of accountability!

Celebrate the “win” together. Many times responsibility in the dark can be filled with guilt, shame, etc. In every meeting there should be a time to celebrate the victory and justice of the Lord so that his grace and mercy will prevail.

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Prayer is especially important. Do not forget to pray and ask God to come, help and help even in the most embarrassing and difficult times. He already knows who we are and what we’ve done without having to hide or elaborate. Keep praying on every page and may God’s healing prevail!

Tell the truth. Take God’s Word to every meeting and let his word cleanse your eyes. His truth exposes the lies of the enemy, and these lies are the roots we must dig up. Read and pray for yourself.

The truth is that responsibility is widespread throughout the church. The truth is that deep responsibility is rarely worth going out and living. We should not be afraid or ashamed of who we are, what we have done or what our current problems are. God wants to help us through accountability. I have personally heard and experienced the truth of accountability every week of my life. Walk away

Here I Go Again On My Own Lyrics

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