Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt

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Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt – The car woke up and went to where they were waiting. As they approached, a female voice called out from the car saying, “Please proceed,” indicating that it was safe to pass in front of the car. Using sensors, the car detects the presence of others nearby and automatically begins to slowly open the car’s four doors…

Sound futuristic? Of course. But what you just read was fortune.com’s Verne Kopytoff’s experience driving the self-driving Mercedes-Benz F 105 earlier this year.

Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt

Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt

(where the title dialogue is heard), it’s definitely a great place to live, but it has a long way to go. Children on a family trip ask, “Are we there yet?” they will say.

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Android Auto is a telematics standard that allows you to connect your car with the Android operating system (OS) on your phone or tablet. Hyundai showed it off with the Sonata earlier this year at CES 2015, but the bigger news is that Google recently released an Application Programming Interface (API). This has intensified the race among app makers to start making apps for your car.

Aside from little things like using Whatsapp in your car, Android Auto should let you control your phone and your car with the now-familiar “Ok, Google…” command. Google is promoting in-car messaging as one of the features, but is it really a smart move for the driver?

On the other hand, Apple has its own CarPlay, which also appears in Hyundai’s Sonata. However, since the API has not yet been made public by Apple, there is nothing you can do about it for now. This also means that apps will be restricted after launch.

Automakers like Chevrolet and GMC now have their own sophisticated systems that include features like over-the-air (OTA) updates for your car, just like your smartphone! This means new engine management features and safety features are just around the corner. Software updates to these vehicles further add features such as automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning.

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What’s even more interesting is that on some cars like the Tesla, these software updates can improve your car’s acceleration, economy or top speed once installed! Look forward to the day when you can upgrade your car’s performance through software-like downloads instead of going to the garage to replace your engine.

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles (MREV) has an impressive plug-in electric car in the guise of e2o. Users can control various elements of their car from anywhere in the world via smartphone – from turning on the air conditioning to pre-cooling the car before taking your family out on a hot summer afternoon up to remote car locking. even charge the car. An interesting feature is the “REVive” function, which allows the driver to use his smartphone to activate an additional reserve for a range of 8 kilometers when the car runs out of energy.

Chevrolet is believed to be planning to use the onboard 4G LTE Wi-Fi and the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app to alert owners if their vehicles break down.

Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt

Another example is when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issues two recall notices. While this usually requires owners to take their cars in for repairs, Tesla was able to fix the problem with a simple software update.

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Perhaps the first step towards a friendlier car world is when they start talking to each other.

Big companies are already working on this idea. GMC already has plans to begin building vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication into every GMC vehicle. In May 2015, Nokia announced a $100 million connected car fund to drive innovation in connected and smart cars. In May, the United States transportation secretary announced that a mandate requiring all new cars and trucks to have V2V communication equipment will be proposed to the government sooner than expected.

In 2006, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication using dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) based on wireless local area network (WLAN) technology was tested in a method known as Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII). .

The Federal Communications Commission has allocated the 5.9 GHz frequency band for vehicle communications between vehicles and roadside units (RSUs). IEEE 802.11p is a standard for adding wireless access to vehicular environments (WAVE), thereby enabling support for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications. IEEE 802.11p is a variation of IEEE 802.11 and is the same as the WiFi we all use in our homes and phones today.

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“V2V communications are still not mainstream because many car manufacturers think about the risks involved. However, some automakers such as Volkswagen and Audi are working on V2V features for their vehicle; so a Volkswagen can communicate with all Volkswagens around it, not all cars around it. A common protocol or language must be agreed upon for all machines to communicate with each other (which is a whole other discussion), otherwise all communication would have to go through an intermediary or translator, which would make machines otherwise. thing,” explains T. Anand, managing director, Neurons.

Inter-Vehicular Network Technologies (INVENT), led by Grace Wang of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), is developing computing, sensor and networking technologies for next-generation vehicles.

These connected cars can create the car flavor of the rumor mill. This means that they will continue to exchange more or less basic and minor information that will be useful when a related event occurs, but also gives us an idea of ​​how the surrounding vehicles are behaving.

Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt

Sensors are a big part of this game. An example of this is the network of sensors running along the street, similar to those surrounding some Area-51 secure areas. In our case, it can be used to detect animals crossing the road and warn oncoming vehicles to slow down accordingly. Now, if a car brakes hard, it can use the V2V network to warn other cars in the same lane to accelerate quickly – technology like this could go a long way in preventing pile-ups.

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Rerouting traffic and avoiding traffic jams are other benefits of technology like this. Currently, smartphone users can see traffic jams along the road using apps like Google Maps. Dynamic traffic assignment algorithms (DTA) are examples of technologies that allow people to reduce travel times. However, it lacks scalability and stability and requires higher computational time. The INVENT team also proposed road-based vehicle traffic management (RBVT), which uses real-time traffic data from vehicles and roadside sensors, such as those mentioned earlier.

“If we somehow shared that spectrum and there was interference, there wouldn’t be a car that could avoid a collision,” Scott Belcher, chief operating officer of the advocacy group Society for Intelligent Transportation of America, told VOA. to avoid collision because someone else is using the spectrum.

Global Automakers, an automotive industry group, is trying to solve the problem of interference from devices that want to use unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum currently dedicated to V2V communications. According to a statement from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Cisco Systems has developed a possible way for different industries to share the airwaves without such interference. According to reports, it is currently under review.

The new technology can also alert drivers when it’s time to turn left at a freeway exit. Now this is pretty generic and not really necessary for most drivers. But the statistics say otherwise. According to an article in the Washington Post, dangerous left turns cause more than seven percent of all car accidents!

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Automakers like Chevrolet are believed to be planning to use a 4G LTE onboard smartphone app and OnStar RemoteLink to alert owners if their car breaks down. The device can also help set up a checkpoint at the dealership to prevent the driver from getting stuck on the road. The IMPACT Lab at Arizona State University has developed a formal framework for critically informed software development for CPS. Such a framework is a promising solution to develop automotive CPS considering the criticality to save many lives in the future.

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Float Like A Cadillac Sting Like A Beemer Shirt

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