Everyone Has It But No One Can Lose It

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Everyone Has It But No One Can Lose It – In this lesson plan, students learn how to use indefinite pronouns and have the opportunity to use them through a series of written and oral exercises.

The warm-up consists of seven puzzles that students try to solve in pairs. When the answers are revealed, they decide which tie is better. Then, students read the puzzle again and underline all the verbs. They should also understand that pronouns starting with -no-, some-, any- and all- are used in questions, affirmative or negative sentences. After that, they set out to complete the six rules for using indefinite pronouns.

Everyone Has It But No One Can Lose It

Everyone Has It But No One Can Lose It

The second part of the lesson is to apply the rules through a series of written and oral exercises. At the beginning, students have to correct mistakes in nine sentences. After that, they read the sentences again and try to guess who said them and in what situation. In the following activity, students look at the picture, read the summary and fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun. They switch to another picture with appropriate spacing. Infinitive pronouns are given in the text and the students’ task is to complete the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Both lessons prepare students for future oral assignments.

If Gamefreak Did Any Of This, People Would Lose Their Shit (xpost From R/gaming)

First, students work in pairs and look at three pictures and a box with an invisible pronoun. Students describe the pictures, using as many verbs from the box as they can. The aim of the next activity is for each student to complete half of the seven sentences with a preposition, so it is true for them (eg There is nothing on my desk…). After that, students try to check how close they are to their partner. They asked their classmates questions to see if the previous sentences were true. The lesson ends with a performance. Students evaluate the situation given in the mark sheet. They should include the pronouns specified in the instructions. We have prepared two game cards for students to use.

In this lesson, students learn the difference between the present perfect and the past simple. They use these two opportunities, watching videos and talking about adult life.

With this lesson plan, students learn to form sentences in the Present Perfect and Tense and when to use them. Also spending time watching a video about a 12-year-old artist.

In this prediction lesson, students learn and practice using the simple future form to predict what will happen and discuss how life will change in the future.

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In this lesson on past conditionals, students study the third conditional in English and practice its structure in various written and spoken forms.

In this lesson, students learn how to use the Present Perfect in practice and practice new vocabulary related to workplace meetings.

In this video-based lesson on flying economy, business and first class with Emirates, students will work on conjunctions and prepositions. They will discover several features of a luxury home while discussing business travel.

Everyone Has It But No One Can Lose It

In this lesson, students learn and practice explaining cause and effect, identifying new classifications, and discussing issues facing today’s youth.

Everyone Has It… By Detkef On Deviantart

In this lesson on texting, have students find and use the second term. They learn vocabulary related to mobile communication and discuss its role in their lives.

In this grammar lesson, students learn different verbs by asking friendly questions. Working with gerunds and infinitives, students will express their opinions about different aspects of friendship.

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Inference Riddles Worksheet

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Everyone Has It But No One Can Lose It